Rick and Morty – Season 3 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

We’re gonna just keep truckin’ along with the Rick and Morty rankings, and season 3 is another fantastic season . A couple of instant classics here, but how would I rank all the episodes? You can check out some of my other lists below: 10 – The Rickchurian Mortydate Rating: C+ Was it just meContinue reading “Rick and Morty – Season 3 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”

Rick and Morty – Season 2 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed

I’d say this is the best season the show has ever broadcast – some of the individual episodes might not be my favourite, but the overall tone of the season and some of the episodes are just perfect. How would I rank the episodes? 10 – Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate Rating: C- As IContinue reading “Rick and Morty – Season 2 Episodes Ranked and Reviewed”

FRIENDS Seasons Ranked

Friends is one of those TV shows that will live forever. Of all the possible people in the world, the show managed to cast the 6 perfect actors for the parts. Whether this was a genius move from the creators or sheer luck doesn’t matter – the enduring quality of the show will forever putContinue reading “FRIENDS Seasons Ranked”