David Bowie – Every Album Cover Ranked

I’ve ranked just about every possible Bowie-related thing under the sun, so when I went back through my previous lists I was astounded to find there was a glaring omission – I haven’t done the album covers yet! Can you believe that?!? Well, I’d better crack on with it then before I get labelled asContinue reading “David Bowie – Every Album Cover Ranked”

James Bond – Every 007 Actor Ranked

James Bond is the longest running film franchise we have, and while I would have loved to see an 80 year-old Sean Connery strutting his stuff in Skyfall and beyond, I think it only makes sense that the actors have to change as the franchise goes on. Every single transition between actors and eras couldContinue reading “James Bond – Every 007 Actor Ranked”

“american dream” (LCD Soundsystem) – Songs Ranked

I get the impression that a few people were underwhelmed by this album, and how LCD Soundsystem dragged themselves out of retirement for it. To that I say – what the hell?!? This album’s fire! The awesome dance beats, a whole range of diverse tracks … why were people so underwhelmed?!? Maaaaaybe it doesn’t quiteContinue reading ““american dream” (LCD Soundsystem) – Songs Ranked”

DEMON SLAYER – Season 1 Review

Just so we’re clear before I delve into this review – I am not an anime person. Sure, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” was pretty sick, but that’s hardly anime. I had seen some of the artwork and episode synopses for “Demon Slayer”, and while I wasn’t initially hooked I had nothing else to watch soContinue reading “DEMON SLAYER – Season 1 Review”

Every Major Ace Attorney Character Ranked

I bet you thought I’d run out of Ace Attorney lists – well think again! I’ve ranked the characters in the Danganronpa series, so I thought I’d give the Ace Attorney series a go. Now, it’s a little trickier doing Ace Attorney compared to Danganronpa – there are hundreds of characters, most of whom youContinue reading “Every Major Ace Attorney Character Ranked”

Every Beatles Album – Which Beatle was MVP?

Possibly a hard one to explain this week, but I had an idea to pick out an MVP from every Beatles albums (more in terms of songwriting, not necessarily performance). This basically just means I’ll choose the Beatle that I think wrote the best songs for that album – so you’re not going to seeContinue reading “Every Beatles Album – Which Beatle was MVP?”


It’s been a good while since I reviewed my last game, but I think it’s time I jumped back on the bandwagon. I have a bit of a niche when it comes to gaming, as more often then not I seem to fall back on the detective genre – so when “Murder Mystery Machine” dropped,Continue reading “MURDER MYSTERY MACHINE – Review”

What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography

I’ve done a more than a few Bowie lists on by blog, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely bloody love the man. He was a beautiful soul, with creativity and flair oozing out of every artistic endeavour, and hardly a day goes by where I feel saddened by his tragic passing a few yearsContinue reading “What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography”

Danganronpa Killers – Most to Least Obvious

Bit of a weird one this week, but I thought it would be fun to rank the many Danganronpa killers based on how easy it was to sus them out. This should go without saying, but this list is very subjective – some killers were obvious to me, and others I didn’t figure out untilContinue reading “Danganronpa Killers – Most to Least Obvious”

“AM” (Arctic Monkeys) – Songs Ranked

Sure, “AM” may be too “mainstream” or “The Arctic Monkeys selling out”, but I absolutely bloody love this rock record. Every song on here is worth listening to, and there are a fair few classics on here as well. How would I rank this fine selection of party anthems? You can check out some ofContinue reading ““AM” (Arctic Monkeys) – Songs Ranked”