“Lodger” Songs Ranked

Probably my least favourite album from the “Berlin Trilogy”, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in quality – in fact, on a good day this is probably a top 10 album of Bowie’s. How would I rank all of the tracks? You can check out some of my other Bowie lists below: Meh 10 –Continue reading ““Lodger” Songs Ranked”

Every Jamiroquai Album Ranked

I was looking back through my blog posts when I realised something – I haven’t talked about one of my favourite bands yet! Jamiroquai are so damn good, I love how funky and bass-orientated they are. How would I rank their fine selection of albums? You an check out some of my other music listsContinue reading “Every Jamiroquai Album Ranked”

Beatles Closing Songs Ranked

I’ve done their opening tracks ranked, so I might as well give their closing tracks a go as well. In fact, on the whole The Beatles’s closing tracks are probably even better than their openers, and they have a remarkable number of songs in my “all-time great” category. How would I rank them all? CheckContinue reading “Beatles Closing Songs Ranked”

Talking Heads Albums Ranked

Talking heads are one of those bands that come around once every generation. Formed in the midst of the punk scene in New York, the band created their sound over more than a decade and were pioneers in New Wave. They’ve made 8 albums of various quality, but how would I rank them? I explainContinue reading “Talking Heads Albums Ranked”

David Bowie Albums Ranked

What a guy, what a musician, what a cultural icon. David Bowie was THE guy to be for 5 decades, redefining fashion and his sound seemingly every year. He was a true innovator up until his untimely passing in 2016, so to celebrate his legacy I thought I’d rank all 26 of his studio albumsContinue reading “David Bowie Albums Ranked”

Beatles Albums Ranked

There’s no denying the brilliance of the Beatles. They changed everything, and set the standard for albums, singles and live performance for generations to come. This is reflected in 13 studio albums, which vary from the spectacular to the sublime – but how would I rank them? As this is my first list, I shouldContinue reading “Beatles Albums Ranked”