Demon Slayer – Entertainment Arc Episodes Ranked

I was eager for more Demon Slayer action after the excellent Mugen Train arc, but luckily I didn’t have to wait for long – the Entertainment Arc dropped not long ago, and my jaw dropped with it.

This show just keeps getting better and better, and a lot of these episodes were phenomenal. How would I rank them all? Be warned – major SPOILERS ahead.

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11 – Infiltrating the Entertainment District (Ep 2)

Every Demon Slayer season has a filler episode near the start that serves absolute no purpose and is crammed full of cringy jokes, and “Infiltrating the Entertainment District” is no exception.

It should have been combined with episode three, and a lot of the humour and animation is way too anime / over-the-top for my liking.


10 – What Are You? (Ep 3)

It was still early doors for the new arc, and as a result “What Are You?” doesn’t really set itself apart just yet.

What it does do, however, is provide a good intro to Upper Six – Daki is already an intimidating force right out the gate, and I was excited to see how the Demon Slayer Corps would deal with her power.

9 – Tonight (Ep 4)

The first four episodes of the season mainly served to gear the viewer up for the more intense action down the line, and “Tonight” was the last of the by-the-book episodes.

This episode signified the start of the first Tanjiro vs Daki battle, but they hadn’t hit the real meat and gravy of the fight just yet.

8 – Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui (Ep 1)

I was expecting the first episode of the season to be really filler and pointless, so I was surprised when “Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui” had a fair bit of substance.

We get a really fun introduction to the new Hashira, and Tanjiro visiting Rengoku’s family packed plenty of emotional moments.


7 – No Matter How Many Times We Reborn (Ep 11)

The final episode of the season, but “No Matter How Many Times We Reborn” fell a little flat in some areas.

The best part of the episode was definitely Daki and Gyutaro’s emotional backstory, as everything else – especially the comedic moments – ended up being more cringy and forgettable than climactic.

6 – Transformation (Ep 7)

“Transformation” already had a fair bit going for it, but the ending sent it up a tier.

Nezuko’s freak-out is the first real display we’ve seen of her demonic power, and the other Upper Six – Gyutaro – arriving was one of the most shocking moments of the season.

5 – Gathering (Ep 8)

“Gathering” wasted no time following on from the big reveal in “Transformation”, as this was the start of the climactic fight.

Tengen also gets hit with a deadly poison, adding another layer of drama to an already intense batch of episodes.

4 – Thing Are Gonna Get Real Flashy! (Ep 5)

After lots of teasing and little fights, “Things Are Gonna Get Real Flashy!” finally lays down the big guns.

Both the Tanjiro vs Daki and everyone else vs belt fights are fantastic, with beautiful animation as always. As Tengen said, you could tell the season was on the up from here.


3 – Layered Memories (Ep 6)

Following on from the underground belt fight, “Layered Memories” focuses on Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Daki, and it doesn’t disappoint.

What sets this episode apart, however, are the memories embedded in Daki’s blood – Tanjiro’s father having a connection to Muzan was an extremely intriguing development, and I can’t wait to see where that goes.

2 – Defeating an Upper Rank Demon (Ep 9)

Opening “Defeating an Upper Rank Demon” with a flashback sequence involving Tengen and his wives was a bold move, but I think it ultimately paid off.

It makes the big fight and the catastrophic ending all the more disastrous, and it served as a perfect set-up for the climactic episode.

All-Time Great

1 – I Will Never Give Up (Ep 10)

The best Demon Slayer episode yet.

Gyutaro’s tormenting of Tanjiro in the first few minutes was despicable, the battle that followed – including everyone coming back to save the day – was the most hype thing I’ve ever seen, and the credits playing over the explosion were haunting. A flawless, chilling thrill-ride from start to finish.

Season Rating: A-

Season 3 got off to a bit of a slow start, just like any other Demon Slayer season, but the pay-off was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This was definitely my favourite season so far, and I’ve loved all of them!

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