“Showbiz” Songs Ranked

I at least like every Muse album, so I thought I might as well do every one of their albums in my album songs ranked series. Showbiz is probably either my least favourite or second from bottom, but since it’s chronologically first I might as well start with it. How would I rank the songs on Muse’s debut album?

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13 – Hate This and I’ll Love You

A frustrating end to a decent debut album, that fact this is the “real” ending to the record is what makes it even worse. It’s a good thing the bonus track “Spiral Static” provides a much better conclusion.


12 – Fillip

A very bland and uninspired song, but this filler track isn’t too offensive so I don’t mind listening to it.


11 – Escape

Apparently this is one of Chris Wolstenholme’s favourites, and while I do like it I don’t really share that sentiment. It’s definitely one of the weaker tracks on the album.


10 – Falling Down

A very nice blues track, but it’s not exactly the most stand-out song on the record.

9 – Spiral Static

I’ll be including the bonus tracks from their first four albums, and the first of them is a lovely song “Spiral Static”.

A much better fit to end the album, I especially like Matt’s transition from chest voice to falsetto in the choruses.

8 – Overdue

A nice little gem, but not too special compared to some of the other tracks.

7 – Sober

Now we get on to the songs I like a lot, and the first of these is “Sober” – a solid ’90s rock track that makes you want to scream the chorus at the top of your lungs.

6 – Uno

Muse fans love this one, and I quite like it too. It’s not a personal favourite, but it’s a great song to add to Muse’s already fantastic discography.


5 – Cave

The most underrated song on the album, and one of the band’s most underrated gems in general.

I really like the bass line in this track, and it’s probably my favourite on the album. The rest of the band do a good job too, so this is undeniably a great track.

4 – Muscle Museum

One of Muse’s first hits, “Muscle Museum” is a simple rock song that was one of their trademark tracks for a while. It’s a bit too simple for me to be one of their best, but it’s definitely a great, catchy song.

3 – Unintended

One of the most beautiful songs in the band’s catalogue, you really feel like Bellamy had someone in mind when writing this track.

This is going to sound quite bad, but I feel this track is a little bit too slow compared to the rest of the album, so it makes it a little jarring to listen to. It’s obviously a great song, but I can’t quite put it in “Amazing”.


2 – Showbiz

A track that just gets better with every listen, “Showbiz” is an early rock masterpiece from the band.

The intro and outro give me goosebumps with their slow, methodical drum beats, and Bellamy gives the vocal performance of his life (I think his highest note ever might be in this song, but don’t quote me on that).

1 – Sunburn

It’s not often that the first track on a band’s first album is one of their best, but Muse knocked it right out of the park with “Sunburn” – an amazing opening track that showcases Matt’s vocal / guitar work, Dom’s amazing drumming and Chris’s brilliant bass lines.

I hold this song in extremely high regard and consider it to be one of the band’s best ever, and since Muse are one of my favourite bands ever that makes it high praise indeed. One of the best band introductions of all time.

Aaaand that’s it. The next album is Origin of Symmetry, an undeniable rock masterpiece. Until then, check out some of my latest posts:

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