Every Beatles Album – Which Beatle was MVP?

Possibly a hard one to explain this week, but I had an idea to pick out an MVP from every Beatles albums (more in terms of songwriting, not necessarily performance). This basically just means I’ll choose the Beatle that I think wrote the best songs for that album – so you’re not going to seeContinue reading “Every Beatles Album – Which Beatle was MVP?”

What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography

I’ve done a more than a few Bowie lists on by blog, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely bloody love the man. He was a beautiful soul, with creativity and flair oozing out of every artistic endeavour, and hardly a day goes by where I feel saddened by his tragic passing a few yearsContinue reading “What I learned from re-listening to David Bowie’s entire discography”

Danganronpa Killers – Most to Least Obvious

Bit of a weird one this week, but I thought it would be fun to rank the many Danganronpa killers based on how easy it was to sus them out. This should go without saying, but this list is very subjective – some killers were obvious to me, and others I didn’t figure out untilContinue reading “Danganronpa Killers – Most to Least Obvious”

“AM” (Arctic Monkeys) – Songs Ranked

Sure, “AM” may be too “mainstream” or “The Arctic Monkeys selling out”, but I absolutely bloody love this rock record. Every song on here is worth listening to, and there are a fair few classics on here as well. How would I rank this fine selection of party anthems? You can check out some ofContinue reading ““AM” (Arctic Monkeys) – Songs Ranked”

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Top 10 Songs

I’ve done Galaxy 1, so it’s only fair that I highlight some of my favourite tracks from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Granted, I don’t think the soundtrack is quite as sensational as its predecessor, but there are still plenty of gems here to talk about. I’ve picked out 10 of my favourites – not quiteContinue reading “Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Top 10 Songs”

Doctor Who – All Of The Doctor’s Companions Ranked

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Doctor Who ranking, so I thought I’d go all in and do one of the most contentious topics of discussion – the companions. Every companion has their fans and their naysayers, and I don’t think the fanbase has ever agreed on a definitive ranking – until today,Continue reading “Doctor Who – All Of The Doctor’s Companions Ranked”

“Inside” (Bo Burnham) – Songs Ranked

I don’t think I was mentally ready for Bo Burnham’s “Inside” Netflix special, but I’m so glad I watched it. This isn’t for the light-hearted, and it’s both hilarious and tragic at times to the point where you question whether those concepts are interchangeable. A big part of why this special was so good isContinue reading ““Inside” (Bo Burnham) – Songs Ranked”

Danganronpa – Every Single Character Ranked

The Danganronpa franchise, more so than possibly any other game series I’ve ever played, gets almost all of its appeal and charm from the characters. Sure, the plot is usually pretty solid and oftentimes intriguing, but it’s the dynamics between the characters – and the variety of wacky personalities that they show – that trulyContinue reading “Danganronpa – Every Single Character Ranked”

Radiohead – All 9 Studio Albums Ranked

I’ve become quite the Radiohead fan over lockdown, and my love and appreciation of this band’s huge variety of work has grown bit by bit each day. I still have a long way to go with my listening – and there are still a fair number of songs that have yet to grow on meContinue reading “Radiohead – All 9 Studio Albums Ranked”

Top 20 Super Mario Galaxy Songs

After doing an entire list dedicated to Super Mario Galaxy – and even another just for its equally awesome sequel – I found myself more inclined than ever to listen to the soundtracks, and my God are they gorgeous. I’ll give Galaxy 2 its own list at some point, but for now I have toContinue reading “Top 20 Super Mario Galaxy Songs”