The Office (U.S.) – Season 2 Episodes Ranked

Here it is ladies and gentlemen – this is where The Office became one of the best comedy shows of all time. Rarely has a leap in quality between seasons been so enormous! Before I rank every episode, here are a few of my related blog posts: 22 – Christmas Party Rating: C A fan-favouriteContinue reading “The Office (U.S.) – Season 2 Episodes Ranked”

The Office (U.S.) – Season 1 Episodes Ranked

Contrary to popular opinion (especially if you’re a Brit like me), I think the US Office is better than the original UK version. I loved watching the antics of all of the zany characters, and the documentary / cringe comedy format was perfected here. As I have done for a lot of my other favouriteContinue reading “The Office (U.S.) – Season 1 Episodes Ranked”

Top 20 TV Opening Themes

There have been some fantastic opening themes in TV history, so much so that a top 20 seems too short! I’ll try my best regardless to pick my favourites. Quick disclaimer – I don’t actually need to have seen the show itself to include its opening theme in my list. Here are a few honourableContinue reading “Top 20 TV Opening Themes”

My Top 20 Favourite TV Shows Of All Time

A commenter recently asked me what my favourite shows of all time were, and I immediately set to work remembering all the fantastic series I’ve seen. By my count, there are 20 that really blew my socks off. I haven’t seen every show under the sun, and to be honest some of the bigger seriesContinue reading “My Top 20 Favourite TV Shows Of All Time”

“WandaVision” – Episodes Ranked

I’ve talked about my love for the MCU in the past, so when I heard they were going to branch out into the television landscape I was both intrigued and excited to see how they’d pull it off. The first of these outings – WandaVision – is a great start to their television catalogue (notContinue reading ““WandaVision” – Episodes Ranked”