Doctor Who: Season 6 Stories Ranked and Reviewed

I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure this was the first season I properly watched from start to finish while it was airing (I used to watch loads of old episode re-runs on TV before properly watching it). You’d think the nostalgia would make this my favourite season, but I don’t think this is the best season the show has ever made. How would I rank the episodes?

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11 – The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People

Rating: E

This could have easily been one of the best stories of the season, but the plot goes in too many predictable directions and the whole two-parter is just so BOOOORIIIING.

10 – Night Terrors

Rating: D

Gatiss once again failing to provide the goods (am I being too harsh on him? Maybe).

This definitely freaked me out as a kid, and maybe that’s why I don’t hold this episode in high regard (it also doesn’t help that love saves the day in yet another Gatiss episode).

9 – The Wedding of River Song

Rating: D

This was the first sign that Moffat’s finales were never going to be as good as “The Big Bang” again.

This might be the messiest episode the show has ever done, and it’s an extremely unsatisfying way of ending an intriguing mystery. Credit where credit is due, at least it’s a big finale that doesn’t hold back.

8 – Let’s Kill Hitler

Rating: D

After the break that followed the mid-season finale “A Good Man Goes To War”, anticipation was building on the River Song mystery – and then we got this.

It seems incredibly insensitive to do a Hitler episode in the 21st Century, and the whole River Song / Melodie Pond ordeal left a sour taste after the credits rolled.

7 – Closing Time

Rating: C-

I don’t mind the James Corden episodes as much as some people, but I’ll admit this one is a bit of a let down.

I quite like “The Lodger”, but “Closing Time” just feels like a recycled and diluted version of what made the original so good. Also, CAN THEY STOP RESOLVING PLOTS WITH THE POWER OF LOVE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

6 – The Curse of the Black Spot

Rating: C+

I always thought this was a stupid episode, but on a further re-watch you can see the cast are having the time of their lives, and their enthusiasm is kind of infectious to watch. I’ll give it a solid C+ grade for sheer stupid fun.

5 – The God Complex

Rating: B-

This is proper balls-to-the-wall stuff, with the Doctor’s morals and titular “God Complex” questioned throughout the episode. Add to that the fact this is a genuinely creepy story, and you get a pretty good episode of Who.

4 – The Doctor’s Wife

Rating: B+

Neil Gaiman is always a joy to have on board, and his storytelling class is on full display here.

This episode has never really been a favourite of mine, but I can definitely see the quality here and completely understand why so many others hold this in high regard.

3 – The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

Rating: B+

One of the best season openers we’ve ever had, this two-parter is filled to the brim with Doctor Who goodness – an iconic monster, historical shenanigans, and most importantly an intriguing mystery that sets up the season brilliantly.

I would say “Day of the Moon” isn’t quite the satisfying conclusion to the story I was hoping for, but a very good two-parter nonetheless.

2 – The Girl Who Waited

Rating: A-

An underrated gem, this Amy-centric episode is completely heartbreaking to watch. Rory pulls his weight effectively as well, and you really feel for him when the episode ends.

1 – A Good Man Goes to War

Rating: A-

An incredible roller-coaster ride from start to finish, everyone gets their moment to shine in this mid-season finale.

Probably the most surprising thing here is the fact the heroes lose, but the final reveal before the credits makes it seem like their fight was all worth it. Definitely my favourite episode of the season.

Season Rating: C+

I was torn between a C+ and B- for this season – I remember it being fairly good on the whole, but the individual episodes are honestly not that great. Let’s see the stats:

  • 2 As (18%)
  • 3 Bs (27%)
  • 2 Cs (18%)
  • 3 Ds (27%)
  • 1 E (9%)

3 Ds and an E is a pretty poor showing for a season, but the 5 A/B grades make up for that slightly.

Next time we’ll look at a terrible season of television (at least, the second half of the season is pretty God awful).

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