“An Evening With Silk Sonic” – Songs Ranked

When Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak released “Leave The Door Open” as their first single as Silk Sonic, I quite frankly couldn’t care less. I wasn’t a fan of either artist, and I never bothered to give it the time of day.

As more singles got released and I gave each track the listen they deserved, I was taken aback by the quality of this new project. I don’t know why Mars and Paak have been repressing their Soul vibes for so long, but I’m so glad it’s finally surfaced for the world to enjoy. How would I rank the tracks on their debut album?

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9 – Silk Sonic Intro

This intro track is alright I suppose. It does a good job of getting you into the right mindset and vibes, but it’s pretty forgettable at the end of the day.

8 – Put On A Smile

Of all the tracks (excluding the intro), this is probably my least favourite of the album.

“Put On A Smile” still has that soul flair that makes the entire album so great, but it pales in comparison to the other bangers.


7 – After Last Night (with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins)

There’s a lot of good on this album, and the majority of tracks are certified bops that I’ve played in the days since the album’s release.

It’s a shame such a star-studded feature list doesn’t quite do it for me, as I feel Thundercat and Bootsy Collins don’t exactly light the track on fire with their appearance. I still really like it though, and you can tell everyone is having the time of their lives.

6 – Fly As Me

Definitely one of the sexiest songs on the tracklist, the riffs and melodies here are killer.

Paak’s verses are full of more flair and flavour than most other modern songs combined, and the catchy chorus is the cherry on top of the proverbial cake.

5 – Blast Off

The final song on the album may not be as explosive and show-stopping as most people hoped, but I really appreciated it being the beautiful denouement that it is.

There are some stunning key changes and melodies in “Blast Off”, and both Mars and Paak show a musical maturity in their songwriting beyond their years.


4 – Skate

Their second single, but the first one that caught my attention. I thought it was a decent tune at the time, but nowadays its one of my favourite Silk Sonic jams.

This feels the most old-school of the bunch to me, with that chorus and those violin riffs imitating the 70’s soundscape perfectly.

3 – 777

Easily the most underrated song on the album, I really dig the James Brown vibes that “777” gives off.

It’s quite rare nowadays for a song to have an instrumental as the chorus (apart from club songs and remixes, I suppose) so it’s down to Mars and Paak to make the verses stand out to make up for it – and they deliver.

2 – Leave The Door Open

While I didn’t give this single the time of day it deserved when it initially came out, I’ve grown to appreciate it a lot more in the context of the final album.

This definitely feels the most “mainstream” of the bunch, so it’s no surprise this was the hit from the album. Paak has some really excellent verses, but Mars’ singing is the true MVP of this one.


1 – Smokin Out The Window

When “Leave The Door Open” released I couldn’t be bothered to give it a proper listen, “Skate” caught my attention slightly, but my appreciation for this new band peaked when their monumental single “Smokin Out The Window” suddenly dropped one day.

The flow on the “diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrist” is God-tier, and the rest of the lyrics are some of the best and funniest I’ve heard in years. It also helps that the bassline is funky fresh, and the chorus is the catchiest on the record. For my money’s worth, this is above and beyond the best song on the album.

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