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I do a lot of ranking lists, so let me explain my system:


This rating is for the things that are just plain awful. Some examples include Doctor Who’s latest seasons, and Piers Morgan.


Bad things aren’t as bad as terrible things. Some examples of bad include sour cream and Jesse Lingaard.


Things in this category aren’t bad, they just make you want to shrug your shoulders and say “meh”. Examples include FRIENDS season 9 and family gatherings.


If something is OK, that means it’s not that good but it’s better than meh. For example, the recent Star Wars sequels come under this category, as well as Ed Sheeran’s music.


If I’ve called something “good”, that means its done a pretty decent job. Examples may include Clarinets or Chicken Caesar salads.


Great things come to those who wait slightly longer, and they also come to things that deserve it in my lists. Some things that are great include Daft Punk and grandma’s cookies.


If you get put in the “amazing” category in one of my lists, you’ve hit the big time. Examples may include most Beatles songs and Red Leicester cheese on crackers.

All-Time Great

All-Time Greats are what your best mate would call overrated, but you and I both know that’s a load of rubbish and it’s time he got a girlfriend instead of telling you what’s good and not good. Examples include Danny Devito and Chuck Norris.

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