Doctor Who Seasons – Overrated & Underrated

Having been a Doctor Who fan for most of my waking life, I’m bound to have formed a spicy opinion or two! I’ll be judging each of the show’s seasons, deciding whether they are overrated, underrated or properly rated by the general public and fandom. Let the feather-ruffling commence! Before we begin, you can checkContinue reading “Doctor Who Seasons – Overrated & Underrated”

DOOM Eternal – Every Level Ranked

I loved DOOM 2016, so I was extremely hyped when Eternal came out – and it delivered. It surpassed nearly everything about the original, and I can’t think of a better shooting game I’ve ever played. I’m going to rank all of the levels in the base game (so no Ancient Gods DLC), based onContinue reading “DOOM Eternal – Every Level Ranked”