“Discovery” – Songs Ranked

The album of a generation, “Discovery” is usually in everybody’s selection of favourite albums. There’s something so simple yet masterful about the way Daft Punk managed to create such a plethora of great songs – but how would I rank them all?

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14 – Too Long

This song is too long.


13 – Superheroes

I know that most Daft Punk songs are repetitive (it’s what makes this album so danceable, after all), but this is just too much.

The hook of “Superheroes” isn’t even that interesting to begin with, so repeating it doesn’t help in the slightest.

12 – Short Circuit

Very much a filler track, this sounds more like a song from the Fall Guys or Dicey Dungeon soundtrack than a Daft Punk song.

11 – Nightvision

I quite like the placement of “Nightvision” on the album, as it’s a nice cool-down and palate-cleanser.

As chill as it is, it never quite gets interesting enough to warrant a re-listen.


10 – High Life

Just as repetitive and uninspired as the previous songs on this list, but I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for “High Life”.


9 – Aerodynamic

9 out of 14 songs are at least in the “Great” tier?!? I’m as surprised as you are.

“Aerodynamic” has a really good hook, but it goes up a level when the guitar starts shredding.

8 – Crescendolls

The rising hook is one of the most fun riffs on the entire album, and the rest of “Crescendolls” is solid too.

My only gripe is the opening synth sound is a bit grainy, and it’s present throughout the entire song.

7 – Veridis Quo

“Veridis Quo” is one of those instrumental songs that takes you on a journey.

The electronic riff is the most melancholic of them all – it sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a classic platforming game.

6 – Face to Face

One of the most creative uses of vocals on the whole album, “Face to Face” sounds like an actual hit song.

It’s funky, it’s rocky, and it’s an all-round banger.

5 – Voyager

The bass riff in “Voyager” is sensational, and propels the song way up into the top half of the rankings.

There’s a jazzy-ness and groove in it that Daft Punk wouldn’t lean fully into until “Random Access Memories”, but it’s a great start.

4 – Something About Us

Smooth and jazzy, “Something About Us” has a fantastic groove throughout.

The robotic vocals add another layer of depth to the song’s message, and the melody is quite lovely.


3 – Digital Love

“Digital Love” has all the makings of a huge hit, so I’m surprised it wasn’t as successful as my top two picks.

An already stellar songs gets kicked into overdrive with a phenomenal breakdown and bridge, with a banging synth riff to tie it all together.

2 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Even though this song is more well-known nowadays for the Kanye West sample than anything else, the original “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” still slaps.

It’s one of the songs that immediately comes to mind whenever someone mentions Daft Punk, and I’m not surprised Kanye ended up using its hook for his own song.

All-Time Great

1 – One More Time

I mean, what else was I going to put at number one?

“One More Time” is the dictionary definition of “anthemic”, and kicks off the album with a dance party like no other. I’d argue it’s the ultimate Daft Punk song, and the one that will be played on radios and in clubs for generations to come.

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