It’s Always Sunny – Season 7 Episodes Ranked

Surprisingly, this season ended up being much better than I remembered. I’d always though it was a mid-tier season, but this may actually be the funniest set of episodes so far – definitely the best since Season 4 or 5.

All of the episode (… except one) are entertaining, and I had a blast re-watching all of them (again, except one bad apple in the bunch). How would I rank all of these episodes? And why is “Frank’s Brother” last?

12 – Frank’s Brother

Rating: E+

I knew “Frank’s Brother” was bad even from my first watch, but with the benefit of hindsight I actually think it’s the worst episode in the entire series.

Other “bad” episodes at least have the odd funny joke, or a bold premise that I can’t help but respect, but this episode has neither of those. None of the gags land, and the story is paper-thin.

The only reason it isn’t a complete failure was because they tried to pass Danny DeVito with a wig off as a teenager – that got a slight chuckle out of me.

11 – How Mac Got Fat

Rating: B-

The fact that Rob McElhenney, Mac’s actor, actually got fat in Season 7 just for a joke is dedication that I’ve never seen in a comedy show before – and I loved the explanation they gave for why it happened too.

It’s also quite clever that they repurposed an abandoned Season 6 episode into “How Mac Got Fat”, and even if the plot doesn’t really make sense it still has its moments. Disjointed plot aside, the individual moments like Dennis’s skin and the back-office rave are so funny to me.

10 – The Storm of the Century

Rating: B-

“The Storm of the Century” was a little tamer than I remembered, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny.

The scene of Dennis trying to seduce the two young ladies had me in absolute hysterics, and it’s made even better when you see Charlie Day trying to hide his laughing face from the screen as well!

9 – The Gang Gets Trapped

Rating: B

This episode doesn’t hold up too well on a re-watch, as once you know the final twist going into it a lot of the jokes are suddenly undermined.

Still, Mac and Charlie’s bickering in the back of the truck was great, and the ending reveal is still pretty great the first time around.

8 – The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore

Rating: B

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this was the first episode they did where the gang actually goes somewhere (and no, “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods” doesn’t count) and it goes just about as horribly wrong as you’d expect.

A lot of the comedic appeal for this episode is shock / gross-out humour, which doesn’t really stick with me as well as standard witty humour. Still, it was fun to see the gang out of their element, and the Mac / Frank stuff was fantastic.

7 – Thunder Gun Express

Rating: B

Watching the gang backstab each other at every opportunity is pretty great, but it doesn’t get quite as outlandish as I would have thought.

I really like Frank’s boat-ride commentary near the end, where he effectively recaps the events of the previous seasons – Danny DeVito is so good in everything he does, and should be protected at all costs.

6 – The ANTI-Social Network

Rating: B+

Dennis getting overly annoyed about a simple shush in a bar is one of the most on-brand things I’ve ever seen him do, and the journeys both groups undertake to find the perpetrator are brilliant.

The Charlie and Dennis stuff is pretty funny, but the Mac & Dee sub-plot is also surprisingly underrated. If the ending wasn’t so random and abrupt, “The ANTI-Social Network” could have crept its way into the top half of the list.

5 – Frank’s Pretty Woman

Rating: B+

At the time (and maybe still to this day) “Frank’s Pretty Woman” was the most-viewed episode in the series, and I would have loved to see new viewers’ reactions to the insanity that unfolds.

Mac’s sudden mass-gain is ridiculous, Dee and the hooker’s shopping spree is great, and Charlie / Frank’s limo ride has become iconic – “Can I offer you a nice egg in this tryin’ time?

4 – Sweet Dee Gets Audited

Rating: B+

I completely forgot just how funny “Sweet Dee Gets Audited” was – it has one of the show’s best cold opens, and the final funeral scene is a perfect escalation of the plot.

I was pleasantly surprised when the democracy scene was in this episode too – “Thin limes?! People will choke! People will die!” is one of the best interactions of the season, and Charlie Day’s delivery is spot on.

3 – The High School Reunion Parts 1 & 2

Rating: A-

Part One is mainly just setup to all of the jokes in the next instalment, but Part Two is a glorious way to end the season – it may just be the best season finale we’ve ever had.

It all culminates in the dance in front of all their past school friends – the smash cut between cool moves and pathetic dancing is one of Sunny’s funniest moments ever, and I was in stitches even on a re-watch.

2 – Frank Reynold’s Little Beauties

Rating: A

Sunny is at its best when it fully embraces the ridiculous premise, I don’t think any premise has ever been so unbelievable as the underage beauty pageant in “Frank Reynold’s Little Beauties”.

Danny DeVito is on absolute fire in this one, and the cringe comedy is at its uncomfortable best. They even managed to throw a twist ending into the mix with the child safety officer – this episode had all the hallmarks of a Sunny classic.

1 – CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games

Rating: A+

The best bottle episode in TV comedy history?

“CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games” has transcended the show entirely, becoming one of the most iconic pieces of television the series has ever produced.

Every character is at their hilarious best, and the sheer number of twists and turns in the simple plot is mesmeric. With a strong plot and even stronger jokes, I’d be surprised if someone didn’t consider this to be a top 5 episode of the show.

Season Rating: A-

Let’s look at the stats for the season:

  • 4A (33%)
  • 7B (58%)
  • 1E (8%)

If not for “Frank’s Brother”, Season 7 could have gone down as my favourite season so far … but alas, ’twas not to be.

And now let’s see the stats so far:

  • 19A (24%)
  • 42B (53%)
  • 16C (20%)
  • 2D (3%)
  • 1E (1%)

I can tell that “E” grade is going to get annoying as the seasons go by …

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