Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 1 (Water) Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

I had very little expectations going into ATLA – I had seen a couple of episodes on Nickelodeon when I was but a wee boy, so when it arrived on Netflix I was hesitant to even begin to watch this “kiddy” cartoon. ATLA shattered all of my expectations, and with each subsequent season I foundContinue reading “Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 1 (Water) Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”

“WandaVision” – Episodes Ranked

I’ve talked about my love for the MCU in the past, so when I heard they were going to branch out into the television landscape I was both intrigued and excited to see how they’d pull it off. The first of these outings – WandaVision – is a great start to their television catalogue (notContinue reading ““WandaVision” – Episodes Ranked”

“The Mandalorian” – All 16 Episodes Ranked

I really like the Star Wars cinematic universe – sure, they tend to pump out more stinkers than all-time classics, but you can’t deny the sheer spectacle and pure fun of the films. When I heard they were making a TV show in the same universe, I was sceptical. So much so, in fact, thatContinue reading ““The Mandalorian” – All 16 Episodes Ranked”

Worst Possible Doctor Who Season

I’ve been through the Best Possible Season of Doctor Who, so I think it’s only fair that Whittaker and Chibnall get some representation as well. Be warned – there are some absolute stinkers ahead. I’ve linked some of my other Doctor Who lists below: Episode 1 – The Woman who Fell to Earth Dishonourable Mention:Continue reading “Worst Possible Doctor Who Season”