EVERY It’s Always Sunny Episode Ranked

With fifteen seasons of television to choose from, you’d have to be an absolute madman to attempt to rank all of the It’s Always Sunny episodes.

So … I’ll be ranking them all on personal taste – it’s also worth mentioning that the tiers I choose are all relative to Sunny’s standards, so an episode in “Meh” is probably still decent entertainment on the whole. With that out of the way, how would I rank all 156 episodes of the show?

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These jabroni episodes were just as bad as Dee’s pathetic hopes and dreams.

156 – Frank’s Brother (7-5)

The only thing that made me chuckle was Danny DeVito in a wig, otherwise I had literally nothing to laugh about in “Frank’s Brother”. Easily the worst episode they’ve ever done.

155 – The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell (4-11)

I can respect the risk-taking, but “The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell” falls flat. At least the English accents are pretty funny.


These episodes were as temperamental as Mac’s identity, or as soulless as a world without Dayman.

154 – The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot (13-3)

Ironically, the ladies reboot of the original ended up being unfunny and relying too heavily on gross-out humour.

153 – Charlie Wants an Abortion (1-2)

Season 1 is rough, especially on repeat viewing, and episodes like “Charlie Wants an Abortion” are so undercooked and unrepresentative of what’s to come.

152 – A Cricket’s Tale (12-9)

Not a travesty, but “A Cricket’s Tale” doesn’t have any jokes that tickled me. The way it ties into other episodes is pretty neat, though.

151 – Charlie Got Molested (1-7)

Mac trying to get his old teacher’s attention is funny, but otherwise the subject matter is handled poorly.

150 – Waiting for Big Mo (14-10)

Usually an episode where the gang sits in a room and talks leads to fantastic moments, but sparks never get to flying in the Season 14 finale.

149 – The Gang Runs for Office (2-8)

A really plain episode, “The Gang Runs for Office” doesn’t have an exciting premise and fails to win me over.

148 – The World Series Defense (5-6)

Some of the bits, like Green Man, have gone down in Sunny folklore, but otherwise this has the kind of broad / gross-out humour that I despise.

147 – Mac’s Big Break (6-4)

Being an Englishman, the references to American sports are lost on me. At least “jabroni” is a funny word.

146 – Dennis Gets Divorced (6-2)

A sad family drama more than a funny satirical romp, “Dennis Gets Divorced” is a sour way to conclude Season 6’s opening two-parter.

145 – Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life (4-9)

I think this is a fan-favourite episode, but “Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life” has always been too weird for me to enjoy.


All of these episodes were fine (relative to Sunny standards), but I guess I just wanted a little more rum in my ham.

144 – Charlie’s Home Alone / The Gang Wins the Big Game (13-8/9)

The first part – “Charlie’s Home Alone” – is a really bad episode, but the follow-up “The Gang Wins the Big Game” is decent. On average, it’s okay.

143 – Underage Drinking: A National Concern (1-3)

Another misfire from Season 1, “Underage Drinking: A National Concern” doesn’t have any of the jokes or character dynamics that we’ve grown to love.

142 – Gun Fever (1-5)

The twist that Dee’s boyfriend is the thief is one of the most obvious subversions Sunny has ever done, and the only funny bit was when Charlie gets the titular “Gun Fever”.

141 – The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition (4-12)

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like watching an innocent family be subjected to abduction and torture. There aren’t many good jokes either.

140 – The Gang Gets Racist (1-1)

The one that started it all … and it’s fine. It’s not going to hook a new viewer, but it got me interested enough to keep watching.

139 – The Gang Sells Out (3-7)

Part of me really wants to like this one, since it’s well-constructed and flows well, but there aren’t any memorable moments for me to come back to.

138 – Mac’s Mom Burns Her House Down (6-6)

A very filler-y episode, but at least the Mrs Mac / Mrs Kelly combo was born.

137 – Mac Kills His Dad (10-7)

“Mac Kills His Dad” has one of the best cold open to title card gags in the series, but the rest of the episode is very average.

136 – Being Frank (11-6)

A complete fever dream of an episode, “Being Frank” is wacky enough to be memorable the first time around but falls flat on any subsequent viewings.

135 – The Gang Buys a Roller Rink (15-3)

I can’t believe it took them 15 seasons to do a flashback episode. It’s okay.

134 – The Gang Exploits a Miracle (2-7)

We are introduced to Matthew “Cricket” Mara for the first time, and Charlie’s preacher persona is pretty funny. Otherwise unmemorable.

133 – The Gang Spies Like U.S. (10-5)

The creampie gag is funny, and that’s about it. Bonus points for Kaitlin Olson putting her all into Dee’s stunts.

132 – Charlie Gets Crippled (2-1)

Season 2 is immediately a step up from the first season, but only just. Danny DeVito brings a great energy to things, but they haven’t hit their stride just yet.

131 – The Gang Texts (14-5)

The ending where the gang reconciles with meerkat glances is funny, but otherwise “The Gang Texts” isn’t really a Sunny episode.

130 – Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer (8-6)

It’s funny how Mrs Kelly has the same idea that Charlie had in Season 1, but there aren’t enough funny jokes to keep me engaged.

129 – Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult (10-10)

There are some funny callbacks, and the general premise is good, but “Ass Kickers United” ends up being one of the most underwhelming season finales to date.

128 – Flowers for Charlie (9-8)

Written by the Game of Thrones showrunners, so it’s no surprise that it doesn’t make sense. Charlie Day carries the episode on his back.

127 – Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass (2-9)

It has an iconic Charlie outburst that ended up being one of Season 2’s most memorable moments, but otherwise nothing really happens.

Bonus points for a rare McPoyles appearance.

126 – How Mac Got Fat (7-10)

It’s genius how they managed to repurpose a scrapped Season 6 episode in a backstory for Mac’s mass, but “How Mac Got Fat” seems very cobbled together as a result.

125 – Charlie Has Cancer (1-4)

One of the only Season 1 episodes that I enjoyed, “Charlie Has Cancer” shows from an early stage just what lengths the gang are willing to go to.

124 – Dee Made a Smut Film (11-4)

Danny DeVito steals the show with Ongo Gablogian, and the ending brings it all together nicely, but otherwise this is a tame episode.

123 – Mac and Charlie Write a Movie (5-11)

The Dennis scene where he describes his version of Mac & Charlie’s movie is some gold standard stuff, but the rest of the episode is very forgettable.

122 – Dennis and Dee’s Mom Is Dead (3-3)

It was a bold move to kill off a fairly major character so early on in the series’ run, but I’m not too fussed about that.

I’m more annoyed by the fact that the episode is so hit-or-miss. The guys’ house party plot is good, but the Frank and Dee scheme is too weird for my liking.

121 – The Gang Broke Dee (9-1)

“The Gang Broke Dee” is much funnier the first time around when you don’t know the final twist, as on repeat viewings I just felt bad for her.

120 – The Gang Tends Bar (12-8)

Part of me is stunned that they didn’t do an episode like this sooner, but the other part understands because “The Gang Tends Bar” is pretty boring.

119 – The Gang Hits the Slopes (11-3)

I never watched the 80’s party movies that this episode references, so a lot of the humour is lost on me. Cool setting though.

118 – The Gang Finds a Dead Guy (1-6)

Easily the best episode of Season 1, and yet “The Gang Finds a Dead Guy” still leaves a lot to be desired. It’s the only episode from the first season that feels like it would fit in another season.

117 – The Gang Gets a New Member (6-8)

I love Jason Sudeikis, and his Schmitty adds a great dynamic to the gang. I only wish they did more with him.

116 – PTSDee (12-7)

Some episodes are too cringey for me, and “PTSDee” might just be the most wince-inducing episode of the lot. Well-written, just not my cup of tea.

115 – Gun Fever Too: Still Hot (9-2)

A better, more in-depth update to the Season 1 original, yet I still think they didn’t quite do the premise justice. Some great moments in it though.

114 – The Gang Makes Paddy’s Great Again (13-1)

This episode would have been down in the “Meh” tier if not for the Dennis sex doll – it single-handedly saves the episode, and is easily one of the funniest things about Season 13.

113 – Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool (14-2)

Finally getting to see Thunder Gun in action was great, but the meeting scenes around it weren’t that interesting.

112 – 2020: A Year In Review (15-1)

Easily one of Sunny’s most political episodes, and being a guy from the UK meant that I wasn’t as engaged with all the American issues as I could have been. The ending where they edit themselves into major events was almost enough to send it to the “Good” tier.


I couldn’t say no to these episodes. Y’know, because of the implication.

111 – Frank Falls Out the Window (11-2)

Some really fun callbacks and nostalgia, but I can’t rank “Frank Falls Out the Window” that highly when it’s literally just re-treading old plot points and gags.

110 – The Gang Gets Whacked: Part 1 & 2 (3-12/13)

The show’s first attempt at a two-parter, and it’s also their worst. The return of Cricket is great, though, and the scene where Dennis gets slapped twenty times in ten seconds never fails to make me laugh.

109 – The Gang Solves Global Warming (14-7)

The worst of the “Gang Solves” series, but it’s still decent. All of the plotlines work well, but none of them blow my socks off.

108 – The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem (13-6)

The other of the lacklustre “Gang Solves” episodes, except “The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem” has more funny gags. The one-room setting gets stale after a while, but at least the dialogue is humorous.

107 – The Gang Chokes (14-4)

As middle-of-the-road as you can get for a Sunny episode, “The Gang Chokes” has a decent premise and decent jokes. It’s directed by Glenn Howerton, so that’s pretty neat.

106 – Mac Is a Serial Killer (3-10)

One of my hottest takes, but “Mac Is a Serial Killer” doesn’t hold up on repeat viewings.

The Dennis / Dee stalking scene is funny, but once you know the answer to the mystery it becomes a chore to watch. Very well-written, though.

105 – Charlie Rules the World (8-8)

This should have been a slam dunk, but watching the gang sitting around to play videogames isn’t as interesting as the writers thought. The Dennis “I am God!” scene is the highlight.

104 – The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo (3-5)

“The Aluminum Monster vs Fatty Magoo” borderlines on parody at points, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy how over-the-top it is.

103 – America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model Contest (4-3)

Easily the worst of the “banned” episodes, but I still enjoy Dennis’s Michaelangelo rant and the introduction of Rex.

102 – The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods (6-11)

A cool premise for an episode, but the only things that made me properly laugh in “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods” was the weird trucker and the rabbit that Frank connects with.

101 – Psycho Pete Returns (10-3)

“Psycho Pete Returns” contains one of my favourite Dennis outbursts ever, and Cricket is always a fun addition, but it doesn’t really grip me as much as it should.

100 – Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender (3-11)

One of the most ridiculous premises for a sitcom episode I’ve ever seen, but it works. Glenn Howerton doing a silly voice in a fat suit will never not be funny.

99 – Mac and Dennis: Manhunters (4-1)

Season 4’s opener is pretty decent, and both plots are good in their own ways. The titular manhunting is alright, but it’s the Charlie / Dee cannibal escapade that I’ll remember the most.

98 – Mac Fights Gay Marriage (6-1)

Even though the second part of this two-part season opener is one of my least favourite episodes, I can’t hold that against “Mac Fights Gay Marriage” (and it’s unique / isolated enough for me to consider it a separate episode).

We get to meet the Ponderosas, and all the marriage plots work well against each other.

97 – Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad (2-10)

I’ve always found Bruce Mathis and Barbara Reynolds to be the least interesting characters, so an episode focussed on the Reynolds family drama was never going to grip me. Luckily, the Mac / Charlie plot with Mac’s Dad bumps the episode up a tier.

96 – A Woman’s Right to Chop (14-9)

“A Woman’s Right to Chop” doesn’t even attempt to hide its message, and the dog pregnancy stuff isn’t that interesting. Luckily, Dennis is the saving grace.

95 – The Gang Goes on Family Fight (10-8)

A lot of the time the humour in this one is too broad for me to properly enjoy it, but I can’t deny how fun it is. Points deducted for wasting Keegan on a boring role.

94 – McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century (11-6)

I used to absolutely love this episode for the way it brought loads of fan-favourite characters together, but that premise works much better in “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs”. The courtroom segments are funny, but I feel like something is lacking.

93 – Charlie and Dee Find Love (8-4)

The final twist is well done, and Alexandra Daddario is distractingly hot, but “Charlie and Dee Find Love” has never been a personal favourite. There are enough jokes to make me enjoy it, but I guess the premise is too broad and mainstream.

92 – The Gang Reignites the Rivalry (5-12)

“The Gang Reignites the Rivalry” is a bit of a weak finale with a limp conclusion, but Dennis’s unbridled rage was enough to knock it up a few places.

91 – The Gang Does a Clip Show (13-7)

The first half of “The Gang Does a Clip Show” is by-the-book and boring, but the second half is just the insanity I needed. The Seinfeld bit is one of the funniest parts of Season 13.

90 – Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare (9-4)

It kickstarts with a great title gag, and the rest of the episode is really solid too. It’s the unexplained Frank plotline that always makes me laugh the most.

89 – The Gang Gives Back (2-6)

“The Gang Gives Back” is quite an underrated episode on the whole, as the basketball match is one of the stand-out moments in Season 2. If the rest of the episode was stronger, it could have ranked within the top half of the list.

88 – Old Lady House: A Situational Comedy (12-3)

I do love me a dig at mainstream sitcoms, although I feel “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award” was a better version of the same sort of premise.

87 – The Gang Gets Romantic (14-1)

The Season 14 opener is surprisingly solid, as both the Dennis / Mac romance and Frank / Charlie friendship plots complement each other really well.

86 – The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis (5-1)

Season 5 also had a solid opener. With a memorable appearance from the Lawyer, and the power duo of Honey and Mustard, “The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis” does a good job of getting the ball rolling.

85 – The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 7 (15-2)

Easily the worst of the “Gang Makes Lethal Weapon” series, but the latest instalment wasn’t bad at all.

The filming process is decently funny, but it’s Dennis’s manipulation of millennials that always makes me laugh.

84 – The Gang Escapes (13-2)

Unlike “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot” from the same season, “The Gang Escapes” is an actually funny jab at masculinity with a solid plotline.

83 – The Gang Gets Trapped (7-9)

Not as funny on subsequent viewings, but “The Gang Gets Trapped” is insane enough to make for a memorable experience.

82 – Paddy’s Pub: The Worse Bar in Philadelphia (4-8)

I think Charlie acts a bit too off-beat / out of character in this one, but otherwise this is a fun subversion of the classic “rectify a bad review” sitcom trope.

81 – The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention (5-4)

Some people absolutely adore this one, but I guess there are times where “The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention” goes a bit too overboard for my liking. Danny DeVito absolutely kills it, as always.

80 – The Gang Beats Boggs (10-1)

This’ll be a very controversial placement, but I think “The Gang Beats Boggs” is arguably the most overrated Sunny episode. The drunk humour gets old fast, and the only truly funny bit was Dennis Sherlock-analysing a poor woman.

79 – Dee Sinks in a Bog (15-7)

By far the weakest of Season 15’s Ireland arc, but there are too many funny gags in “Dee Sinks in a Bog” for me to rank it lower.

Bonus points for actually following through on the turd-in-soup threat.

78 – Frank Retires (10-9)

The halfway point of the list!

“Frank Retires” is a pretty underrated episode in Season 10 – the amount of times the gang siphons Frank’s blood from him is hilariously disturbing.

77 – Dennis’ Double Life (12-10)

A surprisingly heartfelt finale, “Dennis’ Double Life” starts off as an absurd premise and ends with an emotional character farewell. I would have been mad if Dennis never returned, but it would have been a fitting send-off.

76 – The Storm of the Century (7-6)

“The Storm of the Century” is a little tamer than what I remembered, but Dennis pining over the news reporter will never not be funny.

75 – Mac Day (9-5)

One of the best premises the writers have ever come up with, each character getting their own day is a fantastic idea with hilarious consequences.

Country Mac is a great addition, and I only wish his death was a little more impactful / badass.

74 – Charlie Catches a Leprechaun (11-8)

A premise that should never have worked, and yet the leprechaun and bar-on-wheels both work well on their own.

73 – Mac and Charlie: White Trash (6-5)

I had to pause the episode the first time I watched “Mac and Charlie: White Trash” when Dennis got tackled – I was in hysterics.

The public pool stuff is decent, but it’s the Mac / Charlie plot and dialogue that I like the most.

72 – The Great Recession (5-3)

“The Great Recession” has one of the best cold opens in the series – Frank failing to hang himself is morbidly hilarious.

Mac and Dennis failing to understand basic economics is great, and Charlie is a crab person now.

71 – Thunder Gun Express (7-11)

I think “Thunder Gun Express” is a little bit overrated, but the tension is palpable.

Everyone getting backstabbed constantly is great, and Frank’s boat trip where he recaps major Sunny events is a highlight of the season.

70 – Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare (12-4)

There are some fantastic lines and moments in this episode, and both plots work well when put together. A very solid episode.

69 – Sweet Dee Gets Audited (7-4)

People forget about this episode, but I’ll always remember it as the episode with the thin limes debate. The rest is good too.

68 – The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre (8-3)

I loved this episode on first viewing, but there’s a noticeable lack of direction when I analyse it closer. A lot happens – most of it funny – but they didn’t execute the horror elements as we as they could have done.

67 – The Gang Goes to Ireland (15-5)

The first of the Ireland arc, “The Gang Goes to Ireland” sets up all of the character drama and dilemmas that the rest of the season would capitalise on.

66 – Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City (3-14)

The shortest cold open of them all, and one of the funniest as a result.

The titular bums stuff is okay, but it’s the fake police plot and Charlie Day’s Al Pacino impression that always make me chuckle.

65 – The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore (7-2)

A fan-favourite episode, but there’s too much gross-out humour in “The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore” for me to fully enjoy it. Objectively, this is still a fantastic episode.


These episodes DENNIS-ed me so hard that I can’t stop thinking about them.

64 – The Janitor Always Mops Twice (14-6)

It’s amazing that they’re still taking risks after so many seasons, and the film noir style works really well with Charlie’s narration.

63 – CharDee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo (11-1)

People love to hate on this episode, but I think it’s a worthy sequel to the original. It’s clearly not as good as the first one, and the horror segment is a bit weird, but it has enough gags for me to enjoy it.

62 – Mac’s Banging the Waitress (4-4)

An episode that doesn’t have Dee or Frank in at all, and yet “Mac’s Banging the Waitress” proves how strong the core trio are.

61 – The ANTI-Social Network (7-8)

I love how the plot kickstarts with something as simple as Dennis getting shushed (something that happened to Glenn Howerton in real life), and the other catfishing plot is great too.

60 – Paddy’s Has a Jumper (14-8)

A sort of spiritual successor to the D.E.N.N.I.S. System, “Paddy’s Has a Jumper” shows how a simple algorithm can influence the gang to the extreme. Frank’s melon is the icing on the cake.

59 – The Gang Turns Black (12-1)

Any musical episode is an instant classic, and some of the songs like “What are the rules?” have been stuck in my head ever since. It can get a little insensitive at times, but I was still laughing all the way.

58 – Dee Day (14-3)

Eclipsing the original, “Dee Day” had all the ridiculous shenanigans of “Mac Day” whilst also having an ulterior motive going on in the background.

Bonus points for one of the funniest Dennis scenes ever.

57 – The Gang Gets Invincible (3-2)

Most of the American Football jokes are lost on me, but that still doesn’t make “The Gang Gets Invincible” funny as hell.

It’s the McPoyle stuff that I love the most – Frank tripping balls while on the “toilet” is a highlight of the season.

56 – Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire (3-8)

This episode has a great start and ending, and the middle ain’t half bad either. Mac’s over-tanned reporter is my personal favourite bit.

55 – The Gang Buys a Boat (6-3)

It’s always fun to see the gang out of their element, and the mere idea that they’d buy a boat is a hilarious premise.

I’m not as crazy for this episode as other fans, but the implication scene alone is enough to rank it highly.

54 – Mac and Dennis Break Up (5-9)

The plot in “Mac and Dennis Break Up” is paper-thin, and yet the interactions and dialogue is so good that the episode almost cracked my top 50.

53 – Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats (6-10)

I always love the episodes where we delve into Charlie’s mental state, and his lack of awareness of social norms is at an all-time high. An underrated episode on the whole.

52 – The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby (3-1)

Season 2 was a little hit-or-miss for me, but Season 3 opened with a bang.

“The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby” immediately lets you know they mean business – Frank and Charlie delve through the trash, Dee and Mac try to tan a baby, and Dennis destroys a guy’s life overnight.

51 – The Gang Hits the Road (5-2)

Their first attempt at leaving Philly, and it’s a classic.

There are too many stand-out moments to name, and the writing is top-notch throughout.

50 – The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation (3-6)

The very first “The Gang Solves” episode, and they nailed it immediately.

Cultural insensitivity aside, the plot is absolutely insane from start to finish – you can never tell where it’s going to go.

49 – Dee Gives Birth (6-12)

A fairly emotional way to close out the Dee pregnancy arc, “Dee Gives Birth” brings a lot of my favourite characters together to find out who the real father is.

There have been more heartfelt episodes since, but this episode felt like the culmination of an entire season’s worth of plot.

48 – Pop-Pop: The Final Solution (8-1)

I forgot how ridiculous the Season 8 opener was – “Pop-Pop: The Final Solution” has two great plots chalked full of laughs.

Dennis and Dee finding out their grandad was a Nazi is the kind of unpredictability that I love, and Charlie’s post-dentist confrontation is fantastic.

47 – Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom (2-4)

An early success, “Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom” was proof that the writers could construct an air-tight plot with a simple premise.

The scheming and counter-plays are at an all time high, and the ending where the Charlie’s plan backfires leads to one of the funniest closing shots.

46 – The Gang Dances Their Asses Off (3-15)

An episode purely about dancing sounds like the kind of cringey sitcom plot that I’d despise, but through Sunny’s cynical lens it works.

The gang trying to knock each other out of the competition is fantastic, and the individual dance-offs are some of Season 3’s best moments.

45 – Who Pooped the Bed? (4-7)

I thought this episode was stupid on my first viewing, but nowadays I realise it’s the fun kind of stupid.

The mystery is surprisingly engaging, and the direction and cinematography do well to draw you in. Frank straight up revealing it was him at the end was the icing on the cake.

44 – Frank’s Pretty Woman (7-1)

This may be wrong, but I think “Frank’s Pretty Woman” pulled in the highest ratings of any Sunny season opener. I can only imagine the general public’s reaction to the insanity that unfolded.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s the strongest season opener we’ve ever had.

43 – The Gang Group Dates (10-2)

Any sort of “the characters are bad at flirting” plotlines always end up being some of my favourites, and “The Gang Group Dates” delivers on all fronts.

Frank, Charlie and Mac are great in their titular group dates, but it’s Dennis that steals the show. He’s a five star man!

42 – Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer (12-5)

A hilarious parody of the famous Netflix series, “Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer” is a genius premise that they capitalised on fully.

41 – The Gang Recycles Their Trash (8-2)

A slightly meta episode about the gang resorting to old tricks and schemes, but the overall trash plotline is so much fun.

It’s a shame it got pulled from Netflix – it’s probably the least offensive episode to be removed from streaming sites.

40 – Mac Finds His Pride (13-10)

They didn’t need to make this episode as emotional as they did, but “Mac Finds His Pride” nearly made me cry on my first viewing.

Danny DeVito and Rob McElhenney are exceptional, and the final dance is mesmeric. If the fast half of the episode was stronger, this would have ranked very highly.

39 – The Gang Goes Jihad (2-2)

Season 1 is weak by all accounts, and the first episode of Season 2 “The Gang Gets Crippled” didn’t quite float my boat, but “The Gang Goes Jihad” was when I knew this show wouldn’t hold back.

It’s one of the most ridiculous sitcom plots I’ve ever seen, and it’s not even that offensive in hindsight. Dennis’s breakdown during the video recording is a classic moment and a half.

38 – Frank’s Back in Business (8-7)

A story of two parts, the actual Frank / Charlie business plotline is pretty standard.

It’s the Dennis impersonation plot that really tickled my pickle – his charade as Brian Le Fevre is one of the funniest premises in the show, and they executed it to perfection

37 – Who Got Dee Pregnant? (6-7)

One of the best written episodes of the series, the number of twists and turns there are in this silly sitcom episode is astounding.

The jokes and gags are great, but the titular mystery is one of the most engrossing they’ve ever done.

36 – Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens (5-8)

The gang trying to one-up each other will never not be funny, and the inventions they come up with are gold. The Lawyer steals the scene, as always.

35 – The Gang Dines Out (8-9)

A bare-bones premise that they absolutely nailed, the character dynamics and one-upmanship is unrivalled in “The Gang Dines Out”.

Mac and Charlie spotting each other across the restaurant is one of the funniest moments of the series – I burst out laughing at their stupid facial expressions every time.

34 – The Gang Saves the Day (9-6)

They pulled out all the stops for the 100th episode, and every gang member’s vignette is either hilarious or astonishing.

Mac’s ninja fantasy is an awesome spectacle, Dennis, Dee and Frank’s stories serve up the laughs, and Charlie’s cartoon is phenomenally done.

33 – The Gang Replaces Dee with a Monkey (15-4)

While not the official start to Season 15’s Ireland arc, “The Gang Replaces Dee with a Monkey” certainly set the ball rolling brilliantly.

The dialogue and character interactions are the best they’ve been in years, and the ending twist with the monkey’s true intentions left me in disgusted hysterics.

32 – The Gang Wrestles for the Troops (5-7)

The episode was already great to begin with, but when I realised this was the introduction to both Ben the Soldier AND The Maniac I knew it had to rank highly.

The build-up to the wrestling match is great, but once we reach the ring we get a solid 5 minutes of Sunny gold.

31 – The Gang Goes to Hell: Part 1 & 2 (11-9/10)

Part one of “The Gang Goes to Hell” is a decent setup with some alright gags, but I think it’s part two that really shines.

The gang stuck in a room gradually going insane made for one of the strongest season finales in the series – if the first part was stronger, this would have been top 20.

30 – The Gang Gets Quarantined (9-7)

An episode that only became more relevant as time went on, “The Gang Gets Quarantined” starts a little slow but descends into absurdity.

The vocal competition, Dennis’s illness, Frank’s purity, the reveal that they were having alcohol withdrawals all along … the second half of the episode is top tier.

29 – The High School Reunion: Part 1 & 2 (7-12/13)

A little like with “The Gang Goes to Hell”, “The High School Reunion” has a part one that acts purely as a setup to the later gags. And oh boy do they deliver.

Everything that is mentioned in part one gets miraculously payed-off in part two, and the final dance scene is uproarious.


These episodes have Thunder Gunned their way into my heart, and are absolute classics.

28 – The Gang Goes to a Water Park (12-2)

It’s always fun to see the gang outside of their usual element, and the water park setting leads to three fantastic plotlines.

Mac and Dee getting stuck in the slide is great, Charlie and Frank’s AIDS ploy is amazing to watch unfold, and Dennis’s paternal relationship to the young girl teases the season finale nicely.

27 – The Gang Gets Held Hostage (3-4)

“The Gang Gets Held Hostage” is the McPoyles at their very best, and every single character gets their moment to shine.

The finale on the rooftop is one of the biggest show-stoppers (at least, for Sunny standards) and the final twist that it was all an elaborate prank cemented the episode as one of my favourites.

26 – Mac & Charlie Die: Part 1 & 2 (4-5/6)

Unlike almost every other two-parter, it’s the first part of “Mac & Charlie Die” that has gone down as an absolute classic.

The second part isn’t bad in the slightest, but the first part where Mac and Charlie enact that desperate plan with the car is a top 10 Sunny moment.

25 – Hundred Dollar Baby (2-5)

Dee didn’t really have much to do in Season 1, so I was thrilled when she could prove her comedy chops in episodes like “Hundred Dollar Baby”.

Her and Charlie completely knock it out of the park – both of them on steroids had me in stitches.

24 – The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis (4-2)

The best of the “Gang Solves” adventures, “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis” has everything I want from a premise like this.

It’s the kind of plot that’s so ridiculous it might actually happen, and the scenes in the bank and at the end in the van are two of Sunny’s stand-out moments.

23 – Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare (2-3)

“The Gang Goes Jihad” was the first indication that this show would be great, but “Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare” told me it would be amazing.

The two parallel storylines work so well hand in hand, and they crash into each other at the end in the best way. This was when Sunny truly found its footing.

22 – The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6 (9-9)

Call it offensive, call it over-the-top, but I absolutely bloody loved whenever the gang parodied the Lethal Weapon films.

Their second attempt is ever so slightly weaker than the original, but I was still reeling from laughter the entire way through.

21 – The Gang Carries a Corpse Up a Mountain (15-8)

The most recent episode to date, and I thought “The Gang Carries a Corpse Up a Mountain” was one of the strongest season finales we’ve had.

The jokes and banter between characters is some of the best ever, and the emotional through-line of Charlie and his Dad is the second time I’ve almost cried in this show.

How have none of the cast been nominated for Emmys yet?

20 – The Gang Gets New Wheels (13-5)

This episode wasn’t even in my top 50 on first viewing, but nowadays I consider it a recent classic.

All the plotlines work really well together, and some of the individual moments – like Mac and Charlie beating up the kids and the ending in the car – almost make up for an otherwise lacklustre season.

19 – The Gang Gets Analyzed (8-5)

I adore these types of episodes where we get to have a bit of an insight into each characters’ minds, and nowhere have they done it better than in “The Gang Gets Analyzed”.

Every gang member gets a memorable scene with the psychiatrist – I’d have a tough time picking a favourite, they’re all so perfect.

18 – Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties (7-3)

Cringe humour at its absolute best, I doubt any other show could pull off a premise like this.

Danny DeVito is unbelievably hilarious throughout, and the beauty pageant sequence is a glorious moment in Sunny history.

17 – The Gang Misses the Boat (10-6)

Straight off the bat we get a genius metaphor for the gang’s current situation, and the episode only goes from strength to strength from there.

As is common for all of these top episodes, every plotline works brilliantly and complements each other. My personal favourite moments were Frank’s man-cheetah and Dennis’s finisher car rant.

16 – Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense (8-10)

A very stripped back finale, but somehow “Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense” works better than most of the other season finales.

The court dynamic leads to some really fun character moments and interactions, and Mac is on rare form throughout his “Science is a liar sometimes!” debacle.

15 – The Waitress Is Getting Married (5-5)

A classic in every sense of the word, nearly every scene in “The Waitress Is Getting Married” has gone down in Sunny folklore.

Charlie Day is the MVP this time around – his dating profile scene and the date in the restaurant always crack me up.

14 – The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award (9-3)

The best of the meta episodes, “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award” conveys all of their Emmy-snub spite in one neat package.

The parallels with Paddy’s and the more well-established bar made for a great metaphor, and Charlie’s song at the end was the icing on the cake.

13 – A Very Sunny Christmas

Sunny doing a Christmas special was the last thing I expected, and it goes just about as awry as you’d think.

Obviously the individual moments like Frank coming out of the couch and Charlie biting the mall Santa are iconic, but its the family history (and how awful all of their parents are) that keeps me coming back.

12 – Time’s Up for the Gang (13-4)

Sunny has never been afraid to tackle the biggest real world issues, and somehow they managed to comment on the Time’s Up movement with class and humour.

All of the seminar scenes are golden, and the final part where Dennis reveals it was all an elaborate ruse cemented “Time’s Up for the Gang” as one of the best.

11 – Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person (3-9)

I’m a sucker for any sort of band / music plotlines in sitcoms, and “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person” was the first time Sunny ventured into the world of song.

All of the band practise scenes are great, but this episode will always be remembered for that one glorious Dayman scene.

10 – Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth (6-9)

“Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth” has the best of both worlds – we get to see the gang’s first attempt at parodying Lethal Weapon, and we also get to see the end of the Dee and Charlie school arc.

This is my favourite of the Lethal Weapon parodies as they don’t linger on it for too long – it’s a secondary plotline to the main one, and the reactions from the cast and schoolkids are perfect.

9 – Sweet Dee has a Heart Attack (4-10)

If I had to pick one scene that summarised what Sunny was about, the Pepe Sylvia scene from “Sweet Dee has a Heart Attack” would certainly be one of my first picks.

That perfect scene aside, both the exercise and work insurance plotlines are some of the most solid stuff we’ve seen.

8 – The Gang’s Still In Ireland (15-6)

Call me crazy, but I think “The Gang’s Still In Ireland” will be remembered as an all-time classic in a few years time.

Charlie finding out his real dad, Mac’s trip to the seminary, Dennis’s COVID coughing fit … it’s near perfection.

7 – The Gang Squashes Their Beefs (9-10)

Aside from Uncle Jack and The Lawyer, “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs” managed to pack ALL of my favourite characters into one room. Of course it ended up being one of my favourites.

6 – Hero or Hate Crime? (12-6)

“Hero of Hate Crime?” has a genuine shout at being the best written episode of Sunny – every character has a legitimate claim of the scratchcard, and it all culminates in Mac finally coming out as gay.

Some of the individual lines, like “We don’t care if you’re gay, Mac, we hate you either way!” and “If it smells like shit you must acquit!” always leave me in hysterics.

All-Time Great

These Golden-Godly episodes are the crème de la crème of Sunny, and are five of the greatest sitcom episodes of all time.

5 – CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games (7-7)

The best bottle episode in TV history?

“CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games” is proof of one thing – the gang together in a room will always be electric. And moronic. The party games are iconic, and the twist that Dennis and Dee were cheating was so well done.

4 – Charlie Work (10-4)

It’s rare for a Sunny episode to be considered “art”, but “Charlie Work” is one of the most magnificent and creative pieces of comedy I’ve ever seen.

The one-shot segment is everything I would ever want it to be, and the amount of background jokes they stuffed in is staggering.

3 – The D.E.N.N.I.S. System (5-10)

The top 3 episodes of Sunny are interchangeable really, as any of them could be my favourite episode of the show if I’m in the right mood.

“The D.E.N.N.I.S. System” is peak Dennis, and Glenn Howerton absolutely nails the creepy yet suave tone that would soon border on psychopathy. The fact that all three of the main gang’s real-life wives are in this makes it twice as funny.

2 – The Nightman Cometh (4-13)

An episode so good they even toured it live between seasons.

“The Nightman Cometh” is the kind of episode that shouldn’t have worked in a million years, and yet everyone gives it their all to create a genuinely fun musical. Once Charlie comes down as the sun and his true motives are revealed, this episode has earnt its GOAT status.

1 – Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs (11-5)

The best episode of Sunny, and the funniest 20 minutes of television I’ve seen to date.

It’s Glenn Howerton’s and Rob McElhenney’s performances that make “Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs” the triumph that it is – how Glenn in particular didn’t win an Emmy for this is beyond me. It has my favourite moments, lines and freak-outs – no other episode will ever top it.

Aaaand that’s my colossal list! Blimey, that took way longer than I thought it would. If you liked this (or even just made it to the end), you can check out my latest blog posts below:

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