“Fear Of Music” Songs Ranked

I always have a tough time deciding my favourite Talking Heads album. “Remain in Light” almost seems like the obvious choice, but every time I put this album on I love it to bits and consider it to be one of the all-time greats. How would I rank its songs?

I rank all of Talking Heads albums in the list below, and I’ve also given “Remain in Light” the same treatment:


11 – Electric Guitar

Easily the most forgettable track on the album, “Electric Guitar” is kind of funky but doesn’t really go anywhere.


10 – Paper

This used to be a favourite of mine, but after many subsequent listens I’ve sort of lost interest. It’s not bad at all, but it’s just a very standard track.


9 – Air

One of the strangest lyrics that Byrne has ever conjured, “Air” seems like a weird topic to write about. The actual song is still good, but it’s just the lyrics that are a bit off-putting, even by Talking Heads’ standards.

8 – Animals

A very odd song that seemingly devolves into some sort of demonic chant by the end, “Animals” is a track only Talking Heads could pull off, and it would only work on this album.


7 – Memories Can’t Wait

One of the most nightmarish songs I’ve ever heard, but a very cool and intriguing listen.

6 – I Zimbra

Fear of Music kicks off in the most unexpected of ways – “I Zimbra” is completely different to the band’s first two albums, and the African poly-rhythms would go on to define their sound for the next decade.

5 – Cities

One of my favourite Byrne lyrics, “Cities” sees the aforementioned singer ramble on about the various places he’s visited. Talking Heads at their erratic best.


4 – Drugs

An amazing sonic masterpiece to close off the album, this collaboration between Byrne and Eno just works for some reason that I don’t even know of.

3 – Mind

“I Zimbra” lets you know that this album was going to be different, but “Mind” hits you like a ton of bricks with its funky, psychedelic sounds. I’d probably consider this to be a Top 10 Talking Heads song.

2 – Life During Wartime

One of the more famous songs from this album, “Life During Wartime” is a delightfully crazy song that is even better live – especially when Byrne frantically sprints in circles around the stage.

1 – Heaven

A truly beautiful track that shows the band’s more sentimental side, and I think it’s the simplicity of the song that has stuck with me all these years. There’s just something so moving about heaven being a place “where nothing ever happens”, and the other non-sequiter lyrics give the track an ethereal feel that fits the tone perfectly. A true classic.

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