Every LCD Soundsystem Song Ranked

LCD Soundsystem have been one of my favourite bands for a long time, and after seeing them live last year my love has only grown. They haven’t made many songs, but I’ll be ranking them all nonetheless. A couple of disclaimers – I haven’t included some deep cuts and B-sides, and this is highly subjective.Continue reading “Every LCD Soundsystem Song Ranked”

Beatles Albums – Overrated / Underrated

I thought I’d try a new format on my blog – looking through every entry of a certain topic, deciding whether it’s overrated or underrated (or properly rated) by the general public and the fandom. Who better to start with than the mighty Beatles – I’ve listened to their entire discography countless times, so I’mContinue reading “Beatles Albums – Overrated / Underrated”

Bowie Albums Ranked by Lyrics

A few weeks ago, I picked my favourite lyric on every Bowie song. You can find that list here. But that got me thinking – how would I rank the albums based on their lyrical quality? Just to clarify, this is purely looking at the lyrics across the board, and has nothing to do withContinue reading “Bowie Albums Ranked by Lyrics”

My Favourite Lyric On Every Bowie Song

As a songwriter, I’m always fascinated by the lyrical landscapes painted by my favourite artists. I believe the greatest lyricist in music history, the man capable of taking the listener on a captivating journey almost every time without fail, to be none other than David Bowie. Since this isn’t like my usual rankings, I’ll justContinue reading “My Favourite Lyric On Every Bowie Song”

My Top 20 Favourite Albums Of All Time

I’ve talked about my favourite TV shows, films and videogames, so the last hobby to cover would be music. It’s time to highlight some of the best albums in music history! Some quick rules – I’m only including one album per artist (I’ll give a runner-up to each just for fun, though) and I’m notContinue reading “My Top 20 Favourite Albums Of All Time”

Every Gorillaz Album Ranked

I’ve done quite a few lists ranking the tracks on Gorillaz albums, but I’ve forgotten to rank the albums themselves! This is obviously all just my opinion, so try to ignore my bad taste and poor life choices. I haven’t included side albums like “D-Sides” or “The Fall”, partly because they’re not main entries butContinue reading “Every Gorillaz Album Ranked”

Every Beatles, Bowie AND Muse Album Ranked

If you asked me what my three favourite musical artists are, I would most likely say The Beatles, David Bowie and Muse. I love them all for wildly different reasons, and they’ve been the subject of many a list on my blog for the past two years. Since it’s been over two years since IContinue reading “Every Beatles, Bowie AND Muse Album Ranked”

David Bowie Producers Ranked

David Bowie was a true genius, and arguably the greatest artist of our time. As good as he was, though, he didn’t do it all by himself. He had an array of fantastic producers helping him, and they each deserve a special mention in their own right. I thought it would be fun to rankContinue reading “David Bowie Producers Ranked”

Top 20 Underrated Muse Songs

Muse are one of my favourite bands ever, and while I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re underrated I do think they’re quite underappreciated nowadays – almost every album of theirs is a rock banger, and if not it’s probably an experimental electronic banger instead. I recently did a list like this for DavidContinue reading “Top 20 Underrated Muse Songs”

LCD Soundsystem – Every Album Ranked

It seems crazy to me that LCD Soundsystem, one of my favourite bands ever, have only released four studio albums – it feels like they’ve been around forever, and their music has never gotten stale to me despite their limited discography. Hopefully they release another one soon – I’m dying for some more of thatContinue reading “LCD Soundsystem – Every Album Ranked”