Best Album Of Every Year Since 1960

I’ve done the best films of every year since 1960, so it’s only fair that I give music the same treatment. Same rules as before – this ranking is a mixture of public opinion as well as my own, and I’m only human so I’m bound to miss a few classics here and there. AndContinue reading “Best Album Of Every Year Since 1960”

Beatles Albums – Overrated / Underrated

I thought I’d try a new format on my blog – looking through every entry of a certain topic, deciding whether it’s overrated or underrated (or properly rated) by the general public and the fandom. Who better to start with than the mighty Beatles – I’ve listened to their entire discography countless times, so I’mContinue reading “Beatles Albums – Overrated / Underrated”

Every Super Bowl Halftime Show Ranked

The 57th Super Bowl has come and gone, and it boasted yet another halftime show that got people talking. I certainly have my opinions on it … so let’s get to ranking them all! I’m not going to include the early Disney halftime shows (for obvious reasons), and I decided to only look at theContinue reading “Every Super Bowl Halftime Show Ranked”

Billboard Top 100 All-Time Greatest Hits – Every Track Ranked

If I’ve learnt anything in my life, it’s that you don’t need to write a good song for it to become a hit. I decided to rank the Billboard Top 100 All-Time Greatest Hits (as of January 2023, when I began this colossal undertaking) based on my personal tastes – this will definitely annoy aContinue reading “Billboard Top 100 All-Time Greatest Hits – Every Track Ranked”

My Top 20 Favourite Albums Of All Time

I’ve talked about my favourite TV shows, films and videogames, so the last hobby to cover would be music. It’s time to highlight some of the best albums in music history! Some quick rules – I’m only including one album per artist (I’ll give a runner-up to each just for fun, though) and I’m notContinue reading “My Top 20 Favourite Albums Of All Time”

EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part Two: 106-1)

In case you haven’t seen the first half of this list, here’s the link: We’ve trudged through over a hundred songs ranging from terrible to decent, so now it’s time for the good stuff! The next 106 songs are, in my opinion, at the very least “Great”. Before we crack on with it, you canContinue reading “EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part Two: 106-1)”

EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part One: 213-107)

Yep, you read that right. Every single Beatles song – album tracks and singles included. I’m an idiot. There are 213 tracks by my count, so I’d better get on with it! Remember – this is just my opinion, and it’s definitely wrong. I’ll be posting this list in two segments (213-107, then 106-1 separately)Continue reading “EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part One: 213-107)”

The Beatles’ “White Album” As A Single Album

I thought I’d try something a little different today – the Beatles’ “White Album” is a fantastic double album, but I think it could have been a flawless single album. It’s one thing to talk about it, so I should probably put my money where my mouth is and construct my ideal tracklist. The originalContinue reading “The Beatles’ “White Album” As A Single Album”

Every Beatles, Bowie AND Muse Album Ranked

If you asked me what my three favourite musical artists are, I would most likely say The Beatles, David Bowie and Muse. I love them all for wildly different reasons, and they’ve been the subject of many a list on my blog for the past two years. Since it’s been over two years since IContinue reading “Every Beatles, Bowie AND Muse Album Ranked”

“The White Album” (The Beatles) – Songs Ranked

“The White Album”, a.k.a “The biggest mish-mash of songs in music history”, is both the most inconsistent and the most remarkable album in the Beatles’ discography. While not every song is great, the fact that the band managed to make thirty unique songs in one package is nothing short of genius. Every band member getsContinue reading ““The White Album” (The Beatles) – Songs Ranked”