Arcane – Top 10 Characters

Other than the incredible worldbuilding and visuals, the thing that stood out to me the most when watching Arcane was the phenomenal characters. Each one is meticulously crafted with fascinating backstories and motivations, and there wasn’t a bad apple in the lot.

I certainly have my favourites though – what are my top 10 characters from the show?

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10 – Heimerdinger

The saddest downfall of the show, seeing Heimerdinger get ousted from his seat on the council was heart-breaking.

He’s arguably the only character in Arcane with an utterly pure heart, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he bounces back in Season 2.

9 – Ekko

From one character with a sad downfall to another with an uproarious glow-up, I’m glad that the writers paired Ekko with Heimerdinger by the end.

His fight on the bridge with Jinx is iconic, and his development into a confident young man with great leadership qualities was so refreshing to see.

8 – Mel

A driven and intelligent character, Mel started off as a bit of a surface-level seductress but quickly became one of my favourite schemers.

I think I really started to get on board with her character dynamics when her mum arrived in town – that vulnerability she showed made her later assertions and decisions more impactful.

7 – Vander

For the first few episodes, Vander seemed like the only character with a proper head on his shoulders.

He’s a strong and imposing dude, yet he also cares deeply about his community and the four kids in particular. His untimely death was the saddest in the whole show, and kicked off another major character’s arc.

6 – Caitlyn

I wasn’t expecting Caitlyn to have such a prominent role after we first met her, but I’m glad she stuck around.

Her dynamic and chemistry with Vi got more and more wholesome as the episodes went on, and now it’s gotten to the point where I’m actively rooting for them.

5 – Vi

It’s strange to have arguably the main character of the show barely cracking my top 5 characters, but that just goes to show the incredible depth and quality of the side players.

Vi is a force of nature at times, and she’s the most proficient combatant of the lot. Her personality isn’t necessarily the most interesting to watch, but her kickass fight scenes more than make up for it.

4 – Jayce

For me, Arcane starting getting really good once Vi’s story ran in parallel with Jayce’s.

His rise from aspiring scientist to influential leader is staggering, and the choices he makes along the way make him feel more human than most other TV characters.

3 – Viktor

Jayce’s partner in crime, but I found myself sympathising towards Viktor far more.

He gets some seriously in-depth character development and backstory, and the scene where he runs his heart out like Forrest Gump was a highlight of the entire season.

2 – Powder / Jinx

I knew the top two going into this list, but I had a hard time picking my favourite. Unfortunately, runner-up has to go to Jinx.

Her descent into madness is one of the best psychological downfalls I’ve ever seen in a TV show, and her unpredictability made her a joy to watch. I found Powder to be a bit annoying at times, so that’s why she can only take the second spot.

1 – Silco

I love a good villain, and Silco is one of the best I’ve seen in recent times.

He starts off as your typical moustache-twirling baddie, but as soon as he began showing vulnerability to his adopted daughter Jinx I sympathised with him a lot more. He’s the perfect villain in the modern era – flawed, but not so much to compromise his threatening aura.

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