“Favourite Worst Nightmare” – Songs Ranked

Some people have this as their favourite Arctic Monkeys album, and while I don’t agree with that sentiment “Favourite Worst Nightmare” is easily one of their best. It has all the same energy as their debut, with some more nuanced and mature songwriting on top. How would I rank every track? Before we begin, youContinue reading ““Favourite Worst Nightmare” – Songs Ranked”

Top 20 Daft Punk Songs

For as limited as Daft Punk’s discography is, they certainly knew how to make a laundry list of bangers. In my humble opinion, here are their top 20 songs! Before we begin, you can check out some of my related blog posts below: 20 – Crescendolls You’re going to see a lot of “Discovery” songsContinue reading “Top 20 Daft Punk Songs”

Doctor Who – Top 20 Songs

I love Doctor Who, and I believe it to have some of the best music in any TV show ever. Murray Gold is a genius (and Segun Akinola too … sometimes), and his musical compositions will stick with me forever. I have so many favourites, in fact, that I’ve selected my top 20 tracks fromContinue reading “Doctor Who – Top 20 Songs”

EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Three: 70-1)

We’ve made it to the last part of this Bowie extravaganza – I’ll only be looking at “Amazing” and “All-Time Great” tracks from now. I was surprised by how many top tier songs there were in the end! If you missed it, here are Parts One and Two: And here are a few of myContinue reading “EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Three: 70-1)”

EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Two: 190-71)

We can leave the mediocrity behind us – it’s only “Good” and “Great” songs from here! Same rules apply as before, and if you don’t know what that is you can check out Part One here: And here are a few of my related blog posts: Good 190 – Without You I don’t mind thisContinue reading “EVERY David Bowie Song Ranked (Part Two: 190-71)”

Top 10 Cowboy Bebop Songs

Cowboy Bebop has one of the best soundtracks in TV history, let alone anime history. Yoko Kanno managed to blend genres and styles just as much as the episodes themselves, and she never failed to capture the essence of the scene on screen. I’ve singled out my ten favourite tracks – these aren’t necessarily theContinue reading “Top 10 Cowboy Bebop Songs”

EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part Two: 106-1)

In case you haven’t seen the first half of this list, here’s the link: We’ve trudged through over a hundred songs ranging from terrible to decent, so now it’s time for the good stuff! The next 106 songs are, in my opinion, at the very least “Great”. Before we crack on with it, you canContinue reading “EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part Two: 106-1)”

EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part One: 213-107)

Yep, you read that right. Every single Beatles song – album tracks and singles included. I’m an idiot. There are 213 tracks by my count, so I’d better get on with it! Remember – this is just my opinion, and it’s definitely wrong. I’ll be posting this list in two segments (213-107, then 106-1 separately)Continue reading “EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part One: 213-107)”

“Gorillaz” (2001 Debut Album) – Songs Ranked

As debut albums go, Gorillaz really knocked it out of the park on their first attempt. It’s not my favourite album of theirs, but they set the groundwork for what was to come. A fair few of these songs are well-known, but some are criminally underrated. How would I rank them all? You can checkContinue reading ““Gorillaz” (2001 Debut Album) – Songs Ranked”