The Sinking City – Almost A Classic

It’s been a while since I’ve done a game review on this blog – what better way to re-start this type of post than with a game I replayed recently that nobody cares about anymore, “The Sinking City”! Frogwares are more known for their Sherlock Holmes games, so I was surprised when they released aContinue reading “The Sinking City – Almost A Classic”

Persona: Golden vs Royal vs Strikers

Persona is a series that I’ve fallen head over heels for, and every time I pick up a new entry I have a blast with it. Here are the three fantastic games I’ve played so far: Now that I’ve finally completed all three, I can do one of my trademark Power Rankings (pitting each gameContinue reading “Persona: Golden vs Royal vs Strikers”

Assassin’s Creed Protagonists Ranked

Whenever a new AC game comes out, fans always want to know three things – what are the new mechanics, what’s the setting, and is the protagonist going to sweep me off my feet? More often than not the protagonists have been great characters, each with interesting backstories and motivations. But I certainly have myContinue reading “Assassin’s Creed Protagonists Ranked”

Assassin’s Creed – The Best & Worst Thing About Each Game

I’ve played every single mainline Assassin’s Creed game, most of them more than once, and I can confidently say that none of them are outright bad. Some have aged poorly, others integrate bad mechanics, the more recent ones are too long, but each one serves up an interesting and (usually) engaging experience. That being said,Continue reading “Assassin’s Creed – The Best & Worst Thing About Each Game”

Assassin’s Creed – Ezio Trilogy Power Ranking

The Ezio Trilogy is widely considered to be the peak of the Assassin’s Creed franchise (which is kinda sad, if you think about it), and I recently sat down to play them all back to back. Whilst they have their flaws, they’re nothing if not unabashedly fun. I thought it would be fun to powerContinue reading “Assassin’s Creed – Ezio Trilogy Power Ranking”

Doctor Who – Every Writer Ranked (RTD Era)

I’ve talked about Doctor Who episodes, seasons and incarnations at length, but I haven’t highlighted the brilliant writing team yet! Part of the reason why this show is so great is because its premise stretches out across genres, and the writers have come up with what’s felt like every idea under the sun. It’s timeContinue reading “Doctor Who – Every Writer Ranked (RTD Era)”

Shadow Of War – The Most Underrated Game Of Its Generation?

When Shadow of Mordor came out in 2014, it blew everyone’s minds – myself included. Everyone eagerly anticipated the sequel, but when it finally released it seemed to be dead on arrival. Heck, even I hated it the first time I played it. A few years later I played it again, and quickly realised justContinue reading “Shadow Of War – The Most Underrated Game Of Its Generation?”


Neon White came quite literally out of nowhere – I’d seen a couple of random reviews on it, but it was the 99% positive rating on Steam that really piqued my interest. For a measly £20, this ended up being a worthy investment and a half. Neon White has some of the best gameplay I’veContinue reading “NEON WHITE – Review”

EVERY Doctor Who Episode Ranked

You’d have to be absolutely insane to rank every single Doctor Who episode of the modern series, and the person who tries to attempt it must have waaaay too much time on their hands. So … I’m going to rank every single Doctor Who episode of the modern series, up to and including Season 12Continue reading “EVERY Doctor Who Episode Ranked”

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – REVIEW

I finally got around to playing the latest Sherlock Holmes game by Frogwares (a series that I love to bits!), and it was certainly quite the experience. The developers have absolutely nailed the immersion of the investigations, and there has never been a more ambitious Sherlock Holmes game in terms of scale to date. WeContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – REVIEW”