Muse Closing Tracks Ranked

One of the reasons Muse’s albums are so good is the closing track – a great final song will leave a positive impression on the listener, and Muse certainly know how to close an album. I’ve ranked their opening tracks, it’s time for the closers.

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9 – Hate This and I’ll Love You (Showbiz)

Definitely my least favourite track from Showbiz.

The first four Muse albums on Spotify have bonus tracks at the end, and I always thought they were the real closing tracks.

For Showbiz, I think “Spiral Static” would have been a better way to end the album.


8 – The 2nd Law: Unsustainable / Isolated System (The 2nd Law)

Yes, I’m including both songs ’cause this is my list and I make the rules.

To be honest, if it was just “Isolated System” the ranking wouldn’t change, but I just think you need to view both tracks as the grand finale. Unsustainable is probably better than Isolated System, but they’re both still good.

7 – The Globalist / Drones (Drones)

Again, two tracks because I’m the one with the power here.

If they’d just ended Drones with “The Globalist”, I reckon it would be a top 3 closing track. You can’t have everything however, and Muse decided to tack on the incredibly redundant “Drones” to leave a bitter taste.


6 – Hyper Chondriac Music (Hullabaloo Soundtrack)

The only time Hullabaloo will appear anywhere but bottom on a Muse list.

This has to be one of Muse’s most underrated songs, it is so hauntingly beautiful that it caught me off guard the first time I heard it. A must listen for any Muse fan.

5 – Ruled By Secrecy (Absolution)

Fun fact, I used to hate this song quite a bit. I thought to myself “why would you end one of the best hard rock albums ever with a slow burner? It makes no sense”.

Now I am older and wiser (barely), and this is one of Bellamy’s most haunting and unnerving songs. Part of me still wishes “Fury” was the actual closing song.

4 – The Void (Simulation Theory)

A lot of people with disagree with this one, but I think Simulation Theory starts and ends in an incredible way.

“The Void” reminds me of “Ruled by Secrecy”, but it just sounds better to me. The acoustic version is a beautiful song as well.

3 – Megalomania (Origin Of Symmetry)

Similarly to Absolution, I didn’t like how such a hard rocking album ended with a slower track. Upon multiple revists, “Megalomania” is definitely one of my favourite songs they’ve ever done.

I always thought “Futurism” was the closer, but in hindsight I do believe “Megalomania” to be a better closing track.


2 – Exogenesis Symphony (The Resistance)

The Exogenesis Symphony is an experience like no other.

There have been so many times when I’ve put this album on just to listen to the closing three tracks. With quality like this, it baffles me that some people don’t like this album, but to each their own I guess.

All-Time Great

1 – Knights Of Cydonia (Black Holes And Revelations)

Yes, the Muse album that topped both the list of “Best Openers” and “Best Albums” also tops this one.

This album’s bonus track is actually worse than the real closer (but not by much). “Knights Of Cydonia” is easily a top 3 Muse song, and on any given day I might be inclined to say it’s their best. One thing’s for certain – this is one of the best album closers ever, and probably one of the best songs of all time.

And that’s my list. If I had to to this list strictly on closing tracks, and include some of the bonus tracks from the first 4 albums (that for the longest time I thought were the real album closers) the rankings would actually be as follows:

  1. Exogenesis Symphony (The Resistance)
  2. Glorious (BHAR)
  3. Fury (Absolution)
  4. Futurism (Origin Of Symmetry)
  5. The Void (Simulation Theory)
  6. Hyper Chondriac Music (Hullabaloo Soundtrack)
  7. Spiral Static (Showbiz)
  8. The 2nd Law: Isolated System (The 2nd Law)
  9. Drones (Drones)

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