Breaking Bad Seasons Ranked

Breaking Bad is the greatest show of all time, that I’m sure of. However, what I’m slightly less sure of is how I’d rank the five incredible seasons. I might as well give it a go …


5 – Season 1

Most TV show’s first season is its worst, and Breaking Bad is no exception.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to love about this right off the bat – the story is intriguing, the action is explosive, and the acting is some of the best that television has ever seen.

This season is let down by an extremely slow middle, as well as a rushed finale (it was rushed due to the writers strike). Still, episodes like “Pilot” and “Crazy Handful of Nothin'” are some of the show’s best.

  • Best Episode – Crazy Handful of Nothin’
  • Worst Episode – Gray Matter


4 – Season 3

That’s right – the other four seasons of Breaking Bad are amazing as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll never forget the feeling of watching “Half Measures” and “Full Measure”, and other episodes like “One Minute” are worth a mention.

Similarly to season 1, it’s the volume of filler / boring episodes that lets the season down. I’m actually one of the people who likes “Fly”, so that definitely won’t be my least favourite. Other episodes like “Kafkaesque” and “Green Light”, however, don’t live up to the rest of the show.

  • Best Episode – Half Measures (Full Measure extremely close second)
  • Worst Episode – Kafkaesque

3 – Season 2

After season 1 set the tone, season 2 was where the show really began to find it’s place in television history.

Unlike the previous two seasons, there isn’t really a dull moment at any point. It starts with a bang with “Grilled”, ends on a sombre note with “Phoenix” and “ABQ”, and has some incredibly fun episodes along the way with “Better Call Saul” and “4 Days Out”. This was the season that introduced Saul, Mike and Gus, and that’s enough reason to put it so high.

  • Best Episode – Grilled
  • Worst Episode – Down

All-Time Great

2 – Season 4

This is probably the second bets season of television ever, which proves how good Breaking Bad truly was and still is.

It gets off to a slow start, yes, but that’s fine if you create a second half of a season that is as exciting and brilliant as it was. “Box Cutter” is a great opener, and episodes like “Hermanos”, “Salud”, “Crawl Space” and “End Times” could have easily been the best episode. That accolade has to go to “Face Off”, an amazing finale that holds an impressive 9.9 on IMDB (almost ever Breaking Bad finale is one of the best TV episodes ever)

  • Best Episode – Face Off
  • Worst Episode – Open House

1 – Season 5

Here it is – the single greatest season of television ever to grace our screens, with a selection of some of the best TV episodes ever.

Every single episode here is incredible, but I have to highlight “Dead Freight”, “Say My Name”, “To’Hajiilee” and “Felina” – the latter of which is the best TV finale ever.

Breaking Bad’s crowning achievement has to be “Ozymandias”, the greatest episode of television to air in human history. I consider this to be the true ending of Heisenberg, as everything he’s built comes crashing down. Sensational.

  • Best Episode – Ozymandias
  • Worst Episode – Madrigal (still amazing though)

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