All 50 $1 Billion Grossing Films Ranked

When I looked up how many movies had grossed over a billion dollars (as of May 2023), I was stunned to find there had been fifty. Five-zero. That’s completely unbelievable! I was also shocked to find how wildly the quality of the films varied. What better way to vent my frustration than with a definitiveContinue reading “All 50 $1 Billion Grossing Films Ranked”

My Top 25 Favourite Films Of All Time

I’ve done my favourite TV shows and videogames, so next up on the agenda has to be films. As usual, it’s one per franchise (and I’m bound to have forgotten a few – more so than normal!) Before we start, here are a few honourable mentions that very nearly made the cut: And here areContinue reading “My Top 25 Favourite Films Of All Time”

Every Spider-Man Film Ranked (Including “No Way Home”)

We’ve been lucky enough to be graced with 9 Spider-Man films over the past 20 years, and this might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think there’s a single bad apple in the bunch. A few have been disappointing, sure, but the lead actors always kill it in the role, and the action isContinue reading “Every Spider-Man Film Ranked (Including “No Way Home”)”

The Matrix Trilogy Ranked

I decided to re-watch the Matrix trilogy recently, more out of sheer boredom more than anything else. It was actually quite a revealing and cathartic experience for me, as it had been years since I’d seen them in full, and my opinions on all of the films changed as I was viewing them. This isContinue reading “The Matrix Trilogy Ranked”

James Bond – Every 007 Actor Ranked

James Bond is the longest running film franchise we have, and while I would have loved to see an 80 year-old Sean Connery strutting his stuff in Skyfall and beyond, I think it only makes sense that the actors have to change as the franchise goes on. Every single transition between actors and eras couldContinue reading “James Bond – Every 007 Actor Ranked”

James Bond – Every Film Ranked

Let’s be honest, every guy who’s seen James Bond has wanted to be him – he just seems like the coolest guy ever, and he’s been in some of the most suave and action-packed films ever. They haven’t all been zingers, though, so how would I rank them all? N.B. If you’re reading this inContinue reading “James Bond – Every Film Ranked”

All Six Middle Earth Films Ranked – Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

I absolutely adore the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and as for The Hobbit trilogy … the less said about it the better. How would I rank all 6 films in Tolkien’s Middle Earth? You can check out some of my other movie lists below: Terrible 6 – The Battle of the Five Armies WhyContinue reading “All Six Middle Earth Films Ranked – Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit”

Indiana Jones Films Ranked

Probably the best adventure films around, the Indiana Jones franchise provided some of the coolest action films in the history of cinema. Harrison Ford is iconic in the title role, and Steven Spielberg’s direction solidified it’s place in cinema history; but how would I rank the 4 films in the franchise? I explain my rankingContinue reading “Indiana Jones Films Ranked”