“The Book of Boba Fett” – Episodes Ranked

Being a fan of “The Mandalorian”, I went into “The Book of Boba Fett” with a cautious optimism – this wouldn’t focus on the characters I know and love, but it would still provide the Star Wars goodness that I’d been craving.

I won’t be delving into a review of the season as a whole, so I’ll give a quick summary here: I did enjoy my time with “The Book of Boba Fett”, but I was fairly underwhelmed by the whole experience. The majority of the episodes are quite forgettable, but a couple really blew my socks off and made the whole thing worth it.

Quite a mixed bag of episode quality this time around, so how would I rank them all? Proceed with caution, there will be spoilers ahead.

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7 – Chapter 3 (The Streets of Mos Espa)

I think everyone who watched this show is in agreement that this is the worst episode, and it baffles me that this was cleared to go to screens.

The plot is paper-thin (and irrelevant in hindsight with the Hut red herrings), the acting is unbelievably bad (Danny Trejo and the new colourful teens come to mind) and the final car chase is laughably uninspiring. If this didn’t have the “Star Wars” name associated with it, I would have not enjoyed this at all.


6 – Chapter 1 (Stranger in a Strange Land)

I wasn’t immediately hooked by the first episode, and it felt like they were really pushing it by trying to cram such a simple plot into this 40 minute pilot.

It plays out pretty much exactly as you’d expect, and neither the flashback nor the Mos Espa segments grabbed my attention. Not bad by any means, but far from memorable.


5 – Chapter 2 (The Tribes of Tatooine)

The second episode was a big step up from the first, and I started to really enjoy my time with “The Book of Boba Fett” from here on.

Whilst the first half with the Tuscan Raiders wasn’t great, the final train sequence certainly was. It’s hardly top tier Star Wars, but at least it was something interesting.

4 – Chapter 7 (In the Name of Honor)

I’m not exactly sure what to make of the finale at the time of writing – it could either get better or worse over time, there’s really no way to tell.

While it definitely has a lot of the “final battle” spectacle I would have wanted, it doesn’t come anywhere close to a fully satisfying finale. I didn’t engage with the direction that much, the battle was on an extremely smaller scale than what they were hyping up, and Cad Bane (and the other “villains”, actually) does next to nothing. This was fine, but I wanted more.

3 – Chapter 4 (The Gathering Storm)

Probably my favourite of the actual Boba Fett episodes, but even then I had my gripes with it.

Like the title suggests, the episode starts to push the plot into a more interesting and impactful direction … even if there’s a lot of drawn-out exposition. The flashbacks with Fennec were the clear highlights, but I still don’t understand for the life of me why Boba thought his armour would be in the Sarlacc pit when he clearly climbed out wearing it.


2 – Chapter 5 (Return of the Mandalorian)

It’s a bit of a shame that the two non-Boba episodes were quite clearly the two best ones, but unfortunately that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Acting as a sort of Mandalorian Season 2.5 instalment, this had everything that I wanted from a Star Wars TV episode. If they didn’t spend so darn long building that ship, this could have even been “Amazing” with all it’s fights and cinematography.


1 – Chapter 6 (From the Desert Comes a Stranger)

Everything about this episode felt perfect, from the Luke Skywalker segments to the Cad Bane reveal near the end. Sure, it’s a little bit cheap to keep relying on Mark Hamill, but my inner Star Wars nerd loved it to bits.

It was also great to finally see Grogu’s training, and that little “Order 66” part was a surprisingly impactful addition. I really hope we get to see more Timothy Olyphant as well, as he may be my favourite non-Mando character in the whole series.

Aaaand that’s my list – this wasn’t a great show in the end, and the actual Boba Fett episodes paled in comparison to the other two. I reckon this would be a C+ or a B- if I had to rate it, depending on my mood.

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