It’s Always Sunny – Season 6 Episodes Ranked

Let’s keep the Sunny train going, jabronis!

I’m having a blast re-watching all of these episode – I was worried they wouldn’t have any replay value, but some jokes and small details get even better on a second viewing.

While not the best season, and probably not quite as good as the previous three, this is still a really great season with some classic episodes sprinkled throughout. How would I rank all of the episodes in Season 6?

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13 – Dennis Gets Divorced

Rating: C

A disappointing conclusion to the opening two-parter, and it comes off as more of a sad family drama than a funny comedy show.

At least Uncle Jack and the Lawyer are in it – they single-handedly save the episode with their antics.

12 – Mac’s Mom Burns Her House Down

Rating: C+

This is a bit of an odd episode, and none of the jokes land as well as they probably could have done.

The conclusion where Mac and Charlie’s moms suddenly get along is the best part of the A-plot, while the B-plot with Frank and Dee is entirely forgettable.

11 – The Gang Gets a New Member

Rating: B-

Jason Sudeikis is a fantastic guest actor to bring on board, and his enthusiasm for the role is apparent straight away.

My favourite part of the episode is Charlie’s unnecessary hatred and pettiness towards Schmitty, but otherwise the episode is just fine.

10 – Mac Fights Gay Marriage

Rating: B-

The Season 6 opener is a solid one, and it actually foreshadows Mac’s sexuality later on in the series.

Some of Mac’s comments and outbursts are hilarious, and I also really like the Charlie and Frank stuff. The Dennis / Maureen sub-plot isn’t for me though.

9 – Mac’s Big Break

Rating: B-

While this is a fun episode with great moments, I can’t get into it that much – I’m a simple Brit, with extremely limited knowledge of American Sports, so Ice Hockey references are lost on me a bit.

Still, the cold open is hilarious, the training montage is great, and Mac’s new word “jabroni” is one of Sunny’s best exports. The ending with the fake dream is a little too broad for my tastes though, and it undermines the rest of the episode a little.

8 – Mac and Charlie: White Trash

Rating: B

Who’d have thought that an episode about two grown men trapped in an old swimming pool would be so funny?

The Mac and Charlie stuff is really great, and I also really like the sub-plot of Dennis and Dee trying to get into the luxurious swimming pool – the moment Dennis gets tackled by security is one of the best bits of physical comedy in the entire show.

7 – Dee Gives Birth

Rating: B

A finale that brings Dee’s pregnancy plot full-circle, I loved seeing some of my favourite characters returning to see if they were the father.

It’s complete insanity by the end, until the actual birth happens and peace is restored once more. The ending is a bit of a cop-out, where they reset everything back to square one, but I suppose I should come to expect that from this show.

6 – Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats

Rating: B+

It’s actually quite heart-warming that the gang tries to do something nice for once, and even if it eventually gets out of hand it makes for a nice change of pace.

Charlie Day is on top form in this episode, from “What’s your spaghetti policy?” to “Bash me like a rat!“. The ending is also a neat twist that subverts expectations while still being funny, and it puts the rest of the episode in a new perspective.

5 – The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods

Rating: B+

A great premise for an episode, and it plays out better than I could have ever expected.

Frank getting entranced by a rabbit will never not be funny, but it’s Dennis and Charlie that get all the laughs this time around – both their exchange with the questionable trucker and the ending where they get drunk are hilarious.

4 – The Gang Buys a Boat

Rating: B+

With possibly one of my picks for top Sunny moment of all time, I just had to rank “The Gang Buys a Boat” highly. Dennis and Mac’s conversation about “the implication” is outrageously funny, and it cements Dennis as my favourite perverted psychopath.

I can’t rank the entire episode that highly from one scene alone, though, and the rest of the runtime is just alright. There isn’t much you can do with the premise of buying a boat, but in fairness they make it work.

3 – Who Got Dee Pregnant?

Rating: A-

One of the best-written episodes of Sunny ever, they juggle so many storylines and twists to the point where my jaw almost dropped watching it all unfold.

Seeing everyone’s interpretation of events was great, and the shocking reveals that it was Dennis that got Dee pregnant … followed by the revelation that he actually didn’t (thank goodness …) kept me gripped all the way through to the end.

2 – A Very Sunny Christmas

Rating: A

It’s a bit of a stretch to say that “A Very Sunny Christmas” is a Season 6 episode (I actually think it comes in the limbo between 5 and 6), but Netflix lists it with the rest so this seemed like the best place to include it.

Since it’s twice as long as any other episode, that gives the writers plenty of time to provide gag after gag, and iconic moment after iconic moment – Charlie’s unbridled rage, Frank’s couch stunt, and the climactic cartoon come to mind.

One underrated aspect of this episode is the focus on the gang’s parents – all three storylines are hilarious and shocking, and they all weave together in the most brilliant way while shedding some light on why the characters are who they are.

1 – Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth

Rating: A

The first half of the episode is pretty great, but it’s the “Lethal Weapon 5” parody that will go down as one of Sunny’s most glorious and outrageously funny moments.

Except, even though it’s a comedy masterpiece, “Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth” isn’t on Netflix anymore. Why on earth would they take it down? To pander to the ten miserable planks of wood on Twitter that didn’t find it funny? It’s not as if the show is glorifying blackface either – Mac is portrayed as a complete moron, and the other characters rightfully mock him for it.

Above all else, it just tells me that Netflix either haven’t seen the episode or don’t understand comedy. The gang are clearly terrible people, so you’d have to be a bone-headed idiot to copy their actions, yet Netflix took the episode down regardless out of fear people might copy it (or worse – send an angry tweet!). Where do we draw the line? What if the gang murders someone, or says a slightly cancel-worthy thing … would Netflix worry that someone might copy that in real life too? Should they just take the whole show down and be done with it?

… Okay, rant over, but I’m still extremely mad that Netflix would be obtuse enough to remove one of the funniest television episodes of all time from its streaming services.

Season Rating: B

Not a bad season at all, but definitely weaker than the previous three. People may have been worried at the time that the quality was waning slightly, but I know the best is yet to come.

Let’s look at the stats for the Season:

  • 3A (23%)
  • 8B (62%)
  • 2C (15%)

Pretty good, a couple of forgettable episodes but overall a fairly solid run.

And now the stats for the series so far:

  • 16A (24%)
  • 34B (50%)
  • 16C (24%)
  • 2D (3%)

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