Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Top 10 Songs

I’ve done Galaxy 1, so it’s only fair that I highlight some of my favourite tracks from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Granted, I don’t think the soundtrack is quite as sensational as its predecessor, but there are still plenty of gems here to talk about. I’ve picked out 10 of my favourites – not quite 20 like before, but I only wanted to include tracks I really liked.

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10 – Bowser’s Lava Lair

Bowser battles are usually accompanied by some extra hype music, and “Bowser’s Lava Lair” was no exception. The choir makes a return, and the frantic strings really add a dynamic element to the platforming.

9 – Puzzle Plank Galaxy

A light-hearted track to emphasise how jovial and nonsensical this galaxy is, and I love it. It sounds kinda country, but it still has that hint of space-ness that makes the Galaxy soundtracks so good.

8 – Starshine Beach

The composers of these games always nail the theme of the galaxy straight on the head, and the Summery-ness and beach vibes are off the charts.

7 – Space Storm Galaxy

“Space Storm” was the Galaxy 2 equivalent of “Battlerock”, and I think that’s most prevalent in the music. It’s intense, foreboding, yet awesome and awe-inspiring. The part near the middle where the strings play an extra dramatic melody is easily the stand-out.

6 – Throwback Galaxy

A remixed version of the original “Whomp’s Fortress” theme, and it slaps so hard. The little woodwind interjections are just delightful, and the uplifting nature of the track brought me lots of nostalgia for the original.

5 – Starship Mario

Galaxy 2’s answer for the “Comet Observatory” theme, and while it was never going to be as mesmerising and nostalgic as that one, the composers still did a fantastic job.

Both “Comet Observatory” and “Starship Mario” had extra jobs to pull off, as these were tracks that the player was going to hear on repeat all the time. This meant these had to be some truly outstanding tracks, and that they were.

4 – Yoshi Star Galaxy

One of the first tracks you’ll hear in the game, and it reminds you that you are, in fact, in very capable hands. In my head, this is the unofficial Yoshi theme across every Mario game.

3 – Sky Station Galaxy

This feels like a blatant rip-off of “Gusty Gardens Galaxy”, but I’m all for it.

Being the first galaxy in the game, the developers had to go out of their way to ensure it was an engaging and memorable experience, and a song as good as this guaranteed it would stay in my memory for a long time.

2 – Cloudy Court Galaxy

Less of a rip-off and more of a full-blown homage to Gusty Gardens, “Cloudy Court Galaxy” feels like a satisfying and entertaining sequel to my favourite galaxy.

With some beautiful melodies and orchestral movements, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is most people’s favourite track from this soundtrack – but there’s one more that I love just a bit more …

1 – Cosmic Cove Galaxy

More akin to “Space Junk Galaxy” then anything else, but I absolutely adore this track and hold it in the same regard as the aforementioned one and Gusty Gardens.

A truly breath-taking experience, this galaxy wouldn’t have been half of what it was if this gorgeous spacey symphony wasn’t floating around in the air, guiding my every jump and movement. I’ve gone out of my way to re-listen to this track countless times, so it’s a no-brainer to have it in the top spot.

Aaaaand that’s my list, and that’s probably the last Galaxy list I’ll ever do (Nintendo, feel free to make Galaxy 3 to give me more to write about!). Until next time, you can check out my latest blog posts below:

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