Best Muse Albums for Bass

I’ve talked a lot about Muse and how awesome they are, but I think it’s time I talk about one man in particular – Chris Wolstenholme. His basslines on Muse records are always stellar, and some of them rank among the best basslines of all time. He’s a real inspiration to me, and a bigContinue reading “Best Muse Albums for Bass”

“Origin of Symmetry” Songs Ranked

An undeniable rock masterpiece, “Origin of Symmetry” was when Muse really separated themselves from their contempories as a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene. I at least really like every song on this album, and it’s definitely one of my favourites of all time. How would I rank this amazing collection ofContinue reading ““Origin of Symmetry” Songs Ranked”

Muse Closing Tracks Ranked

One of the reasons Muse’s albums are so good is the closing track – a great final song will leave a positive impression on the listener, and Muse certainly know how to close an album. I’ve ranked their opening tracks, it’s time for the closers. Check out my other Muse lists here: Bad 9 –Continue reading “Muse Closing Tracks Ranked”

Muse Opening Songs Ranked

One of the constants in a Muse record is that the opening and closing tracks are going to be good. I’ll definitely get round to the closers, but for now let’s focus on the incredible introductions to Muse’s flawless discography. If you like this list, check out my other Muse list: Bad 9 – ForcedContinue reading “Muse Opening Songs Ranked”