Which Zero Escape Game Is Best?

I’ve been a fan of the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa series for the longest time, and one of the other visual novel franchises that kept popping up in my recommended was “Zero Escape”. After playing all three, I can finally see why. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily hold them alongside the best games of either AceContinue reading “Which Zero Escape Game Is Best?”

Top 10 Cowboy Bebop Characters

I hardly ever re-watch shows, but something about Cowboy Bebop has brought me back again – so soon after my first viewing, as well. If I had to place it, it would probably be because of the incredible soundtrack (Top 10 on the way) and the captivating characters. A lot of the minor characters areContinue reading “Top 10 Cowboy Bebop Characters”

Top 10 Best (& Worst) Ace Attorney Moments

Ace Attorney is one off – if not the – best videogame series I’ve ever played, and a lot of that it down to the jaw-dropping moments littered throughout. I’m not going to look at twists today (as that’s a separate list), but I thought I’d pick my 10 favourite and least favourite moments fromContinue reading “Top 10 Best (& Worst) Ace Attorney Moments”

Arcane – Top 10 Characters

Other than the incredible worldbuilding and visuals, the thing that stood out to me the most when watching Arcane was the phenomenal characters. Each one is meticulously crafted with fascinating backstories and motivations, and there wasn’t a bad apple in the lot. I certainly have my favourites though – what are my top 10 charactersContinue reading “Arcane – Top 10 Characters”

Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul – Main Characters Ranked

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are easily two of the greatest TV shows of all time, and they would have never worked if the cast of characters weren’t so phenomenal too. There isn’t a weak link in either show, as even the side characters were captivating – but that’s not what I’m focussing onContinue reading “Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul – Main Characters Ranked”

It’s Always Sunny – Every Character Ranked

It’s Always Sunny boasts some of the funniest television characters I’ve ever seen – even the side characters steal the show more often than not. I’m going to be ranking all of the recurring characters – they have to have appeared multiple times, and have to be memorable enough for me to recall them (soContinue reading “It’s Always Sunny – Every Character Ranked”

Top 30 Ace Attorney Characters

I recently did a ranking of Great Ace Attorney main characters, and that got me thinking – what are my favourite characters across the WHOLE series? A couple of things to look out for – the spinoff series will be fair game this time around, and there might be major SPOILERS ahead. I did aContinue reading “Top 30 Ace Attorney Characters”

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Every Major Character Ranked

“The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” was so fun to play from start to finish, and a lot of that was down to the charming cast of major characters – they each brought a bubbly and unique personality to the mix, and they made investigations and trials infinitely more entertaining. So, I’m going to rank allContinue reading “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Every Major Character Ranked”

Danganronpa Characters – When Should They Have Died?

You’d think there would be no more Danganronpa lists possible after the slew of rankings I’ve done recently, but you’d be wrong! With a cast of characters this loveable and unique, there’s bound to be countless possible lists and rankings (and I’ll always jump on the chance to talk about one of my favourite videogameContinue reading “Danganronpa Characters – When Should They Have Died?”

Which Danganronpa Game Is The Best?

I’ve made plenty of Danganronpa rankings on my blog, and I’ve also done a few game reviews recently as well. You would think, then, that it would make sense to review each of the three Danganronpa games – but you’d be wrong! I’m going to review all three at once! I’ll be rating each ofContinue reading “Which Danganronpa Game Is The Best?”