Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Top 10 Songs

I’ve done Galaxy 1, so it’s only fair that I highlight some of my favourite tracks from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Granted, I don’t think the soundtrack is quite as sensational as its predecessor, but there are still plenty of gems here to talk about. I’ve picked out 10 of my favourites – not quiteContinue reading “Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Top 10 Songs”

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Every Galaxy Ranked

I ranked the galaxies in the first game, so it’s only fair I give “Super Mario Galaxy 2” a spin as well. I’ve always had a hard time deciding on my favourite 3D Mario game – it’s definitely going to be one of the Galaxy games, but I could never figure out which one wouldContinue reading “Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Every Galaxy Ranked”