Every Spider-Man Film Ranked (Including “No Way Home”)

We’ve been lucky enough to be graced with 9 Spider-Man films over the past 20 years, and this might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think there’s a single bad apple in the bunch. A few have been disappointing, sure, but the lead actors always kill it in the role, and the action is usually stunning.

With the release of the latest instalment – “No Way Home” – I thought now was as good a time as ever to rank all 9 of the Spider-Man films from worst to best.

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9 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This was actually a lot closer to “OK” then I remembered, and there’s a lot of good in this infamous Spidey flick – Garfield and Stone have possibly the best Spider-Man / romantic interest chemistry in any of these films, and Hanz Zimmer’s score elevates even the most mundane of scenes.

Unfortunately, this is so far from being what I want in a Spider-Man film. There’s so much exposition dealt to the audience via pre-recorded video message, and all three of the villains are laughably forgettable. Electro is the best (but that’s just because you can’t go wrong with Jamie Foxx), Green Goblin was more annoying than anything else, and Rhino was ridiculously bad.


8 – The Amazing Spider-Man

It’s a shame neither of the “Amazing Spider-Man” films are that amazing to me, as both this and its sequel failed to truly capture my imagination.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are great in their roles, but it just rehashes the story which we’ve seen a million times without adding anything truly substantial to the mix. Doctor Conners is an acceptably intimidating villain, though, and that fight where the cleaner can’t hear them is one of my favourite Spidey brawls.


7 – Spider-Man 3

“Spider-Man 3” is nowhere near as bad as most people say it is, but when compared with the other two Raimi films I see why people share such a distaste for it. I got the chance to watch that trilogy back-to-back in one sitting, and while this was still a heck of a good time it has more flaws than the other two combined.

For starters, they really didn’t need to include Venom at all. Sandman and New Goblin would have been plenty, but Eddie Brock’s inclusion just feels completely ham-fisted and unnecessary (you can thank the studio, not Sam Raimi, for that). It also doesn’t help that the plot and action are the weakest in the trilogy, and the infamous “Bully Maguire” will go down as one of cinema’s most hilarious mis-steps. I still had a good time with it though, and what more can you ask for in a film?

6 – Spider-Man: Homecoming

All things considered, this might just be my single hottest take in the entire list. I seem to be the only MCU and Spider-Man fan on earth that doesn’t adore this movie, but as it stands I think it’s just a really fun film and nothing more.

I guess the “awkward teenager who has to navigate school life and his romantic interests” trope is far too overdone in my mind, and while the Peter Parker aspect has a fresh spin (with a fantastic Tom Holland performance) it still left me cringing a lot. At least Michael Keaton’s Vulture was cool, that scene in the car never fails to give me chills.


5 – Spider-Man: Far From Home

I remember coming out of the movie theatre absolutely buzzing after “Far From Home”, but over time it’s novelty has faded on me slightly.

It still has a lot of the problems that I mentioned in “Homecoming”, and similarly to that film the villain is the main saving grace. Mysterio is a great antagonist to up the ante, and that cliff-hanger ending got me excited to see how they’d resolve it.

4 – Spider-Man

When giving this another watch recently, I wasn’t very impressed to begin with. It starts in a very cliché and outdated manner, but luckily those opening 20 minutes are by far the weakest point of the film, and you forget all about it by the time the credits role.

This feels like a much more personal story than any other Spider-Man films we got, and Raimi’s trilogy does a great job of helping you to relate to Peter and his problems. Dafoe’s Green Goblin might just be my favourite Spidey villain of the bunch as well, and the trials and tribulations he serves to Peter make for some seriously iconic cinema.


3 – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Out of all the current Spider-Man films, I reckon this is actually the best one. It isn’t my absolute favourite (hence why it’s only 3rd), but the story and animation here are some of the greatest in cinematic history – I’ve seen it top countless versions of this ranking, and I’d have to objectively agree.

You can’t help but get entranced by this movie’s visual style and charm, and Miles Morales makes for an incredibly relatable high-schooler (the only time that trope has ever worked for me in these films!). The pacing is flawless, the action is mesmeric, and I can’t wait for the sequel.

2 – Spider-Man 2

The pinnacle of Spider-Man cinema in countless people’s eyes, the action and interpersonal struggles in Sam Raimi’s epic sequel make for some of the most captivating superhero cinema I’ve ever seen.

Peter is an adult now, so I no longer have to worry about the annoying “high-schooler navigates life” clichés and instead the movie focuses on the struggles in his adult life – far more interesting as far as I’m concerned. Doc Ock also makes for a villain unlike anything in cinematic history, and that whole sequence on the train may go down as the peak of Spider-Man action.

1 – Spider-Man: No Way Home

You’ll have to read my “No Way Home” review to delve into the intricacies of what makes this film so great, but without revealing any spoilers I can confidently say this was the Spider-Man film that made me the most excited while watching.

It feels like all 9 movies in the franchise have come together just for this film, and if it wasn’t for the fact the first act of this film is a bit flimsy it could have rivalled even my favourite films ever. The interactions between characters are flawless, and the story is so satisfying that it couldn’t possibly not top my list.

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