It’s Always Sunny – Season 14 Episodes Ranked

Anything would have been better than Season 13, but Season 14 was only a little bit stronger. It certainly has consistency on its side, but at the time I wondered if the creative juices had reached their limit (Luckily, Season 15 ended up being a breath of fresh air).

Despite the lack of zingers, there are still a lot of solid episodes here – how would I rank them all?

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10 – Waiting for Big Mo

Rating: C

I appreciate the idea, and I like the reference to “Waiting for Godot”, but this episode is boring as heck.

Dennis being a master of manipulation is fun on first viewing, but there aren’t any funny jokes to warrant a repeat watch. Could easily be skipped – and it’s one of the worst season finales we’ve had.

9 – The Gang Texts

Rating: C+

I originally remembered “The Gang Texts” as being one of – if not THE – best episode of the season, and on a re-watch I have no idea why.

The meerkat scene at the end is kind of amusing, but the general texting jokes don’t align with Sunny’s sense of humour at all.

8 – Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool

Rating: B-

It was great to finally see why the gang loved “Thunder Gun” so much, and Dolph Lundgren was an amazing cameo, but the episode itself wasn’t too interesting.

The census meeting gets stale after a while, and none of the jokes really tickled me.

7 – The Gang Solves Global Warming

Rating: B-

One of my least favourite “The Gang Solves” episodes, but their parody of global warming still had some great moments.

Charlie and Dee’s adventure to get ice is lots of fun, and the bar party was a great escalation of the plot. It never gets properly good, but it’s decent.

6 – A Woman’s Right to Chop

Rating: B-

The cold open with Dennis smashing a bottle in rage is one of the funniest moments of the season, but the rest of the episode is pretty average.

The haircut / abortion allegory is very heavy-handed, and the dog pregnancy plotline isn’t as interesting as they think it is. At least Dennis was on top form throughout though.

5 – The Gang Chokes

Rating: B-

A great premise to an episode, but “The Gang Chokes” never gets quite as good as I want it to get.

The opening where the gang sits idly while Frank chokes is the funniest scene of the episode, and after that it’s fairly standard.

4 – The Gang Gets Romantic

Rating: B

I forgot just how solid this season opener was – both the Dennis / Mac romance plot and the Frank / Charlie bedshare plots work well.

It’s funny to see two people who are so alike to Charlie and Frank, and the ending where they promise to see each other again was the perfect way to cap things off.

3 – The Janitor Always Mops Twice

Rating: B+

The most experimental episode in years, I love how zany “The Janitor Always Mops Twice” is.

Charlie Day gives a fantastic performance, and the writing is top notch. There weren’t any moments or jokes that knocked my socks off, but on the whole it was an impressive watch.

2 – Paddy’s Has a Jumper

Rating: B+

“Paddy’s Has a Jumper” feels a little bit like the spiritual successor to “The D.E.N.N.I.S. System”, and I love how tight the comedy is.

Some episodes just work best when it’s the gang bouncing ideas off of one another, and the dialogue is top tier throughout.

1 – Dee Day

Rating: B+

The final episode that was removed from Netflix for stupid reasons, and yet again it’s one of the best Sunny episodes.

Finally getting to see another gang member’s “Day” was definitely up there on my wishlist, and Dee is a perfect choice. Her tasks and schemes are great, but it’s the Dennis creep scene that I’ll remember the most – it’s the funniest scene of the season, and Glenn Howerton absolutely kills it in the role.

Season Rating: B-

Not a bad season in the slightest, but the lack of any classics makes it feel like a bit of a waste of time.

Let’s look at the stats for the season:

  • 8B (80%)
  • 2C (20%)

This was the only season (other than Season 1) not to have any A-tier episodes in. There were no stinkers, but nothing really stood out either.

And the stats for the series so far:

  • 36A (24%)
  • 82B (55%)
  • 26C (18%)
  • 3D (2%)
  • 1E (1%)

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