“Abbey Road” Songs Ranked

For me, Abbey Road is the greatest album ever. Everything about this album is iconic – the banging tunes on the first half, the album cover, and most importantly I think the ground-breaking medley on the second half. I’ll try and rank each song to the best of my abilities (I’ll be ranking the medley songs separately from each other).

Check out my Beatles album ranking below:


17 – Her Majesty

This isn’t really a song, but since it’s officially on the album I’ll include it. It’s kind of catchy, so I’ll give it that.

16 – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

I know a lot of people like this one, but I think it’s just a bit too childish and tacky. Not terrible though, just the song I’m most likely to skip.


15 – Sun King

Probably the weakest track in the medley, this song doesn’t really go anywhere. Lennon hated this one, and I can kind of see why.

14 – Mean Mr Mustard

This one has a bit more of a swing to it, so I’d rate it higher than Sun King.

13 – Polythene Pam

Shout-out to Ringo for his incredible drum work (as always).

Similarly to most of the medley songs, I don’t rate them highly on their own because they don’t really develop their ideas enough.


12 – You Never Give Me Your Money

A good way to start the medley, just never really been a favourite of mine. Definitely a good song, however.

11 – Octopus’s Garden

Sort of contradictory to my opinion on Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, but I kind of like the whimsical childishness of this Ringo track. Rockin’ guitar solo as well, which helps.

10 – Carry That Weight

Very anthemic, but not the greatest of songs. I do like how it links back to You Never Give Me Your Money at one point.


9 – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

Now THIS is the sort of cheeky medley track that stands out.

This was a favourite of most of the band, as it’s Paul at his lyrical best. Being a McCartney tune, is also has a catchy, memorable melody.

8 – Oh Darling!

It’s painful to put this at number 8 – it’s such a good song, but the rest of the album is just too good.

I love Paul’s vocals on this, and the sliding bassline is instantly memorable.


7 – Because

Those harmonies!

This is one of three Beatles tracks I can think of with Lennon / McCartney / Harrison all singing harmonies, along with “This Boy” and “Yes It Is”. A beautiful way to continue the second half of the album, and it sets up the medley nicely.

6 – Golden Slumbers

Could have easily been a different band’s greatest song, but for the Beatles it’s only slightly near the top.

A truly beautiful song, and a wonderful way to start the second part of the medley. Would probably be the best song in the medley for most people, but there’s another that takes that crown for me …

5 – The End

If you don’t count Her Majesty, this is the final song on the record (and it would have been their final song ever if Let It Be hadn’t been released).

Easily one of the greatest album closers ever, the rocking guitar solos from (almost) everyone really takes this tune to another level. If there was ever a perfect lyric to end The Beatles’ journey, it would be “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”.

4 – I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

The song that invented Doom Rock, this is also one of the band’s longest songs. It uses up its time perfectly, and it takes you on an incredible journey from start to finish.

The last 2/3 minutes of this are incredibly haunting, with the band all on top of their game, and the wind-like sound in the background frantically gaining volume until it all cuts out. Very jarring when compared to side 2’s opener Here Comes The Sun, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All-Time Great

3 – Here Comes The Sun

It’s pretty crazy that 3 of the band’s top 10 songs ever are on this one album, and starting us off is the wonderful Harrison tune Here Comes The Sun.

The way it dances between time signatures and just gives off a wonderful sunny vibe is delightful, and it’s not even Harrison’s best song on the record.

2 – Come Together

Probably the greatest album opener ever, this Lennon track is easily one of the best songs ever made.

Ringo’s drums and McCartney’s bass are iconic, and the whole band really gel together like only a top band could. One of the best songs ever made – but not the best on the album.

1 – Something

Following on from Come Together, hearing Something as the second track already cemented it as one of the best albums ever, regardless of the songs that came after it.

The best love song ever written, I’d even go as far as saying this is the band’s greatest ever song, and definitely a top 10 songs of all time contender. Harrison really was the MVP of Abbey Road, and his legacy was cemented with this classic.

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