“The Soul Box” – A Short Story

This isn’t the kind of post I usually make on my blog, but I thought it best to promote my new project as much as possible – I wrote a short story! It’s a story about grief and loss, with a few sci-fi elements thrown in to keep things fresh. You can buy it onContinue reading ““The Soul Box” – A Short Story”

“Stranger Things” – Season 4 Episodes Ranked

I’ve just finished watching Season 4 of Stranger Things, and oh boy was it something else. It’s the best season we’ve had in years, and all the moving pieces come together to create some truly masterful television. How would I rank all nine episodes? Warning – there will be SPOILERS ahead. You can check outContinue reading ““Stranger Things” – Season 4 Episodes Ranked”

Danganronpa Motives Ranked

It turns out my Danganronpa and Ace Attorney lists are the ones that get the most clicks (and the most ad revenue, by extension), so that means it would make sense to do some more lists on them. No complaints from me! I love this series to bits, so any excuse to write about themContinue reading “Danganronpa Motives Ranked”