Muse Opening Songs Ranked

One of the constants in a Muse record is that the opening and closing tracks are going to be good. I’ll definitely get round to the closers, but for now let’s focus on the incredible introductions to Muse’s flawless discography.

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9 – Forced In (Hullabaloo Soundtrack)

In terms of Muse’s opening tracks, this is the only dud. In fact, I’d probably put this track in the bottom 3 Muse songs ever.

I appreciate some experimentation, and Muse of all people can experiment with musical sounds like no other, but I just can’t get behind this.


8 – Dead Inside (Drones)

I genuinely think every Muse opening track (except Forced In) is at least a great song, like 8/10 great song.

It pains me to put this only at number 8 on this list, but I just feel that the rest of the opening tracks perfectly fit the album they star in. Dead Inside sounds like it could be on any of the Muse albums from The 2nd Law onwards.

7 – Intro / Apocalypse Please (Absolution)

Considering this is a top 3 Muse album, it feels a bit weird putting Absolution so low on this list. I just feel that the other songs on this list are better.

That being said, this track perfectly sets up the apocalyptic sounds to come on a near perfect album.

6 – Sunburn (Showbiz)

The first Muse song on the first Muse album is a zinger.

From the iconic opening piano riff to Chris’s instantly memorable bass sound, this has to be one of the greatest introductory band songs ever. Shame the rest of the album was just OK.


5 – Algorithm (Simulation Theory)

Most people probably think this song (and album for that matter) has no place in the “amazing” category, but I just love it to bits.

When I saw Muse live last September they opened with this track, and my God does it get you in the mood for some epic Muse bangers. Fantastic effort.

4 – Uprising (The Resistance)

A lot of people would say this is one of the band’s best songs, and I’d have to agree. I have to consider it in terms of opening songs, and for that reason it only comes in fourth.

To be honest, this is a perfect album opener. I just think the next three songs on the list are even better.

3 – Supremecy (The 2nd Law)

Look no further than the 2013 live show in Rome to see how good of an opener this is.

This track almost sounds like a James Bond song, probably due to how epic it feels. Chris Wolstenholme is quoted on saying this is one of his favourites to play, and I couldn’t agree more.

All-Time Great

2 – New Born (Origin Of Symmetry)

Easily a top 10 Muse song, New Born just encapsulates what the band were like in the early 2000’s. That bass is exquisite, the vocals are insane, the piano is almost haunting, and when the guitar and drums properly kick in you know you’re listening to an all-time great.

For most bands this would easily be the best opening song they did (and probably their best song ever), but there is but one track that stands above the rest.

1 – Take A Bow (Black Holes And Revelations)


Take A Bow has a legitamite claim of being the greatest album opener ever – it perfectly sets up the grandiose ideas and synth sounds to come. It doesn’t hurt that the rest of the album is incredible as well.

Aaaaaaand that’s it. Let me know if you have any other ideas for ranking lists, and check out some of my other lists below:

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