Resident Evil 2 VS 3 – Which Remake Is Better?

I recently played the Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes back to back, and as such I have fairly fresh opinions on the two. Instead of making individual reviews for each, I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast them. It’s worth mentioning that I haven’t played the originals, so I don’t shareContinue reading “Resident Evil 2 VS 3 – Which Remake Is Better?”

“Moonage Daydream” Is Fantastic

Usually I hold my verdict until the end of the review, but since this will just be a quick one I’ll come outright and say it – “Moonage Daydream” blew me away. Brett Morgen managed to make a cinematic experience rather than a documentary, and any expectations I had going in were smashed. It’s suchContinue reading ““Moonage Daydream” Is Fantastic”

Shadow Of War – The Most Underrated Game Of Its Generation?

When Shadow of Mordor came out in 2014, it blew everyone’s minds – myself included. Everyone eagerly anticipated the sequel, but when it finally released it seemed to be dead on arrival. Heck, even I hated it the first time I played it. A few years later I played it again, and quickly realised justContinue reading “Shadow Of War – The Most Underrated Game Of Its Generation?”

Which Assassin’s Creed RPG Game Is Best?

The recent trilogy of Assassin’s Creed RPG games have certainly come with their controversies, but it seems this style is here to stay. Personally, I quite like this new direction … it’s the execution that sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. I have a general idea of which games are my favourites, but IContinue reading “Which Assassin’s Creed RPG Game Is Best?”

Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul Seasons Ranked (With El Camino)

Best TV universe of all time? Vince Gilligan and his writing team have crafted not one, not two, not three, but two fantastic TV series that rank amongst the finest pieces of entertainment this century. Add onto that El Camino and you get a hattrick of successes. Now that Better Call Saul has come toContinue reading “Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul Seasons Ranked (With El Camino)”

Arcane – Season 1 Episodes Ranked

I was a little late on the Arcane train, but once I got into it I fell in love with the characters and worldbuilding. If nothing else, this show is a testament to solid writing and phenomenal animation. It’s one of the most consistent show’s I’ve seen in recent times, but I can definitely pickContinue reading “Arcane – Season 1 Episodes Ranked”

Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episodes Ranked

The finale of Better Call Saul has finally aired, and I can safely say this was one of my favourite seasons of television ever – even rivalling Breaking Bad at its peak. The character arcs come to their natural conclusions, and the show has never been as action-packed and intense as this. How would IContinue reading “Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episodes Ranked”


Neon White came quite literally out of nowhere – I’d seen a couple of random reviews on it, but it was the 99% positive rating on Steam that really piqued my interest. For a measly £20, this ended up being a worthy investment and a half. Neon White has some of the best gameplay I’veContinue reading “NEON WHITE – Review”

It’s Always Sunny – All 15 Seasons Ranked

Even though I’ve already done this list, it’s probably about time I did a reshuffle – especially since Season 15 hadn’t come out at that point. On top of that, I’ve recently binged through the entire series once more. While a lot of my opinions remain the same, there were a fair few surprises onContinue reading “It’s Always Sunny – All 15 Seasons Ranked”