Persona: Golden vs Royal vs Strikers

Persona is a series that I’ve fallen head over heels for, and every time I pick up a new entry I have a blast with it. Here are the three fantastic games I’ve played so far: Now that I’ve finally completed all three, I can do one of my trademark Power Rankings (pitting each gameContinue reading “Persona: Golden vs Royal vs Strikers”

Top 15 Persona 4 Songs

Persona 4 Golden was the first Persona game I ever played. As a result, I have a huge nostalgia for its fantastic soundtrack. There are so many songs in this game that I love, so I’ll give you my top 15 favourites. Be warned – there may be some SPOILERS as to the context ofContinue reading “Top 15 Persona 4 Songs”

Top 50 Radiohead Songs

Before I get into this list, I want to make one thing very clear – I’m not a Radiohead superfan, and I’m sure I’ve listened to them less than even an average fan. That being said, I still love their work and ceaseless ingenuity. Since I love so many of their songs, I thought I’dContinue reading “Top 50 Radiohead Songs”

Top 20 Persona 5 Songs

Persona 5 has easily one of the greatest soundtracks in all of gaming, so much so that narrowing it down to my favourite 20 proved to be quite challenging – I reckon I could have made a list comprised of completely different tracks and some people wouldn’t have complained! These are all biased picks, butContinue reading “Top 20 Persona 5 Songs”

“(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” – Songs Ranked

If you’re British, chances are you’ve heard “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” in one way or another – and there’s also a very good chance that it’s one of your favourites. This is Oasis at their very best, and some of the songs here entered the public consciousness and never disappeared – let’s rank allContinue reading ““(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” – Songs Ranked”

Every LCD Soundsystem Song Ranked

LCD Soundsystem have been one of my favourite bands for a long time, and after seeing them live last year my love has only grown. They haven’t made many songs, but I’ll be ranking them all nonetheless. A couple of disclaimers – I haven’t included some deep cuts and B-sides, and this is highly subjective.Continue reading “Every LCD Soundsystem Song Ranked”

Top 50 Gorillaz Songs

Gorillaz are one of my favourite active bands, with a plethora of songs that I really enjoy. With the release of Cracker Island, I can highlight my top 50 favourites! As a point of reference, I’m making the finishing touches to this list on the day that their new album came out – so mostContinue reading “Top 50 Gorillaz Songs”

Bowie Albums Ranked by Lyrics

A few weeks ago, I picked my favourite lyric on every Bowie song. You can find that list here. But that got me thinking – how would I rank the albums based on their lyrical quality? Just to clarify, this is purely looking at the lyrics across the board, and has nothing to do withContinue reading “Bowie Albums Ranked by Lyrics”

My Favourite Lyric On Every Bowie Song

As a songwriter, I’m always fascinated by the lyrical landscapes painted by my favourite artists. I believe the greatest lyricist in music history, the man capable of taking the listener on a captivating journey almost every time without fail, to be none other than David Bowie. Since this isn’t like my usual rankings, I’ll justContinue reading “My Favourite Lyric On Every Bowie Song”

“Favourite Worst Nightmare” – Songs Ranked

Some people have this as their favourite Arctic Monkeys album, and while I don’t agree with that sentiment “Favourite Worst Nightmare” is easily one of their best. It has all the same energy as their debut, with some more nuanced and mature songwriting on top. How would I rank every track? Before we begin, youContinue reading ““Favourite Worst Nightmare” – Songs Ranked”