Doctor Who: Season 9 Stories Ranked and Reviewed

This was a strange season of Who, since a lot of the episodes were part of two-parters. It also contains one of the worst series arcs and finales in the show’s history, but at the same time is has some great episodes. This will be a hard one to rank, but I’ll try my best.

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8 – Sleep No More

Rating: E-

Gatiss has written quite a few stinkers in his day, but this one might just take the cake. A poorly conceived episode that is executed terribly, this is an easy skip when re-watching the season.

7 – The Girl Who Died / The Woman Who Lived

Rating: D-

I didn’t like this two-parter. Both parts are equally terrible and boring. Not much else to add really.

6 – Hell Bent

Rating: D

I don’t loathe this episode to the same degree as other Whovians, but I can agree that this is a terrible and disappointing finale.

I hate how Moffat can never commit to a character dying, so when some random Time Lord technology reverts a character’s death it undermines every previous character death, and the ending where the Doctor loses some of his memories is the final kick in the nuts.

5 – The Zygon Invasion / The Zygon Inversion

Rating: C+

One of the best speeches in the show’s history, and there are some great Zygon moments – just not a personal favourite of mine.

4 – Under the Lake / Before the Flood

Rating: B-

This is just a great self-contained two-parter that utilises the time-bending capabilities of Who to perfection. The whole segment of the Bootstrap paradox is a joy to watch as well.

3 – Face the Raven

Rating: B+

Up until the finale, I thought this was the most beautiful companion send-off ever. “Hell Bent” retroactively makes this episode worse, but it’s still a good watch.

2 – The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar

Rating: B+

This two-parter is a great way to open the series, and sets up an intriguing arc that kept me invested. Daleks also always make a story better – that’s just a fact.

1 – Heaven Sent

Rating: A+

Possibly the single greatest performance by an actor in an episode of Who, “Heaven Sent” is a stunning piece of television with a flawless lead actor, script and director. It’s also the perfect allegory for grief, with it’s emotional beats always connecting and resonating with the viewer.

For some, this is the best episode of Who, and I wouldn’t be able to argue against that opinion. Whilst David Tennant will always be my favourite Doctor, I believe Capaldi to be THE Doctor – the man who embodies the role perfectly.

Season Rating: C-

Slightly better than Capaldi’s first season, but still not ideal. Let’s see the stats:

  • 1 A (13%)
  • 3 Bs (38%)
  • 1 C (13%)
  • 2 Ds (25%)
  • 1 E (13%)

A wide spread of quality, but when season 9 is good it’s really good.

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