“AM” (Arctic Monkeys) – Songs Ranked

Sure, “AM” may be too “mainstream” or “The Arctic Monkeys selling out”, but I absolutely bloody love this rock record. Every song on here is worth listening to, and there are a fair few classics on here as well. How would I rank this fine selection of party anthems?

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12 – Fireside

I actually feel quite bad putting this in last place, as it’s still a certified banger through and through.

There’s a cool rhythm that pulls this track along, and the chorus is very catchy (as are a lot of the choruses on this album).

11 – Mad Sounds

There must have been some serious Velvet Underground influences when they were making this one, as that’s all I can hear whenever this comes on.

It’s still a very good homage to the Velvet Underground, and it’s quite a nice palette cleanser / relaxing track after a lot of the intense songs before it.

10 – Snap Out Of It

The simple rhythms and melodies are often enough to make a hit, and I’m not surprised this track took off like it did – there’s an unshakable head-bopping appeal, and I can’t help but tap my foot to the beat.

9 – Knee Socks

This track was originally further down my list towards the bottom, but after listening to the live version with the extended intro I’ve fallen in love with it once more.

It has a fantastic riff and sexy rhythm, and I only wish it did have that extended intro of the live version.

8 – I Wanna Be Yours

The final track on the album is a bit slower and more intricate that you might expect from an Arctic Monkeys song, but it works very nicely to close out the record.

I think it’s the vocal harmonies that truly sell this one, and all the parts come together to make a really gorgeous closer to a fantastic album.

7 – No. 1 Party Anthem

It’s quite fitting how often I’ve heard this track whenever I’ve gone to a party – it really does seem to be a definitive party anthem of a generation.

Once again, the band proves they have a more sentimental, more laid-back side with “No. 1 Party Anthem”, and the slower pace is much appreciated in the midst of some fast-paced bangers.


6 – One For The Road

Now we get onto the truly great, truly “playlist worthy” tracks from the album that I’d gladly listen to time and time again, and “One For The Road” is nestled in between some exceptional tracks on the album – the entire first half is scintillating stuff.

The lyrics and the “ooh oooohs” in the background are the stand-outs of this track, and I think the pre-chorus with the fast-paced vocals is my favourite part.

5 – I Want It All

Easily the one I’m going to get the most stick for, but this is quite comfortably the most underrated track of the bunch. Sure, it’s simple and any band could have done it, but my goodness is it catchy.

As sexy rhythms and vibes go, they don’t get much sexier than this. Pair the sweet guitar licks with Alex’s fantastic vocals and you get an underappreciated classic.


4 – R U Mine?

Now we’ve reached the string of songs that cemented AM’s place in music history, and having 4 tracks in the “Amazing” tier for any of my lists is quite the accomplishment.

“R U Mine?” hooks you in instantly with the catchy riffs and guitar tone, and the music video is definitely worth checking out as well.

3 – Arabella

It might seem sacrilegious or even borderline crazy to say this, but I think these top three songs are my three favourite Arctic Monkeys songs ever. Yep, even above any from their debut or “Fluorescent Adolescent”, the pure nostalgia I have for these three tracks make them songs for the ages.

I think I saw an interview where Alex Turner hailed this as one of his favourites, or at least a set of lyrics he was most proud of, and I couldn’t agree more. The riffs and vocals are fire once again, and you couldn’t forget this track if you tried.

All-Time Great

2 – Do I Wanna Know?

I may be pushing it slightly to call both of the upcoming tracks “All-Time Greats”, but I genuinely love these tracks more than I could possibly describe, and they’ll go down as two of my favourite rock songs ever when it’s all said and done.

I actually vividly remember this track playing all over my school when it came out, the entire nation seemed to be entranced by this novel rock sound. With over a billion plays on Spotify, there’s no denying the staying power of this anthem.

1 – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

This might not be the conventional / obvious pick for the top spot, but ever since I gave AM a whirl I just adored the perfection that is this track.

There’s something so melancholic and borderline tragic about “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” – it almost seems to be based off of a real life story, and maybe that’s why I have such a deep connection to it. Add to that the best groove on the album and you get my pick for the greatest Arctic Monkeys song ever.

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