DOOM Eternal – Every Level Ranked

I loved DOOM 2016, so I was extremely hyped when Eternal came out – and it delivered. It surpassed nearly everything about the original, and I can’t think of a better shooting game I’ve ever played.

I’m going to rank all of the levels in the base game (so no Ancient Gods DLC), based on how replayable and enjoyable they are.

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13 – Sentinel Prime

It feels strange calling “Sentinel Prime” a level to begin with, as it’s just a long stretch of level to run through before facing a big boss.

The Gladiator boss is okay on its own (not my favourite, per se), but it would have been much better with some actual level before it.


12 – Hell on Earth

We will send unto them only you … rip and tear, until it is done

Game intros don’t get much more badass than that, and the first level of the game “Hell on Earth” does a great job easing you into the style. It feels a little undercooked compared to later levels, and you start off without the fun abilities, but it’s decent.

11 – Exultia

DOOM Eternal keeps on truckin’ straight into its next level, and I love how “Exultia” provides two distinct halves.

The first bit in city is pretty good, and then the follow-up gives us our first taste of hell. Again, it’s a little empty early doors, but it’s getting there.

10 – Nekravol 2

After replaying the two “Nekravol” levels back to back, it became abundantly clear that the developers had split a longer level in two – and part two suffers as a result.

The battle arenas are all still cool, but it’s all condensed into quite a small area. On the whole, this is the most filler level of the bunch.

9 – Taras Nabad

One of the toughest levels in the game, that segment where you first fight the Archville still gives me nightmares.

The ancient city is cool to explore (with some of the hardest-to-find collectables in the game), but it lacks an edge that makes the higher-ranked levels stand out to me more.


8 – Final Sin

Final levels don’t get more metal than this, and the Icon of Sin is the perfect boss to cap things off.

I would have liked the lead-up to the boss battle to pack more of a punch, but it’s challenging enough to keep me engaged.

7 – Cultist Base

Who doesn’t love a snow level?

“Cultist Base” was one of the first levels in the game to really grip me, and the introduction of the Super Shotgun turns everything up to eleven.

6 – Nekravol 1

While I’m a little annoyed that the level ends abruptly so that they could split it in two, the first “Nekravol” is awesome.

I love the mini-boss against the freaky eye thing, and the lava setting is the kind of DOOM environment that I want to experience.

5 – Arc Complex

I love the parts where you use the massive cannons to blow a way forward, and the final battle with the Marauder is a great little boss.

To be honest, I think they should have just put the Marauder here and here alone.


4 – Mars Core

You can’t just shoot a hole into the surface of Mars!”

That moment alone is enough to rank this among the best of the best, but the rest of “Mars Core” is perfectly paced with some fantastic battle arenas.

3 – Doom Hunter Base

Following on from “Cultist Base”, “Doom Hunter Base” is a boss level done right.

Actually getting to see the Doom Hunter being built is something I never thought would be so awesome, and fighting three (!!!) of them in a row is a gauntlet and a half on the first playthrough.

All-Time Great

2 – Super Gore Nest

In my opinion, “Super Gore Nest” has what no other level can offer – an unabashed arcade-y-ness that elicits a huge wave of nostalgia whenever I play it.

This is my most-replayed level, purely because I love zipping around from arena to arena, collecting the three coloured keys as I go. The Master Level is also insane!

1 – Urdak

From the moment I set foot in the mesmerising world of “Urdak”, I knew it would be my favourite level in the game.

The parkouring is awesome, the visuals are second to none, and the Khan Makyr fight is easily my favourite boss battle in the game. All things considered, this was an easy pick for top spot.

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