The Office (U.S.) – Season 1 Episodes Ranked

Contrary to popular opinion (especially if you’re a Brit like me), I think the US Office is better than the original UK version. I loved watching the antics of all of the zany characters, and the documentary / cringe comedy format was perfected here.

As I have done for a lot of my other favourite shows, I thought it would be fun to look at each season and rank the episodes within them, giving each a quick review and a grade. Unfortunately, that means we have to get the ball rolling with a sub-par season … Best get to it, then!

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6 – Pilot

Rating: C

The Office US decided to copy the UK version’s pilot almost beat for beat, and they suffered for it.

The downsizing plotline isn’t interesting yet, the Jell-o joke is derivative, and balding Michael Scott is a bizarre image in hindsight. An odd, off-base way to kickstart such a beloved series.

5 – Health Care

Rating: C

It’s still early doors by this point in the show, and the jokes aren’t quite landing yet.

There are some good moments in the whole Dwight-butchering-healthcare saga, but most of it is quite dull.

4 – Hot Girl

Rating: C+

Amy Adams was one of the last people I expected to see on this show, but she does a good job of acting awkward around Michael and Dwight.

The failed flirting attempts are definitely the best part of “Hot Girl”, but as a season finale it’s very thin.

3 – The Alliance

Rating: C+

There was more going on in “The Alliance” than in most other Season 1 episodes – the Dwight and Jim partnership especially is a good tease of things to come.

I also really like Michael’s shenanigans in this episode, where he writes an inappropriate joke in Meredith’s birthday card and accidentally pledges $25 per mile for a walkathon.

2 – Diversity Day

Rating: B-

For as lacklustre as the pilot was, “Diversity Day” is a much better second episode that packs more jokes and comedy in.

It’s a great showcase of Michael’s buffoonery and insensitivity, and Pam sleeping on Jim’s shoulder after he loses a sale is an iconic image for the show.

1 – Basketball

Rating: B

Easily the best episode of Season 1, “Basketball” is the kind of awkward office comedy that the show would be famed for later down the line.

Michael organises a basketball game against the warehouse that would see the losers working on Saturday, and the game itself has so many great visual gags and lines.

Season Rating: C

Not a bad season of television, but none of the six episodes were that stand-out in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s look at the stats for the series so far:

  • 2B (33%)
  • 4C (67%)

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