Rick and Morty – Season 2 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

I’d say this is the best season the show has ever broadcast – some of the individual episodes might not be my favourite, but the overall tone of the season and some of the episodes are just perfect. How would I rank the episodes?

10 – Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

Rating: C-

As I said before in the season 1 ranking, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Interdimensional Cable segment. At least the original episode had some good moments though, but this sequel is just a retread of all the worst aspects of the idea.

9 – Big Trouble in Little Sanchez

Rating: C+

Is it bad that I don’t really remember this episode?

I remember some funny bits from it, but on the whole I don’t think this is the strongest episode.

8 – Auto Erotic Assimilation

Rating: B

An already great episode that hits you right in the feels at the end. This is some top tier stuff, so even I’m surprised it ranks this low.

7 – Get Schwifty

Rating: B

As a huge fan of music myself, it was great to see the show do a musical parody episode. Both songs are fantastic, but it’s the titular “Get Schwifty” that will stick with me forever.

6 – Look Who’s Purging Now

Rating: B+

Because of course Rick and Morty were going to capitalise on the Purge movies that were coming out at the time. The scene where Morty kills the old guy in a fit of rage is one of the funniest moments in the show.

5 – A Rickle in Time

Rating: A-

An amazing season opener, and you can tell that the show is getting even more high-concept compared to it’s already bonkers first season. Love the Key and Peele cameos as well.

4 – Mortynight Run

Rating: A-

The arcade full of futuristic games is one of my favourite segments of any episode, and when they meet the mysterious cloud there are too many great moments to mention.

I’m a huge Bowie fan myself, so the fantastic “Goodbye Moonmen” song was the icing on the cake for an already amazing episode.

3 – The Wedding Squanchers

Rating: A-

On the whole, Rick and Morty finales aren’t really anything special. The exception to the rule is this phenomenal season 2 finale, where the Morty family are forced to make tough decisions, and the ending made me beg for season 3’s swift release.

2 – The Ricks Must Be Crazy

Rating: A

It’s the concept of the episode alone that ranks this so highly – the inception levels of dimensions inside other dimensions is fascinating to watch, and on top of all that there are some hilarious moments peppered throughout.

1 – Total Rickall

Rating: A

This has a good case for being my favourite episode of all time – other than introducing fan-favourite character “Mr Poopy Butthole” (great name by the way), the absolute chaos that unfolds is amazing to watch. It’s episodes like this that make season 2 my favourite season of the show.

Season Rating: A

Let’s see the stats:

  • 5 A (50%)
  • 3 B (30%)
  • 2 C (20%)

Very good on the whole, with half of the episodes coming in the “A” tier. Next is season 3, which once again is an amazing season of television. Until then, check out some of my latest blog posts:

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