Beatles Closing Songs Ranked

I’ve done their opening tracks ranked, so I might as well give their closing tracks a go as well. In fact, on the whole The Beatles’s closing tracks are probably even better than their openers, and they have a remarkable number of songs in my “all-time great” category. How would I rank them all?

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13 – Yellow Submarine In Pepperland (Yellow Submarine)

The band didn’t really have much of a choice here – either producer George Martin got the second half of the album to himself, or he wouldn’t help them at all.

It’s probably a decent song in it’s own right, but as a Beatles closer it was never going to be anything other than “Bad”.


12 – Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (Beatles For Sale)

Probably the most underwhelming closing track the band ever did, this Harrison-penned number feels more like a filler track than a show-stopping finale.

11 – Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Help!)

A nice, grand way of closing their fifth studio album, but “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” has never been a personal favourite of mine.

You can tell the band are having a lot of fun though, and Lennon’s vocals are gritty and rocky to the extreme.


10 – Run For Your Life (Rubber Soul)

I’d personally put this song higher in my rankings, but I know people find this one controversial and the band themselves (especially Lennon) weren’t fans of this, so I’ll rank it relatively low.

9 – I’ll Be Back (A Hard Day’s Night)

The song that invented Folk Rock, this track is a lovely way to end the band’s third studio album.


8 – Good Night (The White Album)

Some people may find this one a bit tacky, but I absolutely love it.

I’m so glad this is the final song and not “Revolution 9”, otherwise there would it would have been a terrible way to end any album. Ringo’s whispered final words “Goodnight everybody, everywhere” really sound like they’re willing you to sleep, and I find it a nice touch for a lovely song.

7 – Money (With The Beatles)

One of the most underrated Beatles tracks, this cover provides some of Lennon’s best vocals and is a scintillating way of ending what is otherwise a sub-par album.


6 – Get Back (Let It Be)

One of the band’s most famous tracks, it’s amazing that it only finishes 6th in my rankings.

I have to keep how well it closes the album into account, and (even though this is up there as one of their best songs) I think the other album closers are better suited for their respective record.

5 – Twist And Shout (Please Please Me)

One of the songs that rocketed the band to super-stardom, “Twist And Shout” is probably one of the best covers of all time.

Lennon’s vocals (which left him unable to speak after the day’s recording session) provide an energy that would end up fuelling Beatlemania, and it’s no wonder this album was as successful as it was when a track like this ends the proceedings.

All-Time Great

4 – All You Need Is Love (Magical Mystery Tour)

This is easily one of the greatest final tracks of all time, but the Beatles are so good it misses out on a podium finish.

It has one of the best final messages to any Beatles album – if there was ever a song to encapsulate the band’s message, it would be “All You Need Is Love”. A true Lennon masterpiece.

3 – Tomorrow Never Knows (Revolver)

This was the song that proved The Beatles were revolutionary for their time.

Inspired by hallucinogenic drugs, Lennon and the band created one of the trippiest songs ever produced, and in just 3 minutes this song secured Revolver’s place in music history with the pantheon of greats.

2 – The End / Her Majesty (Abbey Road)

I’ll lump these two together for the purpose of this list.

If Let It Be had never been released (it was never planned on being released anyway), this would have been The Beatles’s final song – and it would have been a spectacular was to go out.

Ringo has an amazing drum solo, and the other three band members take turns riffing some awesome guitar parts. It all comes to a close with the immortal McCartney lyric – “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”.

It’s also cool having the bonus track “Her Majesty” in there – a production mistake the band liked so much they left it in.

1 – A Day In The Life (Sgt. Peppers)

Arguably the greatest song of all time, “A Day In The Life” is the band at their most creative and brilliant, with Lennon and McCartney redefining what a rock album could be.

Lennon’s lyrics about his daily observations are some of his best, Ringo’s drum fills are exquisite, the Avant-Garde instrumentation is mind-boggling, Lennon’s dreamy vocals in the middle section are mesmerising, McCartney’s interlude song (which was just their way of combining two of the songs they’d written) is extremely catchy … there are plenty of reasons why this is the best album closer of all time.

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