Top 20 Daft Punk Songs

For as limited as Daft Punk’s discography is, they certainly knew how to make a laundry list of bangers. In my humble opinion, here are their top 20 songs!

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20 – Crescendolls

You’re going to see a lot of “Discovery” songs on here, and I love the central, rising riff to “Crescendolls”.

19 – Doin’ It Right

Good vibes only, “Doin’ It Right” is extremely simple but still effective.

18 – Voyager

That bassline tho!

17 – Something About Us

Daft Punk rarely did these slower, more introspective songs, but maybe they should have done more tracks like “Something About Us”.

16 – Give Life Back To Music

An explosive start to an album, “Give Life Back To Music” brings a whole new production whilst still having that classic Daft Punk flair.

15 – Aerodynamic

The first part of “Aerodynamic” is decent enough, but when the guitar comes in it goes up a tier.

14 – Instant Crush

I have no idea how they recruited the lead singer of The Strokes, but Julian Casablancas does a really good job on “Instant Crush”.

13 – Technologic

A simple premise for a song, but Daft Punk always excelled with the most bare-bones of musical ideas.

12 – Lose Yourself to Dance

Daft Punk got real mellow with it for “Lose Yourself to Dance”, and I love it.

11 – Robot Rock

It can get a little repetitive, but “Robot Rock” remains one of Daft Punk’s most powerful headbangers.

10 – Digital Love

One of the best vibes on any Daft Punk song, “Digital Love” is exactly the kind of summer banger that I wish played on the radios more often.

9 – Touch

“Touch” used to be my favourite Daft Punk song of all, but nowadays I think it’s a little overly dramatic at points.

Even so, the vocals are tender, the instrumentation is splendid, and the various moving parts always entertain.

8 – Face to Face

A recent climber in my rankings, I’m in that phase where every time I listen to “Face to Face” is gets better.

I love the energetic vocals, and the underlying groove is one of Daft Punk’s funkiest.

7 – Around the World

Never before have I heard a set of lyrics that moved me to my very soul. Beautiful. Genius. Exemplery.

In all serious, it’s the electronic grooves around the lyrics that make “Around the World” so damn fun.

6 – Human After All

I think “Human After All” is an album that needed a bit more time in the oven, but the title track is a clear stand-out.

It has the repetitive melodies that stick in your head like “Technologic” and “Robot Rock”, but with a central melody and groove that I can get behind.

5 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

More known nowadays for the amazing Kanye West sample, but “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” still slaps in its own right.

4 – Get Lucky

For a time, “Get Lucky” was inescapable at parties and on the radios. In a rare case of my tastes aligning with the current trends, I actually didn’t mind that.

Pharrell lays down some excellent vocals, Nile Rodgers’ guitar work is iconic, and the Daft Punk flair is still there for all to enjoy.

3 – Da Funk

The song that put Daft Punk on the map, “Da Funk” is the epitome of 90’s electronic music. With one single song, they changed the musical landscape forever.

2 – Giorgio by Moroder

It’s a testament to Daft Punk’s musical genius that they wrote a 9-minute track and yet I still want more of it.

I really love Giorgio Moroder’s spoken-word verses, and the groove that they lay down and improve upon across the song is the best they ever did.

1 – One More Time

The definitive Daft Punk song, “One More Time” is one of the most feel-good tracks ever made.

It invokes nostalgic summer nights partying with friends, that feeling of togetherness and not wanting the evening to ever end. It’s their crowning achievement.

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