“Hours…” Songs Ranked

*yaaaawwwn* There’s not much to say really, it’s “Hours…” – there’s a reason everyone has forgotten about this Bowie album since its release. It’s not necessarily a bad album, but my goodness is it sooooo booooring. How would I rank these unremarkable songs? You can check out some of my related Bowie lists below: BadContinue reading ““Hours…” Songs Ranked”

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 1 (Water) Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

I had very little expectations going into ATLA – I had seen a couple of episodes on Nickelodeon when I was but a wee boy, so when it arrived on Netflix I was hesitant to even begin to watch this “kiddy” cartoon. ATLA shattered all of my expectations, and with each subsequent season I foundContinue reading “Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 1 (Water) Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”

“Earthling” Songs Ranked

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of the people who listened to this album hated it. It’s effectively just a drum and bass album, and I could see it getting on a lot of people’s nerves. Luckily for me, I actually quite like the electronic / drum and bass style that BowieContinue reading ““Earthling” Songs Ranked”

“1. Outside” Songs Ranked

Bowie fans widely consider this album to be the start of his “Creative Renaissance”, and I can definitely see why – the sheer boldness and brashness of the songwriting is nothing short of sensational at times, and you can tell Bowie is enjoying his craft again. That being said, I wouldn’t necessarily consider this aContinue reading ““1. Outside” Songs Ranked”

“Rumours” (Fleetwood Mac) – Songs Ranked

Easily one of my favourite albums ever, it was only a matter of time before I attempted to rank the songs on “Rumours”. Widely considered to be Fleetwood Mac’s crowning achievement, and one of the best selling albums of all time, there’s no doubt that this record has gone down as one of the greats.Continue reading ““Rumours” (Fleetwood Mac) – Songs Ranked”

“Buddha of Suburbia” Songs Ranked

Yes! Finally! I finally get to rank the songs on my least favourite Bowie album! Granted, after a re-listen this isn’t as bad as I thought … but it’s still pretty bad. This was the soundtrack to a TV show, and whilst there’s an argument to be made that this shouldn’t be included in hisContinue reading ““Buddha of Suburbia” Songs Ranked”

“WandaVision” – Episodes Ranked

I’ve talked about my love for the MCU in the past, so when I heard they were going to branch out into the television landscape I was both intrigued and excited to see how they’d pull it off. The first of these outings – WandaVision – is a great start to their television catalogue (notContinue reading ““WandaVision” – Episodes Ranked”

“Black Tie White Noise” Songs Ranked

After a long hiatus (“Never Let Me Down” was almost universally panned, and almost killed Bowie’s career entirely), “Black Tie White Noise” was a triumphant (to an extent) return for the Thin White Duke. This is an album that would most likely come in the bottom half of most Bowie fan’s rankings (or at leastContinue reading ““Black Tie White Noise” Songs Ranked”

Sherlock Holmes – Cases Ranked (Frogwares Games)

A bit of a random ranking today, but I absolutely bloody love the new Sherlock Holmes series that Frogwares is developing. There are two games in the series so far, with an intriguing prequel game on the way. There’s just something about these recent games that I adore, from the delightful cases to the delectableContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes – Cases Ranked (Frogwares Games)”

“Never Let Me Down” Songs Ranked

Welp, they can’t all be zingers. This album … is pretty bad. Bowie has been quite vocal in his distaste for this one, especially the production process. I can’t help but agree, as there are a few songs here that could have been great with the right producer. As it is, this is way downContinue reading ““Never Let Me Down” Songs Ranked”