EVERY Beatles Song Ranked (Part One: 213-107)

Yep, you read that right. Every single Beatles song – album tracks and singles included. I’m an idiot.

There are 213 tracks by my count, so I’d better get on with it! Remember – this is just my opinion, and it’s definitely wrong. I’ll be posting this list in two segments (213-107, then 106-1 separately) so be on the look out for that!

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213 – Revolution 9

I’m not going to go in-depth for every song on this list (otherwise we’d be here for days), but “Revolution 9” deserves a thorough roasting.

It’s eight minutes of hot garbage, with Lennon going way too far down the experimental road. It very nearly ruins the entire “White Album” listening experience, and I don’t think I’ve ever stomached the full thing in one sitting. Utterly abysmal.


212 – Chains

The most cliché early Beatles song imaginable. It was close to being in “Terrible”, but thankfully it’s short.

211 – Dig It

A pointless interlude track.

210 – Matchbox

The worst Beatles single, by far.

209 – Little Child

A complete misfire.

208 – Maggie Mae

Another pointless filler song on “Let It Be” to get the album up to the required track number.

207 – Not A Second Time

Another misfire from “With The Beatles” – it’s tracks like these that make that album such a snooze.

206 – Wild Honey Pie

Funny on a good day, insufferable on others.

205 – Hold Me Tight

Oh look, another “With The Beatles” bombshell to stink up the gaff.

204 – Don’t Pass Me By

Sorry, Ringo, but your only contribution to “The White Album” was pants.


203 – Her Majesty

A neat little bonus track at the end of “Abbey Road”, but it has no substance.

202 – A Taste Of Honey

More like “A Taste Of Mediocrity”.

201 – P.S. I Love You

One of the worst openings to any song I’ve ever heard, but the choruses are alright.

200 – Honey Don’t

At least you tried, Ringo.

199 – Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby

A lucklustre Harrison cover to end “Beatles For Sale”.

198 – Baby’s In Black

Miserable from start to finish.

197 – Act Naturally

Ringo’s covers are never ground-breaking, but some of them really do my head in.

196 – Devil In Her Heart

Similar to other stinkers on “With The Beatles”, but “Devil In Her Heart” has a slight mellow appeal going for it.

195 – Boys

One of Ringo’s most energetic covers, so it’s a shame the song itself doesn’t really have any substance.

194 – I Call Your Name

What’s with the cowbell?

193 – I Wanna Be Your Man

The Beatles wrote this in a few minutes for their buddies The Rolling Stones, and I think it shows.

192 – Another Girl


191 – The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

Sometimes Lennon can get real weird with it. Not a very interesting narrative, either.

190 – I’ll Cry Instead

Okay, I’ll join you but I’ll cry of boredom instead.

189 – Slow Down

Why did they cover this of all things?

188 – When I Get Home

Some really weak vocal harmonies throughout.

187 – Mr Moonlight

The most mid-tier, forgettable Beatles melody ever.

186 – Good Day Sunshine

The worst song on “Revolver”, and it’s not even close.

185 – Dizzy Miss Lizzy

I feel less dizzy and more queasy, to be honest.

184 – Piggies

Not a very subtle metaphor from Harrison. The pig sounds are too weird for me.

183 – I Should Have Known Better

Yeah, I should’ve known better than to listen to this.

182 – Please Mister Postman

Please, Mister Postman, turn this boring cover off!

181 – Words Of Love

Nowhere near the best Beatles song talking about the power of the word “love”.

180 – Roll Over Beethoven

Beethoven would be rolling over in his grave if he heard this.

179 – Rock And Roll Music

I mean, I guess this counts as rock and roll music? Barely?

178 – Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey

Two boring covers, but at least McCartney puts his back into it. And it’s two songs for the price of one!

177 – The Fool On The Hill

Okay, I should probably explain my reasoning a bit more for “The Fool On The Hill” as everyone else would definitely rank it higher.

I like the whimsical story, but the flute instrumentals kill the track completely for me. I’d rather listen to the 176 songs above than this again.

176 – Mean Mr Mustard

The worst of the Abbey Road medley, but I guess it has a cool swing to it.

175 – Sun King

Another filler song for the medley, with some borderline creepy vocals from Lennon.

174 – Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?

I quite like how off-beat and unserious this is, but I’d be doing the other songs below it a disservice if I ranked “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” any higher.


173 – All Together Now

This feels like a complete cop-out, and a worse version of “Yellow Submarine”.

172 – Thank You Girl

Mid-tier. Next.

171 – Long Tall Sally

One of the better Beatles covers.

170 – Love You To

Harrison’s first attempt at an Indian-infused sound isn’t great, but it’s a solid start.

169 – Tell Me Why

Kinda soppy, but that’s to be expected from their debut album.

168 – Baby It’s You

Almost identical to the previous song.

167 – You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

The weirdest song in the Beatles discography. Some parts of it are really good, but then the baby noises ruin it.

166 – Love Me Do

Blasphemy! The first ever Beatles hit so low on my list! Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but “Love Me Do” is very one-note as songs go.

165 – You Really Got A Hold On Me

Thing song never quite got a hold on me.

164 – You Like Me Too Much

I probably don’t like this song enough.

163 – Revolution 1

A far inferior version of the original classic, but at least it’s better than number nine.

162 – I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party

These kind of low-energy Beatles songs tend to put me to sleep.

161 – The Night Before


160 – I Need You

Some unique guitar sounds, but that’s about it.

159 – What Goes On

A fun Ringo song, but it pales in comparison to the rest of “Rubber Soul”.

158 – I’ll Get You

Sounds a little under-produced, but the performance is fun.

157 – Things We Said Today

A sort of precursor to “I’ll Be Back”, but this one is far less interesting.

156 – I’m Down

At least McCartney’s having the time of his life with it.

155 – Honey Pie

I’m all for some pleasant McCartney melodies, but “Honey Pie” sounds too tacky.

154 – Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite

Controversial opinion time – I could never get into this track. The worst song off Sgt. Peppers.

153 – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Abbey Road is my favourite album of all time, but oh boy does “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” make me question my life decisions from time to time.

152 – Polythene Pam

One of the Abbey Road medley fillers, but Ringo’s drumming is on point.

151 – Only A Northern Song

This used to be one of my underrated favourites, but it’s a little too chaotic for my tastes.


150 – Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Okay, hopefully I can be a little more positive about the songs from now on!

This song can get a little graining and repetitive at times, but it’s nothing if not infectious.

149 – I’m A Loser

I hate how down-beat Lennon was at times, but the song itself is decent.

148 – Tell Me What You See

Solid groove with some fun keyboard parts.

147 – This Boy

A vocal harmony-centric song, “This Boy” has a great Lennon moment or two but that’s where the magic runs out.

146 – She’s A Woman

I’ve always had a soft spot for this one.

145 – What You’re Doing

Not the most interesting song on paper, but Ringo’s drumming makes it stand out.

144 – No Reply

Another Lennon downer, and I can feel the emotions behind the lyrics.

143 – Bad Boy

My guilty pleasure song, the performance is too energetic for me to put it down.

142 – Misery

The second song on the Beatles first album, and it’s decent.

141 – Within You, Without You

The second track in the Harrison Indian trilogy, and it’s much better than “Love You To”

140 – Any Time At All

Love the call and response.

139 – Blue Jay Way

I’ve complained about weird songs before, but “Blue Jay Way” is grounded enough where I can appreciate the unsettling tone it’s going for.

138 – Good Morning Good Morning

Not a stand-out song from Sgt. Peppers, but I love the horn arrangement and animal noises.

137 – Yer Blues

As downer of a song as you can get, I’m surprised The Beatles didn’t hold an intervention for Lennon after he wrote this suicidal track.

136 – Eight Days A Week

Lennon and McCartney weren’t happy with how this lead single turned out, but I think it has a certain charm.

135 – Ask Me Why

I love how the guitar part has a swing to it.

134 – I’m So Tired

Goodness me, Lennon could be such a miserable git sometimes.

133 – One After 909

Not as polished as some of the other rockers on “Let It Be”, but that’s what makes it unique.

132 – I’ll Follow The Sun

A quite lovely track from “Beatles For Sale”.

131 – If I Needed Someone

Some of the harmonies are questionable, but the rest is good.

130 – Mother Nature’s Son

A bit of an odd song on “The While Album”, but I can appreciate it.

129 – I’m Happy Just To Dance With You

A charming Harrison track.

128 – Don’t Bother Me

A less charming Harrison track. I dig it.

127 – Anna (Go To Him)

Sounds more like a song from Grease than a Beatles song, but oh well.

126 – From Me To You

An early Beatles hit, “From Me To You” is a little overrated but still fine.

125 – It Won’t Be Long

An explosive start to “With The Beatles”.

124 – You Can’t Do That

A great song held back by some intrusive cowbell at points.

123 – Yes It Is

It can sound pretty dreary in places, but the vocal harmonies are nice.

122 – Run For Your Life

Sure, the lyrics are a little questionable, but “Run For Your Life” is an energetic way to end “Rubber Soul”.

121 – You’re Going To Lose That Girl

It was never going to be a hit, but I like the melody.

120 – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

This, on the other hand, could have made a good hit in a parallel universe.

119 – Martha My Dear

The rest of the band loathed this song, but I can’t really see why? Sure, it has the same kind of tackiness as “Honey Pie”, but this is far superior in every way.

118 – You Won’t See Me

A great song cataloguing a tumultuous time in McCartney’s life.

117 – Wait

Quite an underrated bop from “Rubber Soul”.

116 – Do You Want To Know A Secret?

It doesn’t get more charming than this.

115 – I’m Looking Through You

A really great song that would have easily made the top 100 if not for the graining organ sound in my right ear.

114 – Rocky Raccoon

I’ve grown to appreciate the storytelling of this song a lot more over the years.

113 – I Will

A delightful little track.

112 – Doctor Robert

Not a particularly stand-out song, but fairly underrated in the grand scheme of things.

111 – Fixing A Hole

Sgt. Peppers is full of lyrically interesting songs, and “Fixing A Hole” is no exception.

110 – Cry Baby Cry

The first two-thirds of the Lennon stuff is pretty good, and the McCartney outro adds a surreal aspect to it all that I love.

109 – Flying

A purely instrumental track, and a great addition to “Magical Mystery Tour”.

108 – Good Night

The saving grace at the end of “The White Album”. This song is overly hated.

107 – The Word

A simple premise, and yet it works well.

Alright, that’s the first half of the list done! Once I’ve finished the second half of the list, I’ll link it below.

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