“Let It Be” – Songs Ranked

The final official Beatles album, except “Let It Be” was actually the penultimate album that they recorded. They shelved it after they weren’t satisfied with the final product, and the record label ended up releasing it against their will in 1970 after they had broken up. I’d always thought fondly of this album, but theContinue reading ““Let It Be” – Songs Ranked”

It’s Always Sunny – Season 10 Episodes Ranked

I consider Season 3 to 9 to be the “Golden Era” of It’s Always Sunny, so unfortunately that means it’s a slight step down in quality from now on. You can tell this season has lost some of the previous season’s magic, and some of the episodes are really average. Luckily for me, however, thisContinue reading “It’s Always Sunny – Season 10 Episodes Ranked”

“The White Album” (The Beatles) – Songs Ranked

“The White Album”, a.k.a “The biggest mish-mash of songs in music history”, is both the most inconsistent and the most remarkable album in the Beatles’ discography. While not every song is great, the fact that the band managed to make thirty unique songs in one package is nothing short of genius. Every band member getsContinue reading ““The White Album” (The Beatles) – Songs Ranked”

“Magical Mystery Tour” – Songs Ranked

Some Beatles fans are quick to shun “Magical Mystery Tour” – they claim it’s not officially an album, and it doesn’t succeed in its concept quite as much as Sgt Pepper’s did. While I agree with that last sentiment, I think not including it among their albums is a load of rubbish. It’s one ofContinue reading ““Magical Mystery Tour” – Songs Ranked”

It’s Always Sunny – Season 9 Episodes Ranked

I know I’ve been saying this for pretty much every Sunny season up to this point, but Season 9 is probably my favourite yet – in fact, barring any surprises in the last few seasons, it might just be my pick of the bunch. While it may not be the most consistent season, the sheerContinue reading “It’s Always Sunny – Season 9 Episodes Ranked”

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – Songs Ranked

While “Sgt. Pepper’s” probably wouldn’t quite crack my top 3 Beatles albums, there’s no denying the sheer impact it had on culture. It’s unequivocally one of the best albums of all time, and it pioneered an obscene amount of musical and production breakthroughs. It’s also one of the band’s most consistent albums ever – howContinue reading ““Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – Songs Ranked”

Top 20 Tame Impala Songs

Tame Impala have been on the forefront of Psychedelic Rock for over a decade now, and Kevin Parker is showing no signs of stopping. There have been some really great songs in the band’s relatively fresh career – what are my top 20 tracks of theirs? I won’t be doing any of my trademark tiersContinue reading “Top 20 Tame Impala Songs”

It’s Always Sunny – Season 8 Episodes Ranked

Even though we’ve had six excellent seasons in a row up until now, I think Season 8 may just be the most consistent season yet (and I imagine it won’t be the last time I say that). It’s a really decent season, and I forgot just how many individually brilliant moments and scenes there were.Continue reading “It’s Always Sunny – Season 8 Episodes Ranked”

Every Grammy “Song of the Year” Ranked

The 2022 Grammys have been and gone, and that got me wondering – is music nowadays just objectively bad, or am I being too harsh? To test that theory, I went back and listened to every “Song of the Year” winner since its inception in 1959 … and it turns out the quality has prettyContinue reading “Every Grammy “Song of the Year” Ranked”

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Every Major Character Ranked

“The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” was so fun to play from start to finish, and a lot of that was down to the charming cast of major characters – they each brought a bubbly and unique personality to the mix, and they made investigations and trials infinitely more entertaining. So, I’m going to rank allContinue reading “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Every Major Character Ranked”