“Dark Side Of The Moon” Songs Ranked

Easily one of the best albums ever made, and I’d probably put this as my 2nd favourite of all time – only behind “Abbey Road”.

This is an experience like no other, and for some reason the way the songs all flow together and complement each other makes the entire record so much better than the sum of its parts. How would I rank the songs?

I’ll link a couple of random album rankings below:


10 – Speak To Me

A great introduction to the album, but if I look at it objectively this opening track doesn’t really have any substance. I wouldn’t start the record any other way, but unfortunately “Speak To Me” comes last almost by default.

9 – On The Run

Other than the intro track (which doesn’t really count), this song is the most underwhelming on the album. I like how the band experiment with their sounds, but it doesn’t really amount to anything.


8 – The Great Gig In The Sky

This is definitely a controversial opinion, but I find the vocals on this track quite annoying. The woman singing has a great voice, but it’s just a series of “Ooooh” and “Aaaah”, and the lack of lyrics gets tedious after a while. The music is good, so I’d still consider this to be a good song.

7 – Eclipse

A grandiose way to end the album, but it doesn’t really resonate with me as much as other tracks do, such as the preceding track “Brain Damage”. I always blend the two closing tracks together in my head, and it results in “Eclipse” being a great but forgettable closer.


6 – Brain Damage

Coupled with “Eclipse”, this is a great closing track. It’s a song very personal to the band for their friend Syd Barrett, and this emotion can easily be heard in the music and lyrics.

5 – Any Colour You Like

This is the sort of journey into sound that I was hoping for on the earlier track “On The Run”, except this time it delivers and then some.

The band are on fire here, and there’s a section around the 1:20 mark that gives me goosebumps every time (it’s hard to describe, you’ll have to listen to it yourself).


4 – Us And Them

A true epic, “Us And Them” is Pink Floyd at their biggest and best. Putting this after “Money” was a great choice, as it perfectly sets up the final stretch of the record.

3 – Breathe (In The Air)

The true opening track, I was instantly on board with this album when I heard “Breathe” enter my eardrums.

Turning this track on full volume is a must, and just sitting back to let David Gilmour’s vocals lead the way gives a high that no drug can ever achieve.

All-Time Great

2 – Money

One of my favourite bass lines ever, and Roger Waters plays it so simply yet so perfectly. It’s also a funky listen considering it’s in 7/4 time, so it’s amazing the band are so in sync as they are.

1 – Time

If you’re talking about masterpieces, you have to mention this psychadelic sensation.

Gilmour’s guitar solos here provide some of my favourite moments in music history ever, and the callback to “Breathe” at the end is some of the cleverest songwriting I’ve heard. Definitely one of the best songs of all time.

Aaaand that’s it. I love this album to bits, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Check out some of my latest posts below:

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