EVERY Sidemen Sunday of 2022 Ranked

The Sidemen are only growing from strength to strength, and they proved yet again in 2022 that they are the force to be reckoned with on the Youtube scene.

It was a great year for content all round, but how would I rank all 52 Sidemen Sundays?

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Could’ve Been MoreSidemen

None of the videos this year were absolute stinkers, but there were definitely a few that didn’t quite live up to the quality of the main channel.

52 – The Greatest Sidemen Moments 2021

I was expecting a boring compilation of 2021, but instead of it being a stinker it was actually a well-made summary. It’s not exactly great content, though, so this was an easy pick for last place.

51 – Turn £1 Into £100,000 In 24 Hours Challenge

Spoiler alert – you’re going to see a lot of challenge videos near the bottom of this list, as they tend to be my least favourite style of video.

The worst offender by far was their “Turn £1 Into £100,000” challenge, which was just a boring trip around London while they made a tiny bit of money every few minutes.

50 – A-Z Calorie Challenge

Calorie challenges aren’t my thing, and this one felt kinda low energy compared to others.

49 – Sidemen Train Like KSI For 24 Hours

A fun idea on paper, but watching the Sidemen train for half an hour isn’t as exciting as they think it is.

The boxing matches in the last few minutes prevented this from being a stinker.

48 – Drink One Colour For 24 Hours Challenge

Another uninspired challenge, and it’s too similar to other stuff they’ve done before.

47 – Throw A Dart And Go Where It Lands

A fun idea on paper, but it ended up feeling like a cheap and mundane holiday video.

46 – $100,000 A-Z Buying Challenge

Sometimes you can just tell that an idea must have fallen through, and they needed a quick replacement to fill the runtime.

There are decent moments of banter here and there, but I think the Sidemen themselves knew this one would be a flop.

45 – Sidemen VS Premier League Goalkeeper

It was cool that they got Ben Foster for a football video, but they didn’t do enough with him.

The first few challenges against the prem goalkeeper are alright, but then the rest are just boring football tasks that get old quick.


I liked all of these videos, and even if they didn’t blow my socks off they still provided decent entertainment.

44 – $100,000 Escape Room Challenge

This one is like when they did The Crystal Maze last year – filming this must have been a blast, but watching it wasn’t so good.

The actual escape rooms were nothing special, and I got really stressed when the boxed animals started fighting back!

43 – The Cube: Sidemen Edition

A little more fun and unfiltered than the escape room, but yet again this was probably more fun to film than to watch.

42 – USA VS UK 40,000 Calories Challenge

Another boring calorie challenge, but the dynamic with different countries made it slightly more interesting.

41 – Europe 100,000 Calorie Challenge

Instead of two countries in a calorie challenge, now there are three! The extra guests were fun, too.

40 – Complete This Challenge, Win $10,000

I’m sure the Sidemen mean well when they include fans in videos, but they’re not who I’ve come to see. At least the challenges were alright.

39 – Abandoned In Europe Challenge

A slightly upgraded version of last year’s abandoned video, but it’s not a style of content that I can really sink my teeth into.

38 – Race Across Europe Challenge

Kinda like the abandoned video, but with an added competition to it!

37 – Mukbang On A Bus

The Sidemen didn’t actually come out with too many main-channel mukbangs this year, but the bus one was definitely the worst.

It was a little too unfocussed and hectic, and the bus setting isn’t that interesting.

36 – Pointless: Sidemen Edition

I don’t know why, since Pointless is usually a show I love, but the Sidemen edition was sort of underwhelming.

The team dynamics were fun, but there weren’t many iconic / funny moments that I remember.

35 – Game Of Life In Real Life

By all accounts, the filming of this video was a complete trainwreck. But it was a hell of an entertaining trainwreck.

Vik’s total lack of control was really funny, and the lads just pissing about instead of playing the game gets out of hand quickly. I would have liked it better if they actually played the game, though.

34 – Extreme Christmas Cookoff

I’m not a big fan of the bake-off style videos, but this year’s Christmas Cookoff served up some fun moments.

Everyone gets really drunk after a while, and the competition was fiercer than I expected.

33 – $20,000 VS $200 Birthday Party

When Harry plans a video, you can expect chaos. Unfortunately, the $20,000 VS $200 ended up being a little too chaotic and under-developed for my liking.

It pales in comparison to last year’s cheap vs. expensive birthday party, and I may even go as far as saying this was the worst cheap vs. expensive ever.

32 – Who Is The Best Sidemen Football Player?

A mundane football video on paper, but the crowd interactions (especially during the penalty shootout) made it ten times funnier.

31 – $100,000,000 Superyacht Hide And Seek

The superyacht setting made for the worst hide & seek of the year … but even then it was still lots of fun.

To be honest, 2022 was probably the best (at least, the most consistent) year of hide & seek the Sidemen have ever done.

30 – Hide & Seek In World’s Biggest Theatre

As a Brit, the Royal Albert Hall setting probably resonated with me more than viewers from around the world.

It’s a little too big as a setting, but the jokes and shenanigans in between hiding and seeking were at an all-time high.

29 – $100,000 VS $100 Theme Park

Once again, my British origins made this video twice as good – I’ve been to Thorpe Park loads of times in my life, so it was fascinating to see what would happen if a group got it all to themselves.

The bad team vibes were also pretty good, but there’s not much content besides watching the lads queue, do a ride and repeat.

28 – Hide & Seek In $20,000,000 Spanish Mansion

It was one of the biggest plot twists ever when the Sidemen returned to the mansion from the Europe holiday video, and the hide & seek delivered.

It’s pretty standard as hide & seeks go, but the location made it way better.


These videos all packed a punch, and I had a great time with each of them.

27 – Extreme Japanese Gameshows

With one of the biggest production qualities the Sidemen channel has ever seen, and with a charismatic KSI character hosting, “Extreme Japanese Gameshows” should have been the best video of the year.

It certainly has its moments, but a lot of it is just the lads on best behaviour. Also, everyone chickening out of the ending punishment was a massive missed opportunity.

26 – Sidemen VS Mr. Beast $1,000,000 Challenge

The other of the ridiculously high-budget videos, and the competition against the Mr. Beast crew sent this one up a place.

Once again, this is mainly just the lads playing it by-the-book, but there were enough fun moments to keep me watching.

25 – $20,000 Big Fat Quiz Of The Year

A great quiz to end the year, but it could have been even better if Harry hadn’t played it so safe as host.

24 – Hide & Seek In A School

One of the biggest casts we’ve ever seen in a hide & seek, and they play off of each other brilliantly.

Bonus points for doing all the things in a school that I was afraid to do, like climbing onto the roof!

23 – One Million Pound Drop

Not only was it a solid gameshow to pick, the banter between the lads was on top form.

22 – Silent Library 2

One of my most anticipated Sidemen sequels ever, but sadly it didn’t live up to the lofty heights of the original.

It still has a lot of the elements that made the first one so good, but I couldn’t help but feel that most of the magic was gone.

21 – $100,000 VS $100 Road Trip (USA Edition)

A lot of people were calling this the best Sidemen video of the year, and though I don’t quite agree I still thought it was really funny.

The expensive team goes on a great adventure, but it was the cheap team’s miserable journey in the scorching heat that I’ll always remember.

20 – Family Feud 2

The return of a classic gameshow, “Family Feud 2” was never going to live up to the original but I thought it did a pretty great job on the whole.

19 – Swap Lives For 24 Hours

A boring idea on paper, but the lads’ willingness to commit to their characters made it all worth it.

Also, the Harry / Simon pitch meeting is one of the funniest Sidemen moments of the year.

18 – $100,000 Hot VS Cold Mukbang

The coolest idea for a mukbang they’ve come up with so far, the set design alone is enough to make this one of the best mukbangs ever.

Deji is also a great addition to the group, and the convos never got stale.

17 – $100,000 VS $10 Football Match

As is usually the case with these types of cheap vs. expensive videos, it’s the bad team that provides the best content.

It was funny having a group of non-West Ham fans on the expensive team, but the cheap teams’ Sunday League match vibes were immaculate.

16 – Las Vegas Forfeit Hide & Seek

The best hide & seek of the year, the frantic swapping and forfeits made for such an entertaining experience from start to finish. Hopefully they do more hide & seeks in this style!

15 – $10,000 VS $100 New Years Eve

The very first video of 2022, and we were already off to a cracking start.

Both of the magicians were so much fun, and the fireworks display at the end was the perfect way to cap things off.

14 – Hole In The Wall

The best gameshow of the year, the lads were on top form all throughout “Hole In The Wall”.

JJ’s ridiculous character steals the show, and the frantic panic before each wall came in led to some amazing reactions.

13 – 20 Women VS 1 Sidemen: Jidion Edition

Jidion’s 20 V 1 was quite comfortably the worst 20 V 1 of the year, and possibly the worst so far. Luckily, this is a format I like so I still really enjoyed it.

There weren’t too many uproarious moments, but the general awkwardness is always fun.

12 – $20,000 VS $200 Christmas Day

The final video of the year, and it’s great that they managed to have a Sidemen Sunday that released on Christmas Day!

This is one of those cheap vs. expensive videos where you can tell both teams are having a good time, and I couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate the festive season.

11 – $20,000 VS $200 Hotel (Europe Edition)

I loved the activities that the lads did to relax, and the plane hotel was a nice surprise, but “$20,000 VS $200 Hotel (Europe Edition)” lacks a spark that would send it to the upper tier.

If I had to pinpoint it, I think the activities that they did were more fun to experience than they were to watch.


These videos were the best of the best, the ones that I enjoyed from start to finish.

10 – $100,000 VS $100 Holiday (USA Edition)

A classic holiday video, the location that the expensive team bagged is one of the most luxurious I’ve ever seen.

The bad team was also hilarious, and the various bear noise pranks had me in stitches every time.

9 – Sidemen That Finds $250,000 Lamborghini Wins It

I love a treasure hunt, so “Sidemen That Finds $250,000 Lamborghini Wins It” was exactly the kind of entertainment I was looking for.

Unlike other videos like The Cube and Escape Room, this one felt actively engaging to watch, and I found myself trying to decipher each clue alongside the lads. On top of all that, the frantic ending made it amazing.

8 – 20 Women VS 1 Sidemen: Callux Edition

Callux is a YouTuber whose content I watch fairly regularly, so his appearance on 20 V 1 was a breath of fresh air.

He brings a similar awkwardness as Harry did, whilst also being confident enough to go through with the ridiculous prompts. Some of the dates ended up being outrageous.

7 – Old VS Young For 24 Hours Challenge

The biggest surprise of the year, I went into this “Old VS Young” video expecting yet another boring challenge, but it ended up being elite.

The young team were decent fun, but the old team stole the show – there wasn’t a single moment of their day where I wasn’t rolling with laughter.

6 – 20 Women VS 1 Sidemen: Filly Edition

Filly was perhaps a little too confidant to be doing a video like this, but the outrageous scenarios and prompts more than made up for it.

He never said no to an idea, and the energy he brought was immaculate.

5 – 20 Women VS 1 Sidemen: Logan Paul Edition

My favourite 20 V 1 of the year, purely because I never expected a YouTuber as big as Logan Paul to agree to something like this.

The Sidemen didn’t give him an easy time of it, either – his dates were some of the most awkward I’ve ever seen, but Logan was a good sport throughout.

4 – Tinder In Real Life 4 (USA Youtube Edition)

The USA YouTube Tinder hardly holds a candle to the UK variant, but it’s a Sidemen Tinder. Of course it’s still hilarious.

A few recycled lines and odd moments prevented this from reaching the “GOATed” tier, but it was still uproarious from start to finish.


I wouldn’t be surprised if these three perfect videos made it into my Top 10 Sidemen videos of all time.

3 – $100,000 VS $100 Christmas Song

As a musician myself, I couldn’t have asked for a better musical-themed Christmas challenge.

The “This Or That” recording session was up there with the funniest moments of the year, and the “Christmas Drilling” music video recording was a fascinating glimpse into the industry. A banger from start to finish, and both teams delivered.

2 – Sidemen Charity Match 2022

Let it be known – stick two terrible goalkeepers between the sticks and you’ll get a football match that’ll stand the test of time.

This was easily the best Sidemen Charity Match of all time, and the quality of goals and commentary was staggering. A triumph all round, and everyone involved should be immensely proud. Yes, even the goalkeepers.

1 – Forfeit Blind Date

Whoever came up with the idea to do a Blind Date video, except the gimmick is that the lads are trying to get eliminated, is an absolute genius.

They all say the most outrageous things in order to go out first, and I absolutely loved every second of it. Quite possibly the best Sidemen dating video of all time.

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