Top 15 Persona 4 Songs

Persona 4 Golden was the first Persona game I ever played. As a result, I have a huge nostalgia for its fantastic soundtrack.

There are so many songs in this game that I love, so I’ll give you my top 15 favourites. Be warned – there may be some SPOILERS as to the context of the tracks!

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15 – Backside Of The TV

“Backside Of The TV” should have just been a neat little warm-up before entering the dungeon, so it didn’t need to slap so hard.

14 – I’ll Face Myself -Battle-

A classic boss battle theme. The drums and guitars really shine.

13 – A Sky Full Of Stars

A fun variation of the day-to-day theme for the evenings.

12 – Like a dream come true

The combination of trumpets and electric organ work surprisingly well.


A beautiful track that plays during your final few wintery days in the game.

10 – Your Affection

Persona 4 has one of the most legendary collections of day-to-day tracks, and I love all of them almost equally.

“Your Affection” is no exception – that synth intro is one of the grooviest things on the soundtrack.

9 – Shadow World

The intro song to Golden, “Shadow World” is nothing if not uproarious fun.

It gets held back by a fairly weak chorus, but otherwise it’s such a joy to hear that harmonica when I boot up the game.

8 – Heartbeat, Heartbreak

Another amazing day-to-day track, “Heartbeat, Heartbreak” is slightly more aggressive and ear-catching than the others.

7 – Signs Of Love

My favourite of the three core day-to-day tracks, but only barely. There’s just something so nostalgic about that guitar and sliding strings combo.

6 – Never More

The closing song of the game, I always feel the bittersweet emotions of farewell whenever I hear “Never More”.

5 – Reach Out To The Truth

“Reach Out To The Truth” is one of the most nostalgic songs on the entire soundtrack.

It perfectly encapsulates that late noughties vibe, and it works well as a battle theme.

4 – Time To Make History

Golden added another battle theme to the mix to spice things up, and I think it’s ever so slightly better than the original.

“Time To Make History” is much more upbeat and rocky, and some of the late-game battles in Golden needed that.

3 – Specialist

“Specialist” has been memed to death in the past few years, but I find the songs that become memes are usually some of the catchiest in their own right.

This is easily one of the most purely fun songs on any of the Persona soundtracks, and it evokes the sweet taste of friendship and victory.

2 – Pursuing My True Self

I prefer the visuals of Golden’s intro, but I actually like the OG opening song better than the newer one.

“Pursuing My True Self” hooks you immediately with those piano chords, and more so than “Shadow World” is slaps from start to finish with a really great chorus to boot.

1 – Heaven

The whole Nanako arc was the peak of Persona 4, and her dungeon was one of my favourites – a lot of that has to do with its theme.

“Heaven” lulls you in with its whimsical strings and mellow vocals, before erupting into one of the most vibrant and energetic choruses on the soundtrack. A true bop.

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