Super Mario Galaxy – Every Single Galaxy Ranked

I don’t think it’s an over-exaggeration to say that “Super Mario Galaxy” is one the greatest games ever made. It will certainly always hold a special place in my heart, and I had a chance recently to revisit these amazingly nostalgic galaxies. How would I rank them all? By the way, I’m not going toContinue reading “Super Mario Galaxy – Every Single Galaxy Ranked”

“The Mandalorian” – All 16 Episodes Ranked

I really like the Star Wars cinematic universe – sure, they tend to pump out more stinkers than all-time classics, but you can’t deny the sheer spectacle and pure fun of the films. When I heard they were making a TV show in the same universe, I was sceptical. So much so, in fact, thatContinue reading ““The Mandalorian” – All 16 Episodes Ranked”

“Tonight” Songs Ranked

I don’t think this album would be particularly high on anybody’s rankings, but I’ve always had a kind of soft spot for it. Those who hated the mainstream appeal of “Let’s Dance” were disappointed even further by “Tonight”, but I can’t help but love some of the groovy tracks on it. How would I rankContinue reading ““Tonight” Songs Ranked”

“Let’s Dance” Songs Ranked

I’ve always had my 80s Bowie album opinions flipped around – “Scary Monsters” is well-regarded as one of the greatest, and most would call “Let’s Dance” overrated / underwhelming / Bowie gone too mainstream. I’ve mentioned how I don’t like Scary Monsters as much as the average fan, and now I can reveal I absolutelyContinue reading ““Let’s Dance” Songs Ranked”

Harry Potter – All 10 Films Ranked (Including Fantastic Beasts)

There aren’t many franchises quite like Harry Potter – its fantasy elements and “chosen one” trope have been done countless times, but somehow J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World has evolved into something of a sensation. Every kid has wanted to be a wizard at some point, and it was these films (and the excellent books)Continue reading “Harry Potter – All 10 Films Ranked (Including Fantastic Beasts)”

“Lodger” Songs Ranked

Probably my least favourite album from the “Berlin Trilogy”, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in quality – in fact, on a good day this is probably a top 10 album of Bowie’s. How would I rank all of the tracks? You can check out some of my other Bowie lists below: Meh 10 –Continue reading ““Lodger” Songs Ranked”

“Heroes” Songs Ranked

The 2nd entry of the critically acclaimed Berlin Trilogy, “Heroes” is another excellent album from Bowie. It’s amazing how consistently he released albums in the 70s (I think he did 11 albums in 10 years?!?) and most of them are some of the greatest of all time. How would I rank they songs on thisContinue reading ““Heroes” Songs Ranked”

Every Jamiroquai Album Ranked

I was looking back through my blog posts when I realised something – I haven’t talked about one of my favourite bands yet! Jamiroquai are so damn good, I love how funky and bass-orientated they are. How would I rank their fine selection of albums? You an check out some of my other music listsContinue reading “Every Jamiroquai Album Ranked”

“Young Americans” Songs Ranked

Apparently this is one of those albums that most Bowie fans don’t like / have in their bottom half? I’ve never understood that personally – this album is fantastic. I love how Bowie infused Soul and Motown into his sound, and the result is an entirely unique album with some fantastic songs. How would IContinue reading ““Young Americans” Songs Ranked”