Persona 5 Strikers – Every Jail Ranked

After completing Persona 5 Royal, I was chomping at the bit for more Persona – and especially Phantom Thieves – content. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait for long.

Strikers was a game that took some getting used to, mainly for its new combat system, but it ended up being a worthy spinoff. How would I rank every dungeon (a.k.a “Jail”) in the game? Be warned – there are SPOILERS ahead!

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8 – Okinawa

Strikers’ story really started to pick up during the Okinawa arc, but this area’s dungeon was definitely my least favourite.

It’s a linear crawl through some dainty, underground corridors, with a final boss battle that felt unbelievably anticlimactic.


7 – Tree of Knowledge

The final dungeon in the game – although I did really like it, I unfortunately have to rank it this low.

The Tree of Knowledge has the same problem as Okinawa in that it’s too linear and uninspired in its level design. At least the final boss fight was awesome.

6 – Sendai

The second dungeon in the game, and I was already starting to feel a little fatigued and bored by the formula.

Sendai follows the same structure as the Jail prior, without adding anything too meaningful to the mix.

5 – Shibuya

The first Jail of Strikers, and it was certainly a statement.

It’s the open-endedness of Shibuya that really caught my attention, and even if the dungeon-crawling felt a little too lengthy I still had a fun time with this introductory level.


4 – Jail of the Abyss

I loved going back to the aesthetics of Mementos, and even though it was linear Jail of the Abyss was a blast to fight through.

More so than Tree of Knowledge, this felt like the final dungeon in the game – especially when confronting Ichinose for good.

3 – Sapporo

This was the third formulaic Jail in a row, and yet Sapporo mixed things up enough to keep me interested.

I love snowy levels in videogames, and this Jail didn’t let me down. The blizzards were a unique dynamic and puzzle to solve, and shredding some gnar on the snowboard was heaps of fun.

2 – Kyoto

Okinawa started to mix things up a bit it terms of story and Jail layout, but Kyoto was when those changes started to pay off.

Having visited the thousand gates in Japan for myself in real life, I had a blast teleporting all over the place trying to solve puzzles – and the fight against the Phantom Thieves, as well as Zenkichi’s awakening, were two of the biggest surprises in the game.


1 – Osaka

The first three dungeons in the game created the formula for Jail-crawling, but it was Osaka that truly perfected the format.

Not only were the space-y / sci-fi visuals astounding, but the various puzzles and locations were all ridiculously fun. It also concluded with one of the coolest boss fights in the game, so I had a good time all round.

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