Champions Leagues 21/22 – Semi-Finals Predictions

We’ve just witnesses some absolutely cracking games in the Quarter-Finals, and now the final four teams will battle in out for a place in the Final. These Semi-Final match-ups are looking extremely juicy – but who am I predicting to go through?

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RECAP – My Quarter-Final Predictions

Before we move on to my Semi-Finals predictions, let’s see how I fared in the previous round:

Benfica vs Liverpool* (1-4)

A fairly standard prediction, and probably the easiest of all the Quarter-Finals. I was almost certain that Liverpool would make it to the Semis, and that they certainly did with ease.

A comfortable 1-3 win in the first leg made the second 3-3 game much more manageable than it could have been, and the final aggregate score of 4-6 wasn’t too far off what I predicted.

Manchester City* vs Atletico Madrid (3-2)

I could tell that Manchester City would end up being a far tougher opponent than Manchester United had been, but in fairness Atletico Madrid went down fighting (literally).

The aggregate score was only 1-0 in the end, and the second leg in Spain was full of some terrible sportsmanship from the Atletico players – they did well to get this far, but I’m glad their rubbish style of play is finally gone.

Chelsea vs Real Madrid* (1-2)

The toughest prediction of them all … and I got it right!

This was the juiciest match-up of the lot, and the final aggregate scoreline of 4-5 certainly delivered. People were saying how the reigning champions had this under control (and they did put up a spirited performance in Madrid in fairness), but I knew that Real Madrid’s class and experience would take them through.

Villarreal vs Bayern Munich* (1-5)

Bah, I knew I should have gone with my gut insticts!

I even said in my Quarter-Final prediction that Bayern would only go through if they bothered to turn up, and they didn’t quite do enough to topple the dark horses of the tournament. The final aggregate score of 2-1 was pretty close in the end, but Villarreal were deserved winners of the tie.

Now that my recap is out of the way, we can move on to the real predictions …

Liverpool vs Villarreal

Villarreal have done an exceptional job so far, beating both Juventus and Bayern within weeks of each other, but can they keep up this run of sensational form against the titans that are Liverpool?

I really want to say that they can, but unfortunately I think this is where their run ends. It’ll be a tight 2-0 win for Liverpool in Merseyside, before an even tighter 1-1 affair in Spain will send Liverpool through 3-1 on aggregate.

That being said, I really hope that this prediction is wrong. Villarreal all the way!

My Prediction – LIVERPOOL

Manchester City vs Real Madrid

This is an absolutely ridiculous match-up, and I can’t wait to see what both teams bring over both legs!

This will be one of the tightest games in the competition so far, with Real Madrid barely winning 1-2 in Manchester (courtesy of a Benzema winner), before a 2-2 draw in Spain sees Real Madrid through to the Final.

I’m predicting 3-4 on aggregate, but it could go either way – we’re either going to get a tight affair like the City vs Atletico game, or an absolute goal-fest like the Chelsea vs Real game. One thing’s for sure – it’ll end up being a modern classic!

My Prediction – REAL MADRID

So there you have it – I’m predicting a repeat of the 2018 Final! Will Real Madrid triumph once again, or will Liverpool claim their revenge? Until we find out, you can check out some of my latest blog posts below:

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